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Nature Walk by Alexander Stone

A Note from Michael Alexander:

 When Breanne asked me to read this short story by Alexander Stone I was somewhat skeptical.  The erotica industry is chock full of people who think that because they once had an erotic dream they should be paid hundreds of dollars in order for other people to enjoy the same fantasy, ignoring the fact that actually writing a story takes more than a creative spark.  There is actual work involved, planning, plotting, and the writing, editing, drafting, beta reading, cleaning up and then getting it all out to your readers.  It's not easy.  And yet in this age where you can publish a book on in about five minutes, regardless of your talent, skill, or even content, there are millions of trash novels out there worth less than... well... free.

So there I am, reading "Nature Walk" by Alexander Stone and I'm thinking, "Damn.  This is actually pretty good.  Sure I'd change a word here or there, but still... this is just good erotica."  And it is.  Even better?  Alexander Stone is new to the erotica industry and graciously granted Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog to host his very first published story.  So dig in, enjoy the taste of peaches and cream, and keep your eyes open because Alexander Stone might be an author you might be picking up in the near future. - MA

Nature Walk 
By Alexander Stone 

   Emma opened her laptop and saw that she had an e-mail from Sharon. It had been almost two weeks since they had last “played” and she was starting to feel a little frustrated. Sharon was, for all intents and purposes, Emma’s Mistress and controlled her sexuality, including telling Emma when she could and couldn’t climax. And she had not been allowed to climax since their last session, which had been twelve long days ago. For the entire time, Emma had not been allowed to touch herself in any type of sexual manner. It was starting to take its toll, both physically and mentally. But Emma had accepted this arrangement willingly and given herself totally over to Sharon to control.

            Taking a deep breath, her hand trembled slightly as she moved the cursor over the message and opened it. It read: “Peaches. Tomorrow we will be going for a nature walk. You are to dress in a thin white t-shirt that just covers your beautiful ass and nothing more. Be at my place at 9 am sharp or you will suffer the consequences.” It was signed Sharon.

            Emma slowly let out the breath she had been unconsciously holding and slowly blinked. Her heart was beating a little faster. Sharon had started calling her ‘Peaches’ about a year ago, but only when they were playing. When asked why, Sharon had replied it was because Emma was so sweet and juicy. She could feel the butterflies starting in her stomach and felt a certain trepidation at what tomorrow held in store for her. Hopefully, she would finally be able to climax.

            She had been playing with Sharon for almost two years. They sessions usually consisted of Sharon sending Emma an e-mail with instructions of what to wear and where to meet, then being taken somewhere of Sharon’s choosing and doing something of a  sexual and humiliating nature. Each meeting had became a little more risqué, a little more exciting and a little more erotic. The sessions usually ended up with Emma returning to her apartment in a state of total exhaustion. Sometimes it would be from being teased to the point of insanity but not allowed to orgasm, other times she would end up being reduced to a quivering mess of post orgasmic jelly from having so many orgasms that she lost consciousness.

            Emma was hoping tomorrow would be the latter. She really needed to climax. She felt that if she didn’t she was going to completely lose her mind.

             Closing her laptop and turning out the light, she lay back on her bed and tried to relax. She wanted desperately to touch her always wet and quivering sex but had been given no instructions to do so. Closing her eyes, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

            The next morning, she awoke even more desperate and frustrated than she thought possible. The ache she was feeling in her sex was almost unbearable. It seemed to be twitching all the time and consistently wet. She slowly got up and started her day.

            After a quick shower, in which she consciously avoided touching her throbbing sex, she dressed in the thin white t-shirt as per instructed, then packed other clothes in a small bag before leaving, just in case they were needed.

  She was always self-conscious about being in public in the outfits Sharon picked out for her and this time was no different. She could feel the stares of everyone she passed as she walked as quickly as she could to her car. She was aware of her breasts moving around under the thin shirt and her nipples poking prominently through the thin material. She fumbled for a second with her keys before finally unlocking the door and getting in. Sitting in her seat, she tried to calm down and control her breathing. Her sex felt like an over ripe fruit to her. Being out in public like this never failed to get her juices flowing. After a couple of minutes, she was able to start the car and pull out of the parking lot.

            The drive to Sharon’s was quiet. Her mind kept straying to what Sharon possibly had in store for her on her nature walk. Each thought took Emma’s level of excitement a little higher. She could feel her own juices puddling on the seat of her car and belatedly thought about putting a towel down to sop them up. The closer she got to her destination, the stronger the butterflies in her stomach got and the quicker her breathing became. Pulling into the parking lot of Sharon’s apartment, Emma was almost hyperventilating.

She then glanced at her clock and realized that she had less than a minute to get to Sharon’s door. Fearing the repercussions for being tardy, Emma quickly got out and grabbed her bag, then hurried as fast as she could toward the building. Her breasts were bouncing all over the place and pulling the bottom of her shirt up. She used one hand to pull it down as she quickly walked into the building.

              Sharon lived on the third floor of the apartment building. Emma debated for a second whether it would be quicker to take the stairs or the elevator. The stairs were at the end of the hall and the elevator was directly across from the doors. Looking first at the elevator then down the hallway, she made her decision and almost sprinted for the stairs.

            She completely ignored her wildly moving breasts and the fact that the shirt had ridden up to completely expose both her ass and wet sex as she ran. Throwing the door open, she took the stairs two at a time, her bare feet slapping on the cold stairs. She could feel her breasts bounce with each stride. Grabbing the hand rail to help as she turned the corners at the landings, she knew she was going to be late. Sharon was going to be displeased with her tardiness and there would be some kind of punishment involved.

            Wildly excited and somewhat terrified at the prospect, Emma threw open the door to the stairs and bolted down the hallway to Sharon’s door. She tried to catch her breath before knocking but knew it would take longer than she had. Resigning herself to the fact that she was going to be punished, she knocked in the door.

            There was several seconds of tense waiting before the door opened. Sharon stood impassively and stared at Emma. She had a little smirk on her face. “It looks like you’ve been running, Peaches.”

            Still breathing deeply, Emma nodded and said, “I have been, Sharon.”

            Glancing down, Sharon said, “You know that both your pussy and ass are completely exposed.”

            Emma’s eyes widened and she reached for the hem of her shirt to pull it down.

            “Don’t touch it,” Sharon snapped, causing Emma to jerk slightly. “Leave it where it is.”

            Slowly, Emma put her lowered her hands until they were at her sides. She could feel herself starting to blush and quickly glanced around to see if anyone was in the hallway. She didn’t see anybody but knew that someone could step out into the hallway at any moment and see her.

            After what seemed like several minutes, Sharon finally turned around and walked inside. Emma quickly followed her. Once they both were in the living room Sharon turned to stare at Emma. “Take your shirt off, Peaches. It needs to be altered for our walk.”

            Emma set her bag down and pulled the t-shirt over her head then handed it to Sharon. She took it and lay in on the back of a chair before turning back to Emma.

            “By my watch, it’s eight minutes past nine,” Sharon said. “You were told to be here at nine sharp. This calls for a punishment. There will be one stroke for each minute you were late. Assume position number one.”

            When Emma and Sharon had first started playing, she had been instructed to assume four positions for punishment. Position one was bending over at the waist with her legs widely spread, her hands gripping her ankles. Position two was on standing with her legs at least shoulder length apart and her hands behind her neck, fingers laced. Position three was kneeling, her legs widely spread with her arms crossed behind her back. Position four was lying on her back with her hands gripping her ankles and her legs spread widely.

            Emma knew that she was no more than a couple of minutes late, but Sharon made the rules that Emma chose to follow. She felt a tremor run through her as she slowly bent over and grabbed her ankles. She spread her legs a little wider than shoulder width apart to maintain her balance and waited for her punishment. The muscles of her thighs and calves were taut and slightly trembling. She was painfully aware of her wet sex being fully on display. Nothing happened for several seconds. Then she felt the first sting on her ass.

            Sharon had a doubled belt in her hand and was using it to spank Emma’s ass. The first swing landed squarely on both cheeks. Then the second landed just below where the first had. Then a third and forth landed. There was a pause for about two seconds before the next four struck her tense ass.

            Emma grunted with each stroke and rocked slightly. She tightly gripped her ankles and felt her breasts swaying below her. The stinging of the belt was sending delicious surges straight to her wet sex. She was holding her breath before each stroke landed, then exhaling after they did.

            After Sharon had landed eight strokes on Emma’s ass cheeks, she changed the trajectory of the belt to underhand swings. The first landed on the bent over girls’ ripe, wet sex with a sharp crack.

            Emma jumped and almost screamed. The shock of the stroke stung like a mild jolt of electricity. But it also enflamed her already skyrocketing desire. Then seven more landed on her labia. With each one, Emma gripped her ankles a little tighter and groaned a little louder, raising up on her toes as each blow landed. She found herself wiggling her hips in anticipation of the next stroke, even though it was starting to become significantly  more painful. She could also feel her long denied orgasm threatening to explode. When no more slaps with the belt were forthcoming, Emma glanced over her shoulder.

            Sharon was smiling with satisfaction. She then ran her fingers over the wet, stinging flesh of Emma’s labia and felt her gasp. Her fingertips lingered for just a few seconds before barely touching the engorged clit. When she felt Emma suddenly raise up on her tiptoes and whimper, she removed her fingers. Holding the belt by her side, she said, “Eight strokes, Peaches. One for every minute you were late. You can stand up now.” She then placed the belt on the chair and walked into the kitchen.

            Emma slowly released her grip on her ankles and stood up. She could feel the heat from the spanking on both her ass and her sex. The latter was brimming with excitement and the secretions were almost dripping from the stinging nether lips. She turned around and waited for Sharon to return, keeping her legs slightly spread.

            When she did, she was carrying a pair of scissors in her hand. Glancing at Emma and smiling, she picked up the t-shirt and began cutting it. She started at the shoulders, about two inches from the collar and began cutting downward. When she finished, there was a deep vee in both the front and back of the t-shirt. She then made another cut approximately two inches from the first cut to remove not only the sleeves but a large oval section underneath it as well. She then repeated the process on the other side. The cuts on the sides almost reached the bottom hem of the shirt. Satisfied with her work, she handed the altered shirt to Emma. “Here you go, Peaches. You can put it back on now.”

            Emma took it and slipped it over her head. The front was cut low enough to almost show off both hard nipples and crinkled areolas and the sides had been opened to expose where her breast met her torso. A stronger tremor ran through Emma when she realized that she was going to be out in public wearing this shirt. Anyone she encountered would immediately know that she was not wearing anything under the thin materiel. But even worse than that was the fact that with the way the shirt was cut there was the possibility that her nipples would be completely exposed just from her movements alone.

            Emma looked at Sharon with a slightly scared look on her face. “I can’t wear this outside, Sharon,” she said, her voice soft. “What it something slips out?”

            Sharon smiled, then said, “You should have thought about that before you showed up late.” She then reached into a small backpack and pulled out several sets of leather cuffs and a collar. “Put these on, Peaches. And be quick about it. I want to leave in a few minutes.”

            Emma stood staring at Sharon for a second more before quickly putting on the ankle, thigh and wrist cuffs, buckling each tight enough that they would not fall off. Lastly, she buckled the collar around her neck. Her movements cause both the hem of the shirt to raise enough to expose both her wet sex and her red ass. And her breasts had moved around to the point of slipping out of the expanded arm holes. She adjusted both the bottom and sides, then waited for her next command.

            Sharon reached up and hooked the leash to the collar, then stepped around behind her to hook the cuffs together behind her back with a double ended snap hook. She grabbed the backpack and slung it over her shoulder. Emma could see both the end of the cane and the leather handle of the riding crop sticking out the top of the backpack and wondered what else was inside. “Let’s go, Peaches,” she said. Taking the leash in her hand, Sharon led Emma to the door of the apartment and out into the hall.

            Emma self-consciously looked around for anyone that might be looking at her as she walked down the hall to the elevator. She was relieved that no one had ventured into the hall. Still, she could feel her face burning with embarrassment at wearing the shirt. Especially with all the cuffs on and her hands locked behind her back. When the elevator doors opened, her embarrassment immediately grew a hundredfold. There was a man in the car. His eyes widened as Sharon led Emma into the elevator. Emma tried to keep her eyes on the floor in front of her and felt her face start burning. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the man openly staring at her. She also saw the crotch of his jeans begin to bulge. He tried to casually adjust the growing erection without wanting it to appear obvious what he was doing. This caused a surge of excitement to shoot directly to her sex. Shivering slightly, she felt her juices being to collect on her labia.

            Nothing was said by any of them on the ride to the ground floor. Sharon was smiling the whole time, Emma was still staring at the floor and the man was trying to stare at Emma out of the corner of his eye. When the doors opened, Sharon slowly led Emma out of the elevator, through the foyer and into the parking lot. Emma wanted Sharon to move quicker, but feared that would cause her breasts, already jiggling around excessively, to become completely exposed.  And with her hands hooked behind her she had no way to cover them up if they did become exposed. Quickly glancing over her shoulder, Emma could see the man staring after them.

            “I think you excited him, Peaches,” Sharon said. “Did you see the way you made his cock hard when he was staring at you?”

            Emma shuddered and nodded. “Yes,” she whispered and felt her sex quiver. Her mind instantly thought of the man’s hard cock pounding into her orgasm starved sex. She involuntarily squeezed her thighs together as a stronger tremor ran through her lust filled body.

            “It looked like it was large, too,” Sharon said conversationally. “I wonder what it would have felt like as it thrust into your pussy, Peaches?”

            Emma whimpered and felt a spasm rocket through her.

            As Sharon unlocked the doors, she said, “Are you horny, Peaches?”

            Groaning softly, Emma said, “Yes, Sharon.”

            “Do you want to cum?”

            Emma closed her eyes and swallowed. “More than anything.”

            “That’s what I wanted to hear,” Sharon said. “If you’re a good girl today, you just might get to cum. If you’re not a good girl it might be another two weeks before you get another chance.”

            Emma whimpered again, this time more pitifully. “Please, Sharon,” she begged. “Please don’t make me go another two weeks without being able to touch myself. I don’t think I can last that long without cumming.”

            Stopping suddenly, Sharon got a stern look on her face. “If I say you’ll go another two weeks without cumming then you’ll go another two weeks without cumming. If you keep arguing with me you’ll be edging twenty times every day as well. Do you understand?”

            Almost breaking out in tears, Emma said, “Yes, Sharon. I understand.”

            “Good. Now get in.”  

            Emma could feel tears starting to form in her eyes as she slowly got into the car.

            Sharon still had the backpack with her. She opened it and was looking through it. “Close your eyes, Peaches,” she said without taking her eyes from the contents of the bag. She pulled out three of the items from the backpack. Emma obeyed and closed her eyes. Sharon then placed the thick sleeping mask over Emma’s head and pulled it down until it covered her eyes. “Can you see anything?” Emma twitched and barely shook her head negatively. “Good. Only one more thing before we get going. Are you ready?”

            Emma bit her lower lip nodded, then braced herself for something she couldn’t see. She then felt Sharon pull the sides of her shirt away from her breasts. Her panic started to rise when she thought about being exposed like she was in the parking lot. But it also made her a little wetter between the legs. She slid down in the seat and spread her legs wider apart, feeling the slight air currents inside the car caress her highly aroused sex. Then she felt Sharon’s lips on one of her almost painfully hard nipples. She arched her back up off the seat and opened her mouth. A low moan came from her throat and the lips, teeth and tongue teased her rock hard nipple. She could feel her building orgasm once again rushing back towards her, but before it got too close, the mouth was gone. She slumped back in the seat and tried to catch her breath.

           Then she felt the mouth on her other nipple. Her body involuntarily thrust itself away from the seat again as she tried to press her tingling flesh against the teasing mouth. But like before, it was only there for a few seconds and then it was gone.

            She again slumped back against the seat. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she could feel her juices puddling beneath her. Nothing happened for several more seconds, then she felt pinching fingers on her right nipple followed immediately by a clover clamp being put on the hard little bud. She gasped loudly as the clamp bit into her sensitive flesh and tried to remain still. Then she felt the same happening to her left nipple. She almost doubled over when Sharon let go of the second clamp. Her hips were slowly moving back and forth on the wet seat and she was trembling all over.

            “There you go, Peaches,” Sharon said and adjusted the t-shirt so that it almost covered both of Emma’s clamped nipples and pulled the seatbelt over her. It also pulled on the chain between the clamps, adding a little extra pressure on both nipples.  “Are you ready?”

            Still biting her lower lip, Emma nodded and felt the car start up and begin to move. As she rode along in darkness, she realized that Sharon had purposefully neglected to touch her highly aroused sex. Apparently, she wanted Emma to be very desperate and frustrated today. So far her plan was working.

            Emma could not control her hips. They were thrusting back and forth of their own accord. She wished Sharon would have put something in her neglected sex such as a vibrator or dildo, but she hadn’t. Emma even longed for matching clamps on her nether lips at the moment. Anything for a little attention on the spot where she wanted it the most. But that was not the case.

            After an indeterminate length of time, Emma felt the car slow and turn from the pavement onto a gravel road. Each bump in the road sent a little vibration through her clamped nipples and caused her to moan. She was unconsciously twisting her torso back and forth in the seat and enjoying the feel of the clamps as they were being alternately pulled with each movement. Then she felt the car again slow and finally stop.

            “We’re here, Peaches,” Sharon said. “Close your eyes while I take the blindfold off.”

            Emma did as she was told and felt Sharon removing the sleeping mask. When it was completely gone, she kept her eyes closed for several seconds before squinting between the lids and waiting for them to adjust. When they finally did, she looked around. They were in a parking lot with three other cars. Realization set in when Emma read the sign to her right. It was a sign for a hiking trail. Looking over at Sharon, her eyes grew wide.

            “We’re going up there?” she asked, her voice soft and tight.

            Sharon nodded and smiled. “Absolutely. And there are a couple of surprises waiting for you as well.” She unhooked both her own and Emma’s seatbelt, then said, “Let’s go have some fun, Peaches.”

            She got out and walked around to the passenger side to open Emma’s door. Her cuffs were still hooked behind her back. Helping Emma out, Sharon set the backpack on the roof of the car and opened it. When she found what she was looking for, she said, “Turn around, Peaches. There is one more thing you need.”

            Whimpering softly and looking around to see if anyone was near, Emma quickly turned to face the car. She felt Sharon slide the soft rope around both of her elbows and pull it tight. A couple more turns of the rope had secured Emma’s elbows together. When Sharon turned her back around, Emma saw that her now touching elbows had cause her breasts to be thrust out. She could also see both clamped nipples clearly. Her face flushed and her breathing became shallow as she realized that anyone they passed would have a clear and unobstructed view of her bountiful charms.

            Sharon quickly slid the backpack over both shoulders, then clipped the leash to Emma’s collar. Giving the leash a gentle pull, she said, “Come on, Peaches. Let’s go.”

            Both set out towards the path. Sharon was mindful not to move too quickly over the uneven ground. Emma was still barefoot and had her elbows tied together, increasing the difficulty of their walk.

            Emma was watching the ground and stepping carefully to avoid the various rocks and stick that littered the path. Each step caused her breasts to jiggle, which in turn caused the clamps to bounce just enough to pull on her hard, exposed nipples. Her sex was seething pit of wet arousal and was coating her thighs with juice. She concentrated on the path, ignoring everything else around her. She constantly listened for any other hikers but heard only the sounds of the forest.

            They encountered no one as they walked through the trees along the path. After about a half an hour, Sharon stopped and looked around. Seeing an opening off to the right side of the path, she led Emma in that direction. After about thirty feet, she stopped again. “I think this is far enough,” she said, then unhooked the leash and took the backpack off. “Turn around, Peaches,” she said to Emma. When she did, Sharon untied the rope around her elbows and unhooked the cuffs. “You have two minutes to stretch while I prepare everything I’ll need.”

            Emma gratefully pulled both of her arms in front of her body and took a deep breath. The strain of having her elbows tied together for the walk in had began to ease somewhat. Taking another deep breath, she looked to see what Sharon was preparing.

            She had removed three lengths of rope from the backpack and laid them on the ground. Standing up, she walked over to Emma and smiled. “You might want to keep quiet while I take the clamps off, Peaches. You wouldn’t want anyone to hear you.”

            Emma took a deep breath and waited. Sharon reached up and pinched both clamps at the same time, relieving pressure on both nipples. Emma gasped and sucked a quick breath into her lungs as the blood flowed back into her nipples, causing the inevitable pins and needles sensation. Her hands clenched into fists as she fought against the urge to grasp both stinging little buds.

            Sharon then said, “Take off your shirt, Peaches.”

            Emma’s eyes widened as she stared at Sharon. “But what if someone comes over here? They’ll see me.”

            Smiling and nodding, Sharon said, “Yes they will. Now do it.”

            “But, Sharon,” Emma began, her voice pleading.

            Sharon cut off any protests. “Do you want to cum today or not, Peaches?” she said, her voice suddenly harsh.

            Biting her lower lip, Emma nodded and reached for the hem of her shirt.

            When it was removed, Sharon took it and laid it on the backpack then picked up the first piece of rope. “Put your hands together,” she instructed. When Emma did, she quickly ran the rope through both D-rings and tied it. She then tossed the rest of the rope over a tree limb and pulled it until Emma was almost on her toes. She efficiently tied the excess to the tree, then picked up the next piece of rope.

            This one she tied to Emma’s right ankle cuff, then pulled it out and tied it to a different tree. The last piece of rope was tied to the other ankle cull and pulled out in the opposite direction.

            Emma was now standing with her legs widely spread and on her tiptoes. Her hands were pulled tightly overhead. There was no way she could cover herself or even move. Her eyes darted from Sharon to the path they had followed, silently praying that no one would use it.

            Sharon smiled at Emma and ran her hands over both of the tied girls’ heaving breasts. Keeping her left hand on one of Emma’s nipples, she let her other hand lightly trail down Emma’s stomach to her straining thighs. Looking Emma right in the eye, Sharon began to lightly tickle Emma’s labia with her fingernails while at the same time pinching and massaging her nipples.


  Emma’s head slowly fell back as the sensations overcame her fear of being discovered. Her hips began to rock back and forth as much as the tight ropes would allow, but she just couldn’t seem to get enough contact on her tormented sex. She whimpered loudly and harshly whispered, “Please let me cum, Sharon.”

            Sharon chuckled softly and removed both hands from Emma’s straining body. “Not just yet, Peaches,” she said. “First things first.”

            Emma slumped in her ropes and groaned miserably, her hips still unconsciously working back and forth. Her heart was palpitating and her breathing was coming in shallow gasps as she waited to see what Sharon was going to do next.

            She didn’t have to wait long.

            Sharon looked around and found a three foot long thin wispy switch lying nearby. Picking it up, she swung it through the air a couple of times and was satisfied with it. Looking at Emma she slowly approached, holding the switch in her right hand.

            “You might want to keep as quiet as possible for this next part, Peaches,” Sharon said as she walked around the trembling girl. When she was behind Emma, she quickly raised the switch and brought it down on her ass cheeks.

            Emma heard the whistling noise and tried to brace for what was going to follow. Even braced and tensed, the thin switch still cut into her flesh like fire. She heard the whistling again and felt the second stroke against her backside. She clenched her teeth against the pain and tried to remain as quiet as possible.

            Sharon moved around the restrained girl leisurely, using the switch to strike her ass, thighs, calves, stomach, back, breasts and nipples equally. Each stroke left a thin red line on Emma’s flesh and brought another cry from her. She was trying to avoid the wicked little switch but her bondage prevented any escape. Everywhere the switch landed felt like a line of fire on her skin. She was moaning and crying with each stroke, tears flowing freely down her hot cheeks. But her sex was also flowing freely. When the switch would strike her enflamed labia, she would involuntarily thrust her hips out to meet the next strike. But it would be someplace different.

            When Sharon finally stopped several minutes later, Emma was covered with thin red lines from her neck to her feet, both back and front. She was shaking uncontrollably and crying from both the pain of being switched and from desire to climax. Her hips were no longer under her control as they violently thrust back and forth. When she realized the switching was over, she looked at Sharon through tear blurred eyes.

            “Please let me cum, Sharon,” she begged pitifully. “I want to cum so bad that it hurts. Please.” Her hips picked up a little momentum as she plaintively moaned.

            Sharon dropped the switch and said, “Not yet, Peaches. We still have a little farther to go before we get to our final stop.”

            Emma began to softly sob as Sharon untied the ropes that held her. After Emma was untied, she slowly stretched her tense muscles as Sharon collected up the rope and recoiled it before putting it back in the backpack. Handing Emma her shirt, she said, “Put this back on, Peaches.”

            Emma reached out for the shirt, her hands trembling visibly. As she gently pulled the soft cotton materiel over her head, it seemed to scrape against all the little red stripes that decorated her flesh. Pulling it down and adjusting it so that it covered her crimson streaked breasts, she put her arms down by her sides and waited for Sharon’s next instructions.

            “Put your hands behind your back, Peaches,” Sharon said. When she did, both leather cuffs were again clipped together. Sharon then picked up the rope and once again looped it around Emma’s elbows. Finally, she reattached both clover clamps to Emma’s still stinging nipples. This time, she reached into the backpack and removed two small weights that one might use while fishing. To these she attached a rubber band, then attached the rubber band to the clover clamps. Letting go of the weights added a little extra pull on the clamps, causing them to pinch a little harder.

            Emma winced as the weights bounced with every breath she took. She also knew that with every step the weights would be bouncing on the rubber bands. Feeling more tears coming to her eyes, she whimpered and bit her lower lip as Sharon picked up the backpack, then clipped the leash back onto her collar.

            Leaning over towards Emma, Sharon pulled her face forward by the leash and kissed her passionately. When they parted, Sharon said, “You look so beautiful covered with the red stripes and wearing the clamps, Peaches.”

            Emma felt her knees threaten to buckle and a little more liquid to ooze from between her tender labia. Her almost overwhelming desire to climax was causing her to tremble. She could feel every heartbeat in her hard clit and swollen labia. Praying that Sharon wouldn’t make her wait much longer for her orgasm, she managed to smile. “Thank you, Sharon.”

            Giving the leash a gentle tug, Sharon said, “Let’s go, Peaches.”

            Emma was led back to the path and they continued walking. 

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  1. This was a good story. Not much different than Breanne's stuff, but it definitely had a flare. Wouldn't mind more Peaces stories.


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