Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Toy of the Day - Complications

Okay so everyone knows by now that every morning I wake up and presuming I'm a good girl instead of a naughty one, I get right out of bed and head straight to my computer to check my email.  Of course if I'm naughty, then sometimes I spend a few extra minutes between the sheets relieving some pressure if you take my meaning.  But I can say that every morning there is usually an email from Kari, specifying both a toy for the day and stipulations.

Definitions?  Well, you probably know all the NHPS Rules by now.

As you can see, following Rule #1 means having some sort of toy stuffed up in there.  I have a whole collection, all of which are rotated out on a daily basis in order to prevent me from getting accustomed to one sensation over another.  But sometimes that really doesn't matter.  I get used to certain toys.  Or perhaps Kari's feeling particularly sadistic.  Or someone else might be.  And that's were stipulations come in.

Stipulations are the circumstances surrounding the toys.  For example: today's toy is the combination of my ben wa balls and my butterfly clittoral vibrator.  So the balls roll and stimulate with every step, and the butterfly only takes things to a new level if it's actually on.  So Kari told me to turn it on for ten minutes for every hour.  She left the setting to me, but she also said "no cumming."  In other words - today was going to be rough and tough.  I'd be aroused with no relief almost the entire day, with plenty of technical down time to write, but ten minutes of pure trouble each hour.  That's a lot for a girl to endure.

And in walks a complication- via my Master Dan - who suggests that a clamp be placed on my clit, underneath the butterfly, for every OTHER hour.  Worse, he said I had to rotate between my worst three clamps, meaning the weighted and ridged clover, the binder clamp, and of course, my jumbo alligator clamp.  That's scary.  And Kari approved.

But wait... it gets WORSE.  Kari liked the extra torment but went ahead and set me an out.  If I want to cum, I can... but only if I've got a cock IN MY ASS.  A real cock too.  Do you understand what that means?  How cruel that is? I have to go out and find someone to fuck me up the rear in order to get relief, meaning that I'll be on my knees, bent over, my bottom in the air, with a cruel clamp on my clit, the butterfly vibe buzzing away, while having my rear end stuffed.  All that to cum...

So how will this work?  Well, in about twenty minutes I'm going to yank my jeans down, tug down my panties, pull my butterfly vibe away from my clit, and then delicately clamp the clover clamp to my clit.  Then I'll set the butterfly back on top of it and turn it on, clenching my fists, biting my lip and trying very hard not to cum.  Why?  Because I'm not quite that desperate.  Not yet.  But I suspect soon enough, I'll be driving around Katy looking for someone, anyone, willing to satisfy... a complication.

Sigh... you people.  What is it with ya'll and my bottom?

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