Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Deep Waters - Get Your Copy FREE

Charlotte Waters, her mother, and maid, find themselves victims of piracy as their ship is intercepted by the villainous Captain Blackheart.  Charlotte becomes the captain’s plaything as the crew amuses themselves with her mother and the maid.  But between torments there is revelation for the young, aristocratic woman as she discovers that pain and pleasure are two sides of the same coin.  Soon she begins to look at the captain the same way, with both love and hate.

Codes: M+/f+, BDSM, humiliation, serious, torture, non-consensual,

Length: 57,994 words,

 Where can I get this amazing novel?  Amazon.com is not being nice and have rejected this novel for violation of their "terms of use".  So Michael Alexander is offering it for free!  Download the Kindle version of Deep Waters today!

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