Monday, March 3, 2014

Goings On

As usual, everything is a whirlwind.  So here's a bit of an update on where we all stand:

1.  Still no word from Breanne other than she's at home resting and recovering from her illness.  I'm only marginally in touch with her.

2.  We are working on a rebuild of the Breannapedia, except this time hosted on our own website so we don't violate an user agreements.  It's in the process of being built and once it's up we can give everyone a chance to peruse it.

3.  I do have Breanne's latest manuscript in hand and am in the process of editing it.  It's slow going though.  The bloody thing is over three hundred pages long, in 12pt, in MS Word.  That's a lot of sex to read.  Eventually it will go to Breanne and my beta reader/editor and then we'll get it out.  I don't have an expected release date on this yet, but rest assured it is coming.  I'm hoping to get it out by late spring, early summer.  And yes - there are unpublished tales in it.

4.  My own most recent novella, "Deep Waters" is also being proofread right now.   I'll keep everyone informed on release dates as soon as I have them. 

5.  I'm still running Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog, and the Review Blog (though I haven't reviewed anything lately.  Been busy and no one's ASKED me to review anything.)  But if you haven't visited my three tumblr blogs you really should.  The first is Michael Alexander Stories Tumblr, which merely presents a variety of picture posts that I find stimulating and constructive.  The second is The Cream of Venus, which handles one very specific kind of picture, and then of course, the wildly popular and quite vivacious "Riding the Wooden Horse." I think the last one is self-explanatory. 

6. I'm working on a number of other projects now, including Sam Mayfield's continuing adventures in The Intern: Sigma Epsilon Chi, as well as another Breanne story, amongst other smaller story projects.  Now that Breanne isn't posting regularly I figure I'll need to fill in the gaps and keep everyone entertained.  So we'll see what happens.

Until then feel free to go through the free story archive, the skeleton closet (where we keep the really disgusting stories), and of course if you don't already own our complete collection of books, you can pick them up here.

Yours Faithfully,

Michael Alexander


  1. I only knew of the wooden horse tumbler blog.Where the hell have I been?

  2. I hope Breanne gets well soon.


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