Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Foot Ranch

Hell if I know what the heck I'm doing. Or why the hell I'm writing this shit.  But it sort of just takes me by the heart and wrings me out.  So here we go again.  Another tale from the A&E Meat universe.  Brace yourself Bridget - this one is pretty intense.  Odd isn't it? I'm not even INTO this weird stuff.  But if you read "Bethany's Shipping by A&E" then this was mentioned.  - MA

The Foot Ranch - Michael Alexander
MF/f, extreme, BDSM, toys, feet, implied gynophagia

Esme Carpenter’s high heels clicked loudly on the parquet floor that lead toward the administrative offices of the Foot Ranch.  She was excited, her bright eyes and beaming smile not just a show for the camera.  It was her first solo assignment as a reporter and after years of training she was finally going to be able to realize her dream.  Bradley, her cameraman, a quiet bloke of thirty years, was a master at setting up shots and knowing where the good lighting was.  He had real talent, skills that Esme knew would serve her well, a fact that was important since she was working without her producer calling the shots.  She glanced behind her, seeing Bradley trailing along, the large video cam on his shoulder, getting a shot of her well-proportioned ass as she marched down the hall.  Esme gave the camera a winsome smile and then a wink, twitching her posterior, knowing that the viewers would love the sight, all the more so since she was wearing a shimmering skirt of gauze that did little to hide the delectable curves beneath. 

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