Thursday, November 7, 2013

Society of the Golden Rose - Reduced Price

If you're an avid reader of Breanne Erickson's "Tales" series, you've probably heard of the secret and dark society of Houstonite Lesbian Dominatrixes.  But how did this exclusive sorority start and how did Breanne end up with her right nipple pierced, a small, rose-embossed padlock dangling from her breast?  The best part is the price of The Society of the Golden Rose has DROPPED!  So if you were waiting to get your copy, now is the BEST TIME!  Visit today and get your e-book copy of "The Society of the Golden Rose!" 

Breanne is inducted into a high class lesbian BDSM society, only to discover that the difference between submission and slavery isn't as far apart as she once thought. She pits her wits and abilities to rescue one of the other girls, while she and her mistress work to depose the Society's matron, Ellen Davenport.

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