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La Crimson Femme Reviews "The Challenge of Love"

La Crimson Femme is one of the most trusted reviewers of BDSM erotica on the internet and I've been fortunate enough to be one of the writers she likes.  Her reviews are honest (which I treasure) and she goes into great detail about why or why not she likes or dislikes something.  I've made it a point to "gift" her a copy of each book I write - just to see what she has to say.  I'm always willing to accept critical reviews.  Here's what she had to say about Challenge of Love!

's review
Oct 29, 13

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Husband and wife sex life on the rocks seems to be a popular theme recently. With the explosion of kinky erotica, more stories revolve around women getting kinky with their men to salvage a relationship. Is this a subtle hint or a blatant cry for change? Do men realize their women want more? In Challenge of Love, it's an erotically charged story as Stephanie bludgeons her husband over the head with her desires. Mark is not only caught off guard, he learns more about his wife's sexual history than he expects.

Mr. Alexander is an author I followed since his pre-publication days. Each book of his I've read, I can see his writing style mature. His stories are smoother and this one is the most romantic one I've read. His characters are at times, appalling realistic. Stephanie is frustrating. She means well, yet she makes a few grievous errors. Throughout the book, I wanted to smack her upside the head. Her assumptions about her husband definitely made an ass out of the both of them. Yet again, I'm feeling sorry for the husband in the story. I'm not sure what is going on, but almost every story I've read about a wife wanting to spice up their sex life contains a neurotic woman who needs a good spanking. I can't stand the woman because she behaves in a manner that does not make sense to me. I guess I'm not that desperate which helps me make logical decisions.

In this story, Stephanie's faulty reasoning leads her to a realization which jeopardizes her marriage. Basically, she set her husband up for failure. I can't express how angry this makes me. Mark may not be perfect but he cares. He is now at the mercy of external forces moving in on his marriage. I want to tell him to let her go. Divorce her! Yet, I understand how the two came to the situation they find themselves in. Mr. Alexander does an excellent job of showing how this could happen and how two people can drift apart. In addition, he elicits strong emotions from readers. It's mostly frustration on my part. I do experience pity too. Not the best of emotions, yet it still generates me to feel and become invested in the outcome of this story.

The set-up of this story is quite clever. It's smoking hawt in the BDSM scenes. The "challenges" the couple must overcome are delicious. Mr. Alexander is great at writing sex scenes with the right amount graphic detail to generate blazing heat. It's not overwhelming to cause confusion. It's easy to follow how the body parts interact and visualize each depraved act. Interestingly enough, I can see this becoming a movie starring James Franco with the help from This would be a movie I'd definitely want to see! The reason I can see this as a movie is because it's so clear in description and action that I can see it playing in my mind. This is how I like my stories - imagery flashing through my mind.

I did enjoy the reference to the painslut redhead, Breanne. The scenes with her in it are sadistic and enjoyable. I love witnessing her under torture. Lastly, while this book is a complete story, it does end with a possible sequel. One can only hope Mr. Alexander writes the sequel because I will be one of the first demanding to read it. This book is highly recommended to creative perverts who enjoy kinky challenges.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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