Tuesday, April 9, 2013


            My mother told me frequently while growing up that dressing in layers was the appropriate thing to do when the weather wasn’t perfect outside. I spent countless winter mornings at elementary school stripping. First came the heavy coat, then the stupid sweater; underneath that would be my long sleeve shirt, followed by my short sleeve shirt.  Was I warm getting to school? Hell yes. I cooked. But it was a lesson that has severed me well later in life.
            Like yesterday.  It was in the low sixties that April morning and while the weather was expected to be pretty decent, and the temperature to rise to the mid-eighties, it was still pretty chilly thanks to the wind blasting up from the south.  Now normally I handle days like this simply.  Blue jeans handle everything from the waist down, while a tee shirt and a long sleeve shirt go under my duster.  Then as I heat up during the day, I peel off the duster first, then MAYBE the long sleeve shirt.  That’s a toss up because I’m trying to get rid of my farmer’s tan.
            But yesterday morning was just a little different for me thanks to a private message I got from Master Mark.  It came just in the nick of time too. I’ve been going crazy with work, and all work and no play makes for a really shitty day.  I needed a simple, easy assignment, with immediate rewards and plenty of risk.  Master Mark made it an all day assignment and that meant a new sex toy the moment I crawled out of bed.

The rest of this tale from Breanne Erickson is available in her book "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut, Volume 8" available at Amazon.com.  Click here to find out what happened next!

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