Monday, March 25, 2013

The Cubicle

With the BDSM Library still having issues (they're updating their stories, but the functionality of the website is still shot) quite a few authors have been turning to other venues. One of the best I've seen is Hellfire Caves Stories and since I've known the moderator of Hellfire Caves personally for several years, I can honestly say that in time, it will be one of the premier library sites on the internet.

This morning I posted a new short story that I thought might intrigue you entitled "The Cubicle"  It will be available in the Free Story Archive on my website eventually, but for right now it can be read, for free, exclusively at Hellfire Caves.  So I hope you enjoy it.  Here's a teaser:

“New girl, huh?”

Jessica looked down into the red lit cubby and felt suddenly uncomfortable.  She shifted her weight self-consciously as the matronly woman next to her put a comforting hand on Jessica’s shoulder.

“Kate, this is Jessica. I’d like you to show her the ropes, the timers, and most importantly, how to service the clients properly.”  The matron looked at Jessica with a smile and motioned to the woman who knelt in the sunken cell before them. “Kate is one of our most popular girls and she’ll be teaching you the basics about the business.”

Kate grinned up at Jessica, her lips pursed in a crazy, cockeyed manner that was actually unattractive.  In fact, the entire girl wasn’t exactly what Jessica had pictured working in this particular business.  She was wearing a skimpy bikini that covered tiny breasts that could have seriously used implants just to look normal.  Her chin was blocky and looked like it had been carved from a two by four, rather than porcelain and to Jessica’s eye, it appeared Kate’s nose was too long and her eyes too close together. It gave the girl a pinched look.

“Um, okay,” Jessica said nervously.

Kate grinned and reached up, grabbing Jess’ hand.  “We’re good, Momma.  I’ll show her the ropes.”

The matron’s eyebrow went up and then she smiled. “I’m sure you will.”  Then the woman turned on her heels and left Jessica with her new tutor.

“Step into my parlor?” Kate said nasally, the words almost sounding like a whine.  Jessica swallowed and then dipped her head, ducking into the small, red lit cubicle as Kate moved backward into the little den.  The small wicker door shut behind her, Jessica had to consciously take a breath and worth through the feelings of claustrophobia that hung like a dark set of clouds.

The room was tiny, only six feet long and barely four feet tall.  It was impossible to stand up.  The floor was covered in what could only have been described as a vinyl mattress and from the wear and tear on it, an old one.  Odd scents competed with each other and Jessica thought she could smell soap, chocolate, watermelon, and the stale scent of cum.  A small porcelain drain stood off to one side, as did two hampers, one filled with small folded white washcloths, the other half empty and holding used linens.
Read the REST!

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