Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sigma Epsilon Chi

We're rolling out a new cover for the classic Michael Alexander tale, "Sigma Epsilon Chi", the continuing story of Samantha Mayfield, the young college co-ed who starred in the short story "The Waxers."  The original cover design by Sheo was great, but it didn't really appeal to the audience that reads these kinds of tales.  To read a free sample, please visit Michael Alexander Stories and check out "Sigma Epsilon Chi!"

We've updated the covers on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, but it will take a few hours for the new graphics (not to mention the corrected title) to be put in place.

Update: And since we had to change a bunch of pictures on the website anyway, we cleaned a few things up!

  •  You'll find a full and complete thumbnail bookcase at the bottom of each page, linked to the various samples!
  • The video narrations of "The Society of the Golden Rose" and "The Painter" are now available from the right side column, but what link will take you there?
  • Updated the side column cover pics, added a few more here and there.  

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