Monday, October 29, 2012

In The Dark II - Off for Proof Reading

Well, good news everyone.  In The Dark II -  A BDSM Anthology has been sent off to the proofreader for final edits and I'm pleased with how this one came together.  It's just over 74 thousand words and is a steady, solid sequel to the the first In The Dark Anthology, which is available in e-book format from both Barnes & Noble and  The good news is that unlike the first anthology, In The Dark II contains a ton of new material. Right now the contents include:

 Teenage Dana Garon accepts a ride from co-worker Chris Miller, despite knowing that he has a crush on her.  Then on a back road the unbelievable happens when a true unidentified flying object appears and kidnaps them both.

The Invitation 
 Angie and Kat return, now in college and Angie is sent out to deliver invitations to a unique event - an Abuse Angie Party.

The Arroyo
Karen and Parker are a classic couple enjoying a hike through a dry river bed.  She knows he intends to sacrifice her to the rain gods, giving them her sexuality, but she doesn't know how incredible it will feel when the rain comes.
Punishment: PFG
New laws against cock-teasing need new punishments.  Poor Sofia isn't quite prepared to deal with the public display or of the comeuppance the hundreds of men she has used feel she has earned.
The words were whispered in the back halls of the school. Ms. Rutger had some very interesting idea of corporal punishment.
Yuki, a transfer student, is introduced to how things are done at her new private school.  

The Shop
Jessica and Caitlyn are just a little curious as to what David, a transplanted New York teenager, is doing in his garage.  They go to investigate and discover the amazing truth.

Cassandra Goldstein is called in for an interview, but she discovers that it isn't for the administration job she applied for.  A quick tour and an awful truth show her that she's perfect for the position of Calibration Assistant.

The Hunter
James Rutherford the Third is hungry and on the prowl for a beautiful woman to sate his needs.  He finds her in gold and she seems to be just as needy and naughty as he is.

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