Saturday, April 28, 2012

I Have Sinned - A New Short Story by Breanne Erickson

In a rather psychotic burst of artistic license, Breanne has penned another short story (totally fictional of course) that can only be read in the Skeleton Closet at our website.  Why you ask?  Because it's dark.  And when I say dark, I don't mean dark as in Breanne's normal BDSM delights, I mean dark.  As in torture, blood, rape and a lot of other things that make me cringe.  So if you want to sample that darker side of Breanne, you can check out her latest offering... "I Have Sinned".

- MA

 Here's a taste...

It was a rather blustery, if warm, evening the night I wrestled with the heavy wooden doors.  They were intricately carved with geometric shapes, along with the expected religious symbols, each capped with a wrought iron handle.  The wind was pretty impressive and my shoulder length crimson hair seemed to have a life of its own, whipping around my head like a scourge.  My skirt was having its own problems as well and part of my difficulty with the doors stemmed from only being able to use one hand.  The other was firmly holding down the pleated blue plaid wrapped around my loins.

The door to the narthex, despite the late hour, was open.  I was expecting that.  Seriously, why would the front door of a church be locked?  Does God’s house close?  Realistically, I knew that it did, if for no other reason that to keep out the riff raff that were listening to a combination of temptation and perhaps a fallen angel.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really one of those believers.  Mankind can get into trouble all on their own without Satan being both coach and cheerleading team.

I finally squeezed through the gap, wondering if it really had only been the wind or a higher power pushing me into the narthex.  As I smoothed my skirt back into place, I decided on the wind.  Why borrow trouble, right?  I caught sight of myself in the glass separating me from the nave, or seating area, of the church.  My hair had fallen into a rather pretty but wild wave down onto my shoulders, giving me a sort of messy, but really pretty look.  The white blouse I was wearing was tight, but not improper, though my curves were certainly emphasized by the bra I was wearing.  I looked like a Catholic schoolgirl, right down to the silly knee high stockings and loafers.

Read the rest!

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