Thursday, October 27, 2011

Every Three Hours

I’m sitting here contemplating. It’s only about fifteen minutes until I have to start and I’m about as prepared as I can be. I’ve already taken off my jeans and left them on the bed. My panties are still on of course, but that’s not really an issue. My real problem is the fact that I’m relatively desperate, terribly bothered, and so frantic for an orgasm that I’m not sure I can do this again.
This will be the third time. I’ve always had mixed feelings about edging. It’s actually a simple process. You bring yourself as close to the point of orgasm as you can, but don’t actually cum. It takes skill, willpower, and a hell of a lot of personal strength. It probably also helps not to be turned on to the point you’d be perfectly willing to screw a fucking cactus if it meant you could cum.
I was at that state and had been for hours. Not that I was going to fuck a cactus. No, I’m afraid that my toy had already been selected for me that morning. I could feel it inside me, filling me up, sitting quietly, still as a statue. I’ve endured so many different objects, from cock to corn dogs and I have to admit that my twelve inch long Core Driller dildo is one of those toys that never cease to amaze me.
It’s hard but slightly pliable rubber and it looks a lot like a rocket ship. I’ve joked around that if you painted it white and slapped a “NASA” sticker on it, you could sell it in a toy store. The base goes all the way out to a full three and a half inches, more than wide enough to make sure that if you have it all the way in, you are uncomfortably spread. Of course, I don’t think many girls could handle it being all the way in. I can though, not that I had a choice. The first time it went in I had to sit on it and you quickly learn how to adjust to having a foot’s worth of hard rubber embedded in your guts.
Why did I have a 12 inch dildo inside me? NHPS Rule #1 of course. A nympho humiliation pain slut is required to keep her pussy ready, wet, and wanting at all times in order to be prepared for whatever uses her masters or mistress (or the random guy on the street) asks of her. To keep her wet and ready, she has to keep either cock or a toy up inside her. Oh… and it can’t be the same toy every day either. Otherwise you get used to it.
This morning I was tasked to put in the Core Driller. That in and of itself wouldn’t have been a problem, but there were additional requirements placed upon me. Master Barrett felt that just having the dildo embedded inside me was insufficient for keeping me in the state he prefers: desperate. So he ordered up a little seasoning for this delectable dish between my legs. Every hour, on the hour, I am to take the dildo out, lick it clean, and then lubricate it fully, the entire length, with a fresh coating of Stinging O.
Stinging O is an all natural oil that Kari makes for me. It’s a combination of grapeseed oil, cinnamon oil, and pepper oil, mixed in appropriate amounts for my personal levels of tolerance. The cinnamon oil keeps things tingling while the pepper oil heats things up. It’s quite invigorating and the only thing I’ve encountered that even comes close to the same sensation is that IcyHot muscle cream, except if you use that internally it will poison you. I’m a sex slut. Not stupid.

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