Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily Assignment: Bucket

Breanne - Today you are to take a pair of elastic bands and your clover clamps out to the barn. Once there you are to fill a bucket with water and place it in one corner of the barn. Give yourself 30 snaps on each foot. Taking of your top you are then to attach the clover clamps to one nipple, thread the chain under the buckets handle and then onto your other nipple. You are then to move the bucket to the opposite corner of the barn by lifting it with your nipple chain. You are not allowed to touch it, slide it across the floor or spill any. If you do spill any you are to refill the bucket and start again. you are to complete this task once for each time you came yesterday. You might need to adjust the amount of water in the bucket my aim after all is to hurt you without harming you so bear that in mind. Also I'm not sure if your new piercing will help or hinder things with the clover clamps you may need to switch to the alligators or binders. – Master Barrett
It was comfortably cool on Friday afternoon. I had spent most of the morning sitting in front of the computer, either writing or folding laundry, more of one than the other. Are you surprised? What’s a nympho humiliation pain slut doing folding laundry? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but even sluts like me need something to wear.
Occasionally at least.
But don’t worry. I was still following NHPS Rule #1 and the vibroballs were purring their gentle stimulation through me, slowly but surely working me toward a climax far ahead. Of course I had been told not to cum, just as I had been told the previous day, and while I had managed to keep my raging libido in check yesterday, I had my doubts about whether or not I’d be able to manage it today.
Especially since I had a small assignment to complete.
After lunch I gathered up a few things I would need, and even MIGHT need. The first item was simply two thick tan rubber bands. The second item I needed was my Japanese clover clamps, a set of silver colored metal nipple clamps that are specially designed to be removable only when unclamped, rather than pulled or tugged off. With these in my jean pockets, I headed downstairs and out to the barn.
Our barn is pretty decent sized, complete with a number of stalls, storage, a rather impressive work bench, and even parking for our tractor and a number of attachments. I try to keep enough space open inside to make sure it never gets cluttered, and if I do say so myself, I do a much better job keeping things organized than my father ever did. I remember growing up weaving my way through all sorts of crap when I was a kid. Now… it’s neat and clean.
Hope Dad doesn’t read this.
Anyway once I got to the barn I made my way to a pile of haybales near the stalls. I’ve used this platform for a wide variety of sexual experiences, but what I was about to do wasn’t exactly about sex. Even the buzzing of the vibroballs wasn’t sufficient to make what I was about to do easier. I tugged off my boots, then peeled off my socks, leaving bare feet. Then I pulled out the rubber bands from my pocket and slipped them over my toes.
The elastic rubber fit closely to my arch and across the top, but not tightly. I took a deep breath as I propped my right foot up on my left leg, just above my knee. I reached down, snagged the rubber band with my fingers, and drew it out as far as it would stretch. Then with my teeth grit tightly, I let go.
In some ways, that first snap always feels like being slapped across my breasts. It’s a sudden shock, alarming. It stings, but doesn’t really hurt, at least not yet. Even if you’re braced and ready for it, there is still this shock which runs through your body. Don’t believe me? Go get a rubber band.
Or if you’re female and really daring, find someone to slap your breasts once.
I switched feet, crossing my legs the other way and picking at the rubber band drawn across my left arch. I pulled, taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, and then let go. Once again, the impact stung and I felt every muscle in my left leg tighten even as my toes curled inward and I hissed. I took another deep breath and brought my right foot up.
Bastinado, or foot whipping is a kind of corporal punishment used to torment prisoners by hurting the cluster of nerve endings in the bottoms of their feet. Basically you take a cane, rod, club, or even a whip, and proceed to beat the sole of each foot. It hurts likes the dickens, rarely leaves marks or serious damage, and under the correct circumstances, can even be erotic.

Like if the girl in question is nude, mounted on a sybian motorized masturbator, with her feet perfectly positioned for a whipping.

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