Monday, May 17, 2010

Breanne's Assignment 05-17-2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Next Assignment:
(Assigned by Master Brandon) You will get out the rope with knots you used several weeks ago. Take a bottle lemon juice and a bottle of Tabasco sauce and randomly soak ten knots for each fluid. Then tie the rope at belly button height and use the ratchet puller to tighten it. Get your pad lock and put the key on the wall above where you’ve tied the rope. Strip naked and put on your collar, ankle cuffs, and wrist cuffs. Lock your wrist cuffs to the collar with the padlock. Straddle the rope and proceed to walk across the barn with the rope between your legs. When you get the key, you can unlock yourself and get off the rope.

Last Week’s Assignment: (Assigned by Mistress Ellen) Find four guys who have never seen you naked and do not know you and ask them to shave your pussy. Use whatever means necessary to coerce them into cooperating.

From the first moment I had a pretty good idea what this assignment was about, and how I was going to do it. I mean it was fairly obvious from the beginning that Mistress Ellen intended me to get gangbanged. I think the whole shaving thing was just a ruse to get me in one place with four guys, naked, with my legs spread. But regardless of ulterior motives, or me seeing them, it was still an order, and one that I was anticipating with a great deal of excitement.

The very first thing I did from the moment I got this assignment was too stop shaving. Normally I keep myself shaved bare. I like it better being shaved. It feels nice. Guys like it and are much more inclined to use their mouth. It’s sexy. And it just makes me feel good. So last week I just trimmed. It didn’t take long to get a pretty decent patch of fur that I was DYING to get rid of. Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect time, so I got in my truck with the appropriate gear and headed out to my destination.

First though I stopped and changed. This was done expediently at the front of my truck on a quiet back road near my farm. I stripped out my boots, socks, jean shorts, panties, tee shirt, and bra, and slithered into a soft black dress with a really low cut neckline and a really high cut hemline. To be honest, I hadn’t worn that dress in years. It still looked good though. Farm work is probably the best diet you can be on.

So off I went to my destination, which was a sports bar/restaurant that’s known for their barbecue wings. I hope I’m not being too specific here. I knew what I was looking for: four or five guys in a group, having dinner or a beer, no girls with them, and who all looked clean and neat. It was a tough list of requirements, but I figured I could meet them. I already had picked a hotel nearby and I even went a head and checked out a room. It cost me forty bucks, but it worked out.

Once I got to the restaurant I went to the bar and ordered a diet coke. That began what ended up being a two hour wait. Oh sure, I saw a couple of possible groups. But in each case there was just something that didn’t sit right with me. Finally the right group of guys came in. They looked like they were in college, maybe even working on graduate degrees. They ordered their food, got some beer and were about halfway through when I finally summoned the courage to approach their table.

The approach was perfect, as was my greeting, and it got me what I was looking for: an extra seat at the table. I guess it helped that my breasts were practically falling out of my dress. Or more accurately, my dress was falling off my breasts. We chatted for a bit, I learned their names and then I asked them if they would be willing to help me out with a bit of a problem.

There was instant accommodation, without even knowing what my problem was! I love chivalry. Finally Greg (who was kind of the leader) asked what I needed. I licked my lips and said it very clearly.

“I was wondering if you four guys would be willing to come back with me to my hotel room and shave my pussy for me.”

I’m getting really used to surprised looks. Doesn’t this stuff happen to anyone? Am I like the only slut in the world? You’d think I asked them all to strip naked in the parking lot and cut off their testicles while dancing to the Macarena! It took a few minutes to reassure them I was on the level and that I had a room. It finally took me grabbing Greg and Ed’s hands, pulling them to my lap, and slipping them up under my dress. I was of course already wet and after a quick finger fucking and then me doing a little finger sucking, they finished their meal, paid the bill, and we split up and headed in different cars to my hotel room.

Since we formed a caravan we didn’t loose anyone, and besides, I had given the entire cadre my room number. We all went in laughing, teasing, and I was being passed around for kisses and groping like a bag of chips. Eventually I ended up on the bed, on my knees, while Chuck and Ed sat in the chairs by the window, Greg laid down next to me, and Caleb was laying out my shaving kit.

I had brought my razor, my cream, and there were plenty of towels and washcloths. Caleb very thoughtfully ran the water warm and I proceeded to perform a very professional strip tease for my willing audience. Shortly I was naked, laying spread eagled on the bed, while Greg and Caleb moved down to do the mowing.

Damn. That was crude, wasn’t it? It wasn’t the best shave I’ve ever had, nor the closest, but they got the job done and I wasn’t even nicked or bleeding when they finished. I was cleaned, patted dry, and then I was reaching for belt buckles and zippers. I had Greg’s cock in my mouth when I felt another behind me. Since I had already poured out a handful of condoms onto the table, evidently the guys had gotten the message pretty clearly. In moments I was being double fucked, my mouth wide open, wrapped around cock.

I’d give you a step by step recounting, except for the fact that until the end, it was very vanilla. Each of the guys screwed my brains out, marveling in the fact that I kept going, taking each of them in turn. I know that all of them came at least twice and I’m pretty sure that a few of them came more than that. After two or so hours I ended up with only Greg and Chuck remaining behind to continue our evening of wild sex.

Then to my astonishment, I felt something a bit different. Looking down I saw Chuck pushing the handle of my hairbrush up into my pussy. It felt incredible. Thick, strong, hard, unyielding. So very different from cock. He rammed it into me hard and it changed everything. I screamed out my pleasure and I guess they realized that I was a bit of deviant masochist.

Next thing I knew my nipples were being pinched hard, my breasts were slapped, my rear end was being smacked, and I was cumming. I think my final orgasm came when one of them unplugged the lamp and actually stuck the electric cord into my pussy. Oh, don’t worry, there wasn’t any electricity in it, but it felt incredible. Something new for my list too! I came. Hard. Finally I lay gasping while Chuck and Greg finished up, screwing the pretty slut silly.

I took two showers then. First with Chuck and then with Greg. Both were fun and it mostly involved talking. A lot of it was planning our next gangbang, but I managed to avoid anything specific in the way of committing to something. In the end I gave them both my email address and sent them on their way.

Clean up and packing was easy. I really didn’t have anything. I plugged the lamp back in, got dressed in my jean shorts and tee shirt and dropped the keys off at the front desk. Then I headed for home.

So this week I have to look forward to that damn rope trick Master Brandon. I’m planning on doing it on Thursday, but we’ll see. Worse, I completely lost my bid to moderate the assignment to make it a bit easier on my poor pussy. I even asked another dom what he thought about the whole thing and he sided with Master Brandon! Can you believe that?

So until next week! See ya!

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