Saturday, July 1, 2017

Forced Exposure

The car jerked slightly as Alissa pulled into a parking space and I looked around. Green trees rustled in the hot, southern breeze and the scent of moisture, of wet earth, penetrated even the sealed and cool environment of the air conditioned car. 

White, baked concrete stretched in aimless paths through verdant, well-manicured grass, and a number of stately buildings, each looking prim and proper, stood at various squared off points of the compass. Better yet, those same sidewalks were mostly empty, with only a few, meandering students crisscrossing the campus.

I love summer break.

I glanced at my friend. Like me, she was wearing a pair of shorts, though admittedly hers looked cute. The denim cut completely covered her ass, leaving everything to the imagination, and thanks to her age, a full seven years younger than me, her blouse, tied just beneath her magnificent breasts and leaving her belly exposed, looked fashionable. Alissa could still pull off the teenager slut look.

Me? Not so much. There was no mistaking that I was a woman in my prime. My hips were too wide, my breasts full and lush, rather than perky. My limbs had thickened slightly, and only a daily battle with what I eat was keeping my middle from looking like a muffin top. I swear that sometimes I think I’m becoming a rabbit. All I eat are salads.

My outfit did not compliment my form in any way, unless someone mistook my preferences for a desire to be identified as a porn star. The shorts, a gift from Julie, were tight and cut a little short, leaving half of each butt cheek exposed. I could feel the crotch of the stupid things digging up into my body, the feeling of a permanent and uncomfortable wedgie a constant problem.

The shirt wasn’t much better. I’d worn it before. It was nothing but a kind of undershirt that some men like to wear; frequently called a “wife beater,” though I hate that name for it. Julie had gifted it to me a few years ago, for an assignment, where it had been doused with enough baby oil to become permanently translucent in a few important areas. Worse, the shirt was meant for a man three times my size in height, and at least a hundred and fifty pounds wider. That meant that the shoulder straps were basically all that was covering my breasts, and the dip in the collar went well beneath my bosom. The wide arm holes meant that a ton of side boob was showing, and I had to be insanely careful on how I moved, lest I flash the world my top.

Which, unfortunately for me, was the whole point.

“Let’s go!” Alissa said eagerly, switching off the engine and opening the car door.

I groaned. “Please, Alissa. Not here,” I said with timidity. My eyes were rapidly going back and forth, scared to be seen.

She sighed and got out of the car, only to look back in at me. “If not here, then where? You want to walk the Galleria like that?” She demanded. “Look, I’m trying to help you here. Do you want to fail this assignment?”

I gave her a torn look. “No! But … “ I didn’t know what else to say.

Alissa sighed. “I get it. I do. But I’m about a minute away from starting the timer on this thing. So if you don’t get your cute little ass out of the car and start shaking it, you’re going to end up handcuffed to a light post out here.” Her eyes sparkled. “Which, to be honest, I love the thought of. What an amazing punishment! Master Brandon sure knows how to flip your switches, doesn’t he?”

I frowned at that and grabbed the door handle. Alissa was right. This was probably one of the few places that I could get away with what Master Brandon, one of my online doms, had in mind. Inspired by one of Julie’s recent attempts to get me naked in a more public setting, Brandon had decided to force the issue.

Alissa let out an appreciative hum as she rounded the car and got another good look at me. I was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals, as well as the slave bell anklet Kari had gifted me.

“Let’s make sure everything is working,” Alissa said smartly, reaching into the small canvas bag she was carrying. I watched with trepidation as she pulled out a small, purple, key fob sized device, equipped with two sliders. Then with a knowing smile, she slid the first one up, just a bit.

The response was instantaneous. Inside me, a four inch long, purple plastic cock began corkscrewing around, deep within my pussy. I gasped, my sex tightening in rhythmic, immediate, sexual response and my hips jerked forward with lewd spasms. Then the cock stopped, still embedded, still exerting pressure on my slit, but no longer moving. I let out a soft whimper.

“Yep, the rotation function works,” Alissa said smugly. “Now let’s check the vibration.” She slid the other control upward.

This time an entirely different sensation permeated my pussy. Soft, but intense and direct oscillations seemed to reverberate through my vagina, shaking the dildo that just a moment before was trying to turn the cream in my slit into butter. The minor earthquake wasn’t just inside me. It was also rumbling directly over my clitoris, the thick, motorized base of the sex toy impaling me pressed tightly against the sensitive, pink nub. I gasped, eyes widening, a powerful surge of sexual energy shooting through me, making my nipples tighten even as I resisted the urge to shudder.

Alissa turned off the vibrations and I let out a dark moan, eyes closed. This was going to be awful.

“Yep. The Rotating Venus Penis is working just fine,” she said in satisfaction. “I’d test full power, but I don’t want to give you an edge.”

I blinked. “What? I have to edge too?” I gaped.

Alissa gave me a confused look. “What? Oh! No! That was a figure of speech. You know? An edge on what you’re trying to accomplish?”

I stared at her, still dealing with the fluttering of my insides as my lower half tried to cope with the cessation of stimulation. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling.

Alissa gave me a sheepish grin. “Well, never mind. Are you ready?”

“No,” I replied sullenly.

“Good! Let’s start walking!” She announced, nodding her head across the sunlit campus. I slipped my oversized sunglasses on and stared. This was awful. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. Then Alissa’s hand was on my back. “Time started ten seconds ago,” she said softly. “In fifty-nine minutes and a few seconds, I’m going to cuff you to a light pole. Cumming non-stop. So if you want to avoid the punishment, then you better start walking that tight, little ass of yours down the sidewalk and look for an opportunity.”

I realized I was close to hyperventilating and struggled to slow my breathing. I glanced at her and nodded. “Okay,” I said finally. My pussy was tingling and I could feel the wetness seeping out around the RVP, soaking the shorts. “I’m ready.”

Alissa smiled. “Me too,” she said, holding up the remote control she’d just used to excite me. “Let’s find someone to flash!”

We started walking down the path and even though no one was in our immediate direction, I felt eyes on me. We weren’t alone, but then nearest guy was a hundred or so feet to my right, staring hard. I knew, without a doubt, that he was looking at us. I mean, why not? Community college campus, hot girls, summer, red hair, bells ringing lightly with each step, and their clothes! Hell, that redheaded girl’s tits were practically falling out of her top!

We got to an intersection and my instinct was to head away from the guy, but Alissa turned us toward him. I have no idea if he changed direction too, but suddenly I was presented with the opportunity both Master Brandon and Alissa had intended.

“Here we go,” Alissa said, matching my unusually slow pace, her thumb ready. “Go for it.”

I took another step, my hands shaking.

“Now Breanne,” Alissa said again, slightly more urgent.

I took another step, my hands still quivering.

“Bre,” Alissa hissed. “Now!”

The guy’s eyes were wide as he passed us, and I caught him giving me a side glance, trying to catch a glimpse of nipple. Then we were past and I let out an explosive gasp as I started breathing again.

“What the fuck?” Alissa demanded softly, looking back over her shoulder. The guy was literally walking backward, eyes glued to my ass. “What the hell was that about?”

I shook my head. “I’m sorry! I just couldn’t! It felt so wrong!”

Alissa rolled her eyes. “For fuck’s sake, Bre. The idea is simple. Every time you flash your tits to someone I turn the RVP on, full power. And might I remind you that you’ve only got an hour or we get out the handcuffs? And fifteen minutes is right around the corner too. Imagine flashing like that? Huh?” She sighed. “So you need to get with the picture.”

I bit my lip. “Yes. Alright,” I replied. We walked another ten feet.

“Um, Bre?” Alissa said. “You might want to pick up the pace.”

I gave her a grumpy look. “Yeah? You might try walking around with something stuck up your pussy, not to mention a fair sized anal plug jammed up your ass.”

Alissa’s mouth was a straight, grim line. “For your information, I happen to be following NHPS Rule #1 right now.”

That made me blink. “What?” I said, coming to a halt.

Alissa nodded. “Ben wa balls. They’re driving me nuts. Every step. Right now, I want to pull you out into the grass, strip us both naked, and then pour suntan oil over your body and just rub myself against every part of your body.”

I stared at her. “Um. I’d need sunscreen. 50 spf.”

Alissa rolled her eyes. “Breanne! I’m trying to tell you that I’m feeling what you’re feeling!”

Now it was my turn. “I am not wearing ben wa balls. I’m stuffed with the RVP, wearing shorts so tight that walking is making it rub against my pussy. Not to mention the anal plug. And I’m the one who has to bare my breasts in order for my handler to turn on the RVP, just so I can cum. Once.”

Alissa shrugged. “You’re the one claiming to be a nympho humiliation pain slut.”

“Yeah? What are you?” I asked as we started walking again.

“I’m just a nympho pain slut,” she said smugly. “I leave the public embarrassment to you.” She nodded her head. “There’s another one. Try this time? Please?” Her hip pushed on mind, altering my trajectory a smidgen and the next, very young looking college student approached, his pace slowing as his eyes widened.

“Now Bre,” Alissa whispered. “Do it!”

And this time, I did.

My hand came up and snagged the collar of the shirt, which was admittedly just a few inches above my belly button. The white, already translucent material dipped and stretched and then my left breast emerged, the pierced tip flashing in the sunlight. The boy’s expression of shock turned to definite pleasure and I probably would have smiled at him, except just at that moment the RVP hummed into life, and not at the kitty purr level Alissa had used on me before. This time the motor roared and my pussy went into full lockdown mode, fluttering and convulsing around the four inch cock, which by the way, was not rotating.

Energy surged through me and my hips jerked as I gasped, eyes closing. But then the motors stopped, leaving me breathless and wanting. I stumbled to a stop, my loins still palpitating in time with the now silent vibrations. I opened my eyes to see Alissa, a beaming smile on her face. My hand was still grasping the shirt, my left tit hanging out.

“Why?” I asked, panting heavily. “Did you stop it?”

Alissa shrugged. “We walked past him. No one is looking.”

“You’re looking,” I said pointedly.

“I don’t count. So put your breast away.”

I quickly covered up, suddenly self-conscious. We walked a bit more.

“Why didn’t you turn on the rotation function,” I finally asked.

Alissa gave me a sly look. “Because you only exposed one breast. You do the left side, I turn on the vibrations. Do the right side and I’ll turn on the rotation. Do both, and maybe you’ll manage to cum.”

I gave her a frustrated look. “That was not specified in the assignment. I just had to flash,” I protested.

Alissa shrugged. “Well, I got my instructions from Mistress Julie, so this is the way I will do it,” she said with a note of finality. “Oh. Look. Here comes another one. Remember, both tits this time.”

Sure enough, heading right toward us, between two of the buildings, came another student. Except this time it was a girl. I struggled with it. I did. Not that I’m shy about showing off to a woman. But guys are more accepting of this kind of stuff. I had to make a decision. She eyed me as we got closer, her stare open and rather off putting.

“Now Bre,” Alissa whispered as the distance shrank.

I shook my head. “Not her,” I said back, out of the corner of my mouth. As we passed her I thought I heard the girl mutter the word “sluts.”

Alissa glanced back. She’d been closer and I saw the look on her face. “Pretentious self-righteous bitch,” she said, and not softly either. The girl whirled, flipped us off, and then went on her merry way.

“Alissa,” I chided. “That wasn’t very nice. Besides, it wasn’t like she was wrong. We are sluts.”

“It was her tone,” Alissa declared. “She meant it in a derogatory form.”

I sighed and we kept walking, though at a very slow pace. “But isn’t that sort of the point?” I asked. “We choose this form of sexual self-expression because the denigration makes us wetter?”

Alissa gave me a grumpy grunt, but I could see that she agreed. “I suppose so,” she admitted. “Still, I’m a person.” Then she gave me a smile. “But you? You seem to have a different philosophy.”

I shrugged. “I’m torn. Half of me totally agrees with you. I’m a person, with value, intelligence, and an opinion. I’m talented. I’m competent. The other half recognizes that a part of me wants to be a sex object, to have no value other than what my body can provide someone else. The very act of submitting makes me so aroused that I can’t even think straight.”

“Good,” said Alissa. “Because another boy is walking toward us and I think you should provide some of that value right now. Show him both tits this time.”

I looked up and she was right. Another student. He was ogling me mostly, but his eyes kept skipping back to Alissa.  I understood that. Men pick up on visual cues. Alissa, though prettier than me, was dressed cute, even with the bared belly. I, on the other hand, was oozing sexual attraction like a crushed oil tanker leaks oil. My attire screamed “come get me” and even the fact that I was the lesser of the two, I’m the one that garnered the most attention.

When he was fifteen feet away I did it. I reached up, snagged the material of my shirt, right in the center, and tugged it down. This time both tits flopped out, the gold padlock dangling from my right nipple, the piercing glistening. His mouth dropped open as we continued to walk toward him. Of course, just then, the RVP went into full “let’s try to make Bre cum” mode. I stumbled as my loins jerked and my entire body hummed loudly with pleasure. Waves of pressure exploded up through my lower half and I knew that if I could just keep that going for two or three minutes I’d pop like a corn kernel on a hot plate.

“Nice!” I heard him say as we passed and I turned, giving him a smoldering look, practically ready to drag him to the ground and mount him.

Then the RVP went silent.

Having it go off was almost as traumatic as having it all go on. The churning stick in my pussy went still and the vibrator motor shut off. I came to a halt, standing there, trying to make things work. Alissa put her hand on my arm as I slowly pulled my shirt up.

“Oh my God,” I whispered. “This is awful.”

Alissa laughed. “Of course it is. Are you close to cumming yet?” She asked me.

I took stock. I was dripping. Literally. I could feel moisture on my thighs. My entire body seemed to tingle with pressure. But was I on the edge? Not really. I mean sure, with two or three more minutes I’d be flying. But if she kept turning off the damned RVP I wasn’t going to get there for a long, long time. I shook my head.

“No. Not yet,” I replied.

“Good! I’m so glad. Frankly, I want to cuff you to that light post and …” she was interrupted by a shrill beeping. She tugged out her phone and glanced at it. “Oh goody! The first fifteen minutes are up! You know what that means!” She declared.

I glanced around. “Alissa? Can we find someplace private for this?” I begged her.

“Oh nonsense. Here is fine. And if someone comes along, then I’ll turn on the RVP for you. Who knows? Maybe this is the catalyst you need to cum?” She dropped her phone back in the canvas sack and pulled something else. Two something elses. I swallowed as she waved the wooden clothespins under my nose. “Bare them again, sweetheart!”

I tugged down the front of my shirt, but not before looking left and right again. I ignored the windows of the building. God only knows how many people were watching. But with both tits hanging out, I presented myself to Alissa and braced myself.

Clothespins are not the worst type of clamps you can have hanging off your nipples, but they aren’t the easiest to endure either. Alissa clamped both begs from the bottom, so that they hung down from my nipples, and I pulled my shirt back down over them. The bulge and discoloration was obvious, right through the shirt and no one would have any questions about what I had hanging from my tits. I gave Alissa an appreciative look.

“Thanks for not putting them on straight,” I said, truly grateful. I could feel the pressure and my nipples were already starting to throb.

Alissa gave me a steady glare. “You’re an idiot.”

I blinked. “Excuse me.”

“I originally wanted to put them on straight. I was told not to. And it makes more sense.”

My mouth dropped. “What? But … but … they would have hurt more!”

Alissa nodded. “Exactly. Think about it. If I’d put them on straight, would you have been able to lower your shirt?”

I bit my lip. “It would have hurt. A lot.”

She waved her hand at my now covered breasts. “Encouraging you to expose your tits. You’d have had them hanging out because the shirt would have bent the clothespins downward. That would have hurt. So I’d have turned on the RVP. You would have cum. And you’d never get to the cuffing point. And Julie and Master Brandon all want you cuffed to that light pole. I do too.”

I gulped. “That’s … that’s an awful lot of strategic thinking, all for my benefit.”

Alissa grinned. “Well, some people like to think of you as a sex object, whose sole purpose is to suffer extreme humiliation and sexual torment for their pleasure.” She put a hand on my arm. “Note ‘their’? That means many. And I might also mention that you allow them to treat you in such a manner for free.” She leaned back. “Nympho humiliation pain slut.” It came out with a satisfactory smirk.

I couldn’t help it. I laughed. Alissa did too. Then it devolved into giggled. Two girls, giggling in the shade of a live oak, near a college building, both stuffed with sex toys, one wearing clothespin on her almost exposed breasts.

“Alright,” I said breathlessly a moment later. “Come on. We’re wasting time.”

She giggled. “You’re wasting time. I’m spending it. Remember, I want to …”

“Cuff me to a light pole,” I finished. “Yes. I remember.”

She pulled her phone out of the canvas bag. “Well you’ve got ten more minutes before I take the clothespins off and put on the clover clamps. So keep that in mind.”

“Right. Let’s go flash boys,” I declared. I turned resolutely down the path and began walking.

I had no idea where I was headed. I’d never even been to that community college before. This one was on the north side of Houston, near the apartment Alissa shared with Mistress Sara. All I knew was that I was trotting down another sidewalk, out into the hot morning sunlight, nipples throbbing with every labored breath, all while my pussy tried to throttle an unmoving hunk of plastic and silicon buried in the dark wetness.

No one was around.

“Where the fuck is everyone?” Alissa grumped.

I shrugged. “What time is it?”

She lifted her phone again. “Eight minutes till I swap your clamps.”

I sighed in exasperation. “No. What time is it?”

She glanced at the phone again. “Oh. It’s 10:48.” She blinked and looked up. “Oh.”

My face was white. I had two minutes. Sure, it was summer. But school was still in session. They had summer courses. And the 8:30 classes were all about to let out.

“We need to get somewhere a little less exposed,” I said. I turned tail and moved as fast as my high heeled sandals, the anal plug, the RVP, and the tight little shorts would let me. My bottom, half hanging out, wiggled madly. Alissa caught up a moment later.

“Wait! Bre! Let’s think this through!” She declared.

“I’m not flashing my tits for a gaggle,” I declared strongly. “One I can handle. Sort of. But not a bunch.”

Alissa leaned forward and grabbed my arm, tugging me to a halt. “Are you kidding me? You’ve been displayed at a mock crucifixion naked in front of like seventy people! How is this a problem?”

I swallowed. “That was different. It was Zack’s fraternity.”

“And their friends and girlfriends. It was a fuck fest!” Alissa retorted indignantly.

“Alissa! I can’t!” I practically blubbered.

“And where are we supposed to go?” She demanded. “There aren’t any niches or anything? Do you want to go into a building?”

I gulped. Any one of them could be worse. I glanced around. “There. Over there by that tree,” I said, pointing. Alissa eyed it and we stepped off the paved walk and onto the grass. I led the way. The tree itself was only a few feet away from the brick wall and I crossed my arms as we stood waiting. The seconds ticked by.

“This is stupid,” Alissa declared. “Pull up your shirt. Or better yet, go lay down in the middle of the grass and take it off.”

“Over my dead body,” I muttered. Then a door opened. The building across from us. One student. Then another. Then a ten of them. I wrapped my arms close as I felt eyes cross us, but with arms blocking the view and my ass to a brick wall, I wasn’t giving off the signals that screamed “look at me! Here I am! Fuck me stupid!” I wasn’t even moving, so no ringing bells from the anklet either.

“Now,” whispered Alissa. “Pull up your shirt!” More students emerged from the building, and now elsewhere. “This is your opportunity! You’ll be cumming in minutes! Seconds even!”

And I stood there. Trembling softly, arms wrapped around my breasts.

Students crossed the turf, the sidewalks and began disappearing. A few more came in from other sides, but their backs were too me. Slowly, after a few more minutes, the steady flow became a trickle. I glanced to my left. One boy, walking down the path right in front of us. I swallowed, glanced around. Then I twisted my body and our eyes met. I pulled down the front of my shirt.

Sweet bliss exploded between my legs as both of my breasts popped free of the simple top. Swirls of pleasure, mixing sweetness bloomed between my thighs. I gasped, panting heavily, almost swooning as the nineteen year old boy stumbled, stopped and stared. We stood like that for ten seconds. Ten amazing, incredible seconds where my pussy was subjected to the best possible sexual stimulation a battery and two electric motors can provide.

“That’s actually not really fair,” Alissa muttered. But the RVP stayed on.

Then the boy swallowed, grinned and moved off, turning away from me. The second his eyes went to the ground Alissa turned off the RVP and I let out a passionate groan of disappointment. I wasn’t right there, ready to blow, but I was getting freaking close.

“Turn. Turn to your right! There are four of them coming!” She urged.

I turned again, this time to the right and there, walking across the diagonal toward the other building doors, were four boys. Two of them were giving me and Alissa some pretty hard core looks.

I smiled, the need to feel the pleasure again finally overwhelming my conservative streak. I lifted my shirt and once more felt the injection of an icy and fiery movement inside me. Alissa had again turned on the RVP, full power, both functions, swirling and shaking inside my tight shorts.

I stood there as they came to a stop, gaping and watching, tapping their friends on the shoulders. I trembled, closing my eyes, nipples throbbing, the clothespins wiggling as I sucked in breath after breath.

The RVP didn’t stop. It kept going. Going and going and going and then …

Then I came.

It was pure heaven. Luscious. Sinful. Decadent. I shuddered and moaned, swinging my hips as waves of orgasm sluiced through me. I was shredded and torn, opened and slivered, until finally I hit some pinnacle of ascension, enraptured as my body gave in to the music, my veins afire. I felt my toes curl against the pads of my high heeled sandals and I cupped my breast left breast with one hand as I mashed my right against the base of the RVP, underneath my shorts. The resulting tide was overwhelming and I swayed dangerously. Then every thought in my head disappeared. Nothing was there but the devastating destruction left by the surge of natural chemicals, leaving a jubilant and smashed pathway through my synapsis.

The RVP didn’t shut off, but it did go to low and my knees buckled. Alissa grabbed my arm, keeping me from toppling over.

“Uh, Bre? You might want to cover up. Come on. Cover up, girl.”

I felt a hand tug at my shirt and I blinked. The boys were still there, staring at me. Alissa hurried and turned me away. “Come on, Bre.” She grabbed my hand and I found myself being pulled down the concrete path, away from the little confluence of orgasm, audience, and me.

The RVP was still on, churning in my hot little pussy and walking wasn’t helping. The orgasm left me weak, but those coals were still smoldering, tiny bits of fuel thrown back on with each step. We crossed back between the two buildings, then Alissa turned us back toward her car. She was hurrying.

“Let’s go.”

I smiled lazily, feeling really, really good. “I did it,” I said smugly. “I came.”

Alissa seemed irritated. “Yes. Yes. Good for you,” she muttered, hauling on my arm. “So get in the car.” She pushed me toward the door and went around to the other side.

“Happy?” I asked her with a grin

She climbed in as I settled into my seat and she shook her head. “We should have seen that one coming,” she muttered. “Well, another time.”

I laughed. “You’re just upset that I didn’t get cuffed to a table.”

Alissa growled as she threw the car in gear. “Don’t tempt me!” She said.

So I shut up, closed my eyes, and smiled.

I beat them. Finally.


Curious about what was supposed to happen? Here’s the assignment!

Bre, for this assignment you will need a new pair of super tight short shorts - specifically a set that leaves a good portion of your ass hanging out. Combine the shorts with a too big halter top that only barely covers your tits and is constantly threatening to fall off, exposing you at random moments, and I will be happy. Do not wear a bra or panties, though I think flip flops or sandals will work.

Stuff yourself with your RVP as well as a comfortable anal plug. Zip the shorts tight around your hips.

Proceed to a public place with someone, preferably another submissive, who has control of the RVP . Your task is to walk and cum, however, the person holding the control unit will only turn on the RVP if you are flashing your tits. Intensity and function is at their discretion.

That said, this isn't supposed to be a walk in the park, so we will encourage you to flash, thus enabling you to cum, by hurting your breasts. After the first 15 minutes you will allow your companion to hang a pair of clothespins on your nipples. At 30 minutes your companion will exchange the clothespins for clover clamps, and at 45 minutes the clovers will be exchanged for alligators.

Should you take longer than an hour to cum, I will assume that your heart isn't in the assignment. At 60 minutes your companion will place a set of handcuffs on you, securing you to a public bench, railing, or light post. They will then activate the RVP at full power, non-stop. You will of course cum in front of everyone, but you will NOT be given the key to free yourself, or have the RVP turned off, until you remove your halter top, exposing your tits. So if you take this route, eventually you'll have multiple public orgasms, humiliating yourself thoroughly, until your pussy can't take it any longer and you strip, just to relieve yourself of the tension. - Master Brandon.

 Breanne Erickson is the author behind the amazing BDSM series "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut. If you enjoyed this little "tale" be sure to look into getting the entire series! 

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  1. That was great. I was very disappointed when your story ended. Hope to read more soon. It was very erotic


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