Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Edging Oscillations

May 17th, 2017

8:34 am - Hi. This is Breanne. Right now I’m at work and I’ve got about twenty-five minutes before Kari shows up. I’m trying to get up the nerve to start. Oh. Yeah. Sorry. I have to catch you up. I got an assignment this morning, from Master Brandon. It’s a doozy too. Not sure I’ll survive it. Sort of. It’s humiliating as fuck. Worse now that Mike the Hardware Guy removed the front panel of my desk, so that anyone walking by gets a shadowed, but decent view of my knees. Or other, more interesting, things.

What am I wearing? Right. Well, it’s another one of Kari’s “outfits.” I hate them. Passionately. It’s not that they’re cheap, though some are. It’s because no one in their right mind would feel comfortable wearing something like this in public. Except possibly a stripper. Or a hooker. Or a seventeen year old girl who doesn’t care who drools while staring at her tits and ass. The blouse is light pink, with girly ruffles, and is clearly meant to be an over shirt. And that’s the problem. Kari didn’t buy me the undershirt. So instead you can see the bra, the matching one to the bright pink panties. It’s embarrassing as hell since the bra is lace and barely covers my nipples, much less the curves. It’s disgraceful. The skirt? Black. Tight. And it barely covers my ass. In fact, if you happen to be standing directly in front of me, say in the atrium itself, and the light is just right, you can see right up the skirt to where my pink, little slit is glistening. How’s that for embarrassing?

Okay. I’ve wasted enough time. I’ve got to do it. Simple, right? I stand up, go to the glass, and then check to make sure no one is out there. I can’t let anyone see me, not with what I’m about to do. The skirt has to come up and the panties need to go down. And I have to keep the Core Driller dildo in there too. Wouldn’t that be awful? Having it fall out? Wet smears on the floor? And me having to go clean it? Sheesh. Awful. Okay. I’m out of time. I’ve got to go do it. Now. Be right back.

8:48 am. I DID IT! I pulled the skirt up, flashed the entire atrium my panties, and then pushed the neon pink material down. I was terrified someone was going to walk in, or that Jose would just appear. He seems to know when I’m tasked with stuff like this. Either that or he lurks. I’m not sure. I could see myself, the reflection, in the window. It was … well, admittedly it was a turn on. I’d have been soaked watching some other girl do it. Her delicate fingers pulling up the skirt, showing off her panties, and then pushing those same panties down her cute, thin legs. I watched as she stepped out of the panties, but only one side. The pink is wrapped around her ankle now, a telling, demeaning sign to anyone watching. Her panties are around her ankle for God’s sake!

Getting back to my chair was a little interesting, since I had to waddle. The Core Driller was still in me. I wasn’t allowed to touch it with my hands. Still, I made it and when I sat down it just jammed back in deep. I groaned. Sorry you couldn’t be here to see or hear, but that’s the way it goes. I’d have been too ashamed anyway. Now there’s just one more thing to do. Well, two. Two things to do. Or three. Possibly three. The first is I have to spread my legs. I really, really don’t want to do that. Not that I’ve got a choice. Kari is going to check me, frequently. So I’ve got to stay “on display” as she likes to call it.

There. Wide apart. My God, I can literally feel the breeze from the air conditioner blowing across my clit. That’s just fucking wrong. And what if someones does walk across the atrium, or go to the directory? One look in my direction and they’ll see girl goo leaking out of dildo stuffed pussy. Thank God the base is just one, large, black circle.

The second thing is this vibrator pendant. It’s blue plastic. One switch. On and off. It’s got a clamp, duckbill style, with black, rubber coating. This has to go on my clit, with the vibrator turned on, because you know, this is supposed to be about me edging.

OH! God! Every time my clit is clamped I feel this, shock like thrill, just rush through me, right up from my pussy to my nipples. I hardened and purred like a kitten and it just feels amazing. I’m guessing twenty minutes, at most, before I get close to the edge and have to turn off the pendant.

Which brings me to the third thing …

I’m not allowed to cum.

9:04 am - Okay. That went well. Kari got here at nine, on the dot, just like always. She stopped in front of the office too, looking at me through the glass. I felt my cheeks turn red because it was clear that she wasn’t looking at my face, or even my mostly exposed bodice. Her eyes were in that darkened little area under my desk. I felt this little shudder and became more than a little self-conscience. I felt the urge to close up, to cover up, and then because it was Kari, I did the very opposite. My knees were already apart, but I widened my stance. And then, just to make sure, I scooted back from the edge of the desk, just enough to let the overhead lights illuminate my thighs… and other parts of me. Kari grinned, her eyes sparkling with amusement as I blushed crimson. Then she came in, swept over to my desk, turned my chair to the side and bent over, giving me a kiss. It was no simple peck on the cheek. Anyone watching would have thought us lovers. I melted too. Just like I always do.

“Are you aroused?” She asked me softly, as she straightened back up.

I nodded. “The pendant is driving me crazy,” I admitted. She laughed at me. I like it when she laughs. I felt her hand on my cheek and she brushed a strand of my hair away from my eyes and back behind my ear.

“Good. Let me know when you cum,” she said.

I replied, “I’m not supposed to cum.” I’m not sure if I was declaring it to her, myself, or fate, but she laughed. I watched her amazing, suit-clad ass, turn tail and head back toward her office.

9:21 am - I’m close. Very close. I can feel the orgasm in me, growing. It’s like a tsunami in some ways, buried deep, tons of pressure, while on the surface the ocean looks calm. I can’t keep my hips still, not at all and I’m having trouble typiung. I’m going back and mostly correcting my errors, but it’s just making this whole process harder adn more tryign. I can’t. Almost. I’m goi

9:24 am -  That was close. Very close. I’m ashamed. I almost came. And for no good reason either. I fumbled with the vibrator pendant hanging on my clit and that almost did me in. It bounced on the end of the clamp, tugging on my clit. I managed to turn it off though, and then pull it off. I counted to sixty and then, still trembling, wanting, and desperate, I put one of the clothespins on my clit, in a very specific spot, that I knew would reduce the incentive to cum. Twisted, tugged, and clamped I felt like I was being torn apart, half of me wanting to give in, the other half furious with need. It was shattering.

The clothespin - it feels tight. I know. Not very descriptive. But at least it’s allowing me to calm down a bit. But only a bit. I’m still thinking about sex all the time. I can’t stop. The clothespin, the spread legs. All of it.

9:36 am - Jose is waving at me through the glass. And cleaning it. He’s on his knees, the lecher. I know he’s looking. I don’t dare close up my legs though. If Kari catches me…

9:54 am - The vibrating pendant is back on. I thought I’d be able to handle it after such a long break. I mean, thirty minutes, but I’m soaked again, and I’ve had the thing on for less that a minute. My pussy is squeezing the Core Driller tight and I’ve realized that I’m bouncing on the goddamned thing as well. That’s a problem. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until Jose made an obscene gesture about me going up and down. Can you believe it? I’m fucking myself in my chair. It’s just wrong. My legs are aching from holding them open, but Kari has checked, three times now, surprising me with a soft touch on my shoulder, just to make sure my stuffed and tormented pussy is where she, and Master Brandon, and probably even Julie, all want it.

I’ve said this before, but I’m glad my chair is leather. I’m soaking the seat. The vibrator pendant is driving me mad. It’s like the last thirty minutes didn’t happen. My clit is throbbing, my hips are rolling. I’m leaking copious amounts of juice, and all I can think about is how wonderful it would feel to cum.

Kari wants me to cum. I know it. She’s hoping because if I do cum, not only will my circumstances get worse, but she’ll get to punish me. I don’t know how. I didn’t ask. But it could be anything from getting hung up naked on the punishment frame in the back closet, for a whipping or worse, to one of the five anal plugs, in gradient sizes, sitting in my drawer. Or maybe something else. Rubber bands to the soles of my feet? Nipple clamps? The TENS Unit? God only knows!

10:08 am - Fuck. Please. So tight. I’m squeezign. It’s tto much for me. I can’t take it I want it so bad. WOnderign if the punishment is worth it? DOEs it matter? Probbably not but i shouldn;’t its against the rules. ITs an edge. I just need to . so close. Oh. Shit. Too close? Fuck I’ need. To…

10:14 am - I am about to confess to my Mistress that I have not only edged, but cum. I know. I’m sorry. But it was just too much. The problem is that for it to be a viable edge I have to want to cum. Right at that moment. And then stop. If I was allowed to stop when I thought was close to cumming, I’d be fine. Of course, I feel great. I mean, wow. What an amazing orgasm! I feel light and free and totally loose. Like I could fly. Except theres a little part of me that fears what’s about to happen. So wish me luck. About to go get punished. Know what really sucks? I have to walk back there with my panties dragging around one ankle.

10:37 am - Okay. Not bad. It could have been worse. A lot worse. The anal plug is kind of what I expected and along with the Core Driller dildo, I feel awfully full. Stuffed even. Glad she made me use the smallest one. Of course my pussy won’t stop pulsing around the Core Driller, and my ass keeps tightening up. Very disturbing. I also had to put the vibrator pendant back on. The pressure isn’t so bad though. Not now. Sitting here at my desk, legs spread apart, trying to write. To concentrate. Not working so good. I want to hold out because the clothespin is gone. That went back in the bag and now, when I have to take a break from constant stimulation of my clitoris, I have to clamp it with the jumbo alligator clamp.

I don’t think it will be that much different from the clothespin, at least in terms of arousal. Yes, the jumbo alligator clamp hurts more than the clothespin. It will make my clit throb. But I still get the thirty minutes down time. I need that. Worried because if I fuck up again, another orgasm, then the time gets cut in half. Can you imagine that? Sitting here, getting edged, only to get sixteen minutes before having to put the vibrator pendant back on?

It’s tickling my folds too, lightly. Driving me nuts.

10:41 am - Fuck. There’s a guy in the atrium! He walked over the bridge without looking this way, but he’s going toward the directory. Yes. There. He’s touching it. Please don’t look this way. Please don’t look this way. I’ve got my belly up against the edge of the desk. No light. Right? He won’t be able to … HA! He’s going toward the elevator … and … RELIEF. Christ. That was so close! What if he’d seen me!

10:52 am - I managed the edge. I stopped before I exploded. I’m shaking hard and it's tough to type. I feel like I’m walking on a high wire, or to be honest, a knotted rope. My insides are all trembling and I’m feeling, not nauseous, but squishy. Nervous. Terrible. I’m desperate and sliding around on the seat. I had to pull my skirt up over my ass because I was getting it all wet. That and the alligator clamp. I didn’t.. I didn’t think it would hurt so much. Maybe I’m swollen. Probably. Yeah. Or too much sensitivity. I’m getting there. I can feel it. Like a tingle. The weird thing is I’m still pumping, like I’m fucking someone. I can’t seem to stop. I’m bouncing, squeezing the Core Driller constantly and my pussy is fluttering. I almost want to say the hell with it, skip the rest of this fifteen minutes - there’s only seven left anyway - and put the vibrator pendant back on.

11:22 am - My clit is buzzing again. The vibrator pendant. It’s nestled between my folds, tugging and dancing on my clit like a fish being reeled in on a fishing line. I can’t think straight. I can’t work. I’ve tried writing. Working on the next book. Got a little bit along. Finishing up the last section. Still, I’m worthless right now. If I’m not shaking I’m grinding. A full four fifths of my body is screaming “let me cum!” and only that last little bit is holding off. My clit hurts too. Not bad. Just a little. From the alligator clamp. There are little red marks. Deep. I keep squeezing the Core Driller. If it were smaller, I think I’d be in even more trouble.

11:28 am - Kari wants me to order lunch. We’re eating in. This is bad. Very bad. I was hoping, you know, a break? Maybe? A little? Even if I had to keep the alligator on?

11:33 am - Lunch is ordered. They’re delivering. This means someone will be coming here. To my door. They will see me. They’ll notice. What if I’m still buzzing? I mean, shit - the vibrator pendant is loud? Should I try to arouse myself so I’m not buzzing? I mean - you know - get me to the edge faster so that I will be wearing the alligator clamp on my clit instead? Considering it. How? I could pinch my nipples, or even put some clover clamps on them. Who am I kidding? I could get there in seconds if I just touch myself. Even a little. Yes. That’s what I’ll do. Gonna try it.

11:41 am - I am a fucking moron. A little cumming fuckslut with no fucking brain. GODDAMN IT. FUCKING EDGES!

12:01 pm - I am royally screwed, and I don’t just mean from the foot long rubber dick still jammed up into my cunt, or the fucking vibrator pendant chewing on my clit, or the fact that I’m back at my desk, waiting for fucking lunch to show up and humiliate me more. No. I’m screwed because maybe, I might have had a shot at the delivery driver not noticing. Maybe he wouldn’t look through the glass, or he’d be too close or something, to see under my desk. I could maybe, hide it. But no, not the fuck now. My “punishment” for cumming, was to remove my bra and attach my clover clamps to my nipples. You can see my tits right through the shirt if you’re close enough. Hell, you could see from ten feet away. I’m sitting here, hiding behind my laptop, scared someone is going to look in the glass. And… shit. He’s here!

12:08 am - I. AM. MORTIFIED. Oh my God. He saw everything! Oh my God! I had to SIGN for it, which meant he got to see my clamped boobs. The noise of the vibrator did it. He came right up to the desk and looked down into my lap. My legs were spread open and I didn’t even realize that my skirt had rolled up. Shit! He saw my pussy! He saw the vibrating pendant. Even my clamped clitty. Oh God. I’m so … fuck… I think… close.  Bouncing. Edge. Don’t cum. Don’t you fucki9ng cum Breanne. Don’t fucki

12:59 am - Back at my desk. A little calmer I think and actually pretty pleased with myself. Despite the fact that I came. Cummed. Whatever. I know. I’m a bad girl. A bad little fuckslut. But as Kari said, an unauthorized cum an hour makes me a good humiliation pain slut.

Kari made me go to the conference room with our food, my pussy dripping. She told me to strip naked first, and then put out the food. Hard to do when you’re stuffed with a foot long dildo, but I managed. I’m sure I looked stupid. Clamped nipples with the steel chain hanging from my tits. The thick, black, circle base of the dildo peeking out from between my thighs. Waddling around on the stupid black stilettoes. A plug up my ass…

Kari came in, turned my chair so that it the table was to the side, and made me sit with my legs draped over the armrests. The panties were around my right ankle, like a flag of defeat.  I’d taken the vibrator pendant off before going to her, so the jumbo alligator clamp was dangling from my clit and she slipped a shoe off, and as she dug into her taco, she put her foot on the chair, right between my spread open legs. Her big toe, painted with a dark blue on the nail, began teasing the alligator clamp.

I whimpered.

She teased me horribly. Flicking the clamp with her toes, rubbing my stretched petals. She put down her food, pushed the chair backward, and then grabbed the Core Driller dildo and pulled it out of me.

That felt… both awful and good. At the same time.

Kari tossed the dildo up on the table top and before I could moan or comment, she put her foot back between my legs. Her toes didn’t go for the alligator clamp this time. No, she slipped her cute little piggies between my folds.

It’s not like it was the first time Kari has exfoliated portions of her anatomy in my pussy. But do you know what that does to me? Feeling her wiggling around in there? It’s a tease. It’s awful because it feels good and yet there is no way to find satisfaction.

“Feel free to eat,” she said, all with her right foot between my legs, all five toes inside me.

You try eating like that.

Lunch is over now. I didn’t cum, but she made me get down on my knees and use my tongue on her. After licking her toes clean. Debasing. But you know what? I made her cum. I know. I can’t believe it. It’s been months since I made Kari cum. So this was pretty damn amazing. I still can’t believe it.

Of course, when she was done, it was time for me to get dressed again. Clover clamps under the see-thru pink shirt. The black mini-skirt. The Core Driller dildo. And then, once I got back to my desk, I took off the alligator clamp and put on the vibrator pendant. It’s buzzing right now. All the way to the edge. We’ll see if I can hold things together.

01:29 pm - It was close, but I managed to hold off. To skirt disaster. Which is good. I’m not sure I could handle the punishment of another orgasm. I kept the vibrator pendant on for almost twenty-five minutes. Right to the brink. I could taste the orgasm. Or maybe that was just leftover flavor from Kari’s pussy. Either or. Of course my clit is hurting because of the jumbo alligator clamp. I only get to wear it for fifteen minutes though. Then I go back to the vibrating pendant. This will dramatically increase the chances of me slipping up, of cumming when I’m not supposed to. If I weren’t so sore, I’d just say fuck it and cum deliberately. But like usual, I’ll try. Try not to cum. So when I fail and get punished, I’ll totally and completely deserve it.

01:45 pm - The vibrating pendant is on and driving me fucking nuts. I can’t sit still. I’m back to bouncing. Fifteen minutes isn’t enough time to calm down. Even with the alligator clamp. And if I cum again, it will be with the one pound weight hanging off the thing. If I thought it hurt just a few minutes ago, what’s it going to feel like if that happens? I’m sort of focusing on the clock right now. An hour and fifteen minutes to go. Then I’m done. All done. I can survive that without cumming again. Right? Even with the Core Driller, the plug up my ass, the clamps on my nipples. People coming and going? The foot fuck… all of it. I can handle it. I can take this. All right fate do your worst!

02:10 pm - I’m not… sure I can handle this. I[‘m supposed to edge and I’m so scared. I’m scared I’m going to fuck up again. What if I cum? I’m charged to cum. My body is craving it. Everything from my belly button down is in “fuck it mode”. My hips are churning. My pussy is sucking and squeezing, and slurping on the damn Core Driller dildo. I can’t sit still. And my clit… Oh GOD. My clit is on fire, and feels like ice. It’s like pins and needles and feathers, all at the same time. It hurts and feels good. I’m so confused. How can I both want and fear something? Concentrate Bre. Think about something else. Think damn it!

02:48 pm - A courier came in a half hour ago. He just comes waltzing in here and I didn’t even have a chance to cover up. His eyes go down to my breasts and he sort of freezes and is like “whoa girl. You like it hardcore don’tcha!”  And I’m like, vibrating and fucking on the Core Driller and wishing I could get up and run except my fucking panties are around my ankle on the damn floor. He comes over to my desk and looks down into my lap and there I am, again. Open wide. Exposed. My pussy in full view.

“Girl, those toys ain’t a replacement for a real man,” he said.

I knew what to say, but I couldn’t. I didn’t dare. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to ask him to take me to the conference table and fuck my brains out. But.. Kari. The torment. I licked my lips. She was in her art room. I looked up. Screw this.

“There’s a men’s restroom across on the other side of the atrium,” I whispered, pointing through the glass. “I’ll meet you there.”

His eyes widened and then he grinned. He pushed through the glass door and I stood up, legs closed tight to keep the Core Driller from falling out. Carefully, I stepped out of the panties, letting them off my body for the first time since I put them on. I reached down and pulled the Core Driller out, then opened the bottom drawer of my desk, wrapped the massive dildo in a hand towel, and tucked it away.

“Going to the restroom!” I called out, grabbing my purse. I needed a condom out of it.

Even before Kari could respond I was out the door, the pendant vibrator still buzzing on my clit.

It was fast and sloppy sex. Not pretty. But mutually satisfactory. I’m back at my desk and I’ve just got one more problem. I have to confess to Kari.

I had another unauthorized orgasm.

I wonder what the punishment will be.

Breanne, your assignment today is simple. You will dress appropriately for work - meaning a short skirt and see through, or revealing blouse. You will select an appropriate pair of sexy panties that will hold in your 12” long Core Driller dildo. I want you properly stuffed for today. You will also have available the following: your vibrator pendant, a clothespin, your On4Her cream, your jumbo alligator clamp, and a one pound weight.

Once you arrive at work, while standing at your desk, at risk of being seen by anyone walking through the lobby, you will drop your panties, making sure to keep them looped around one ankle.  Keeping the Core Driller in, you will seat yourself, so that the massive dildo is braced against the chair seat. You will then attach the vibrator pendant to your clitoris, turning it on immediately. You will leave the vibrator pendant on until you are near climax. Then you will edge, turning off the vibrator pendant and removing it. Count to sixty, then attach your clothespin to your clit for a full thirty minutes. After the half hour is up, reattach the vibrator pendant and edge again, repeating the full process - the sixty second count and then the thirty minutes of clothespinned hell.

During this assignment I highly recommend that you keep your legs spread and that Kari or Julie spot check you frequently to make sure you are in compliance.

Should you orgasm, you will immediately report your failure to Kari, who will handle the immediate punishment to be inflicted. I would recommend stuffing your ass, or a sapping, but it is her choice. After you are punished you will again sit down, panties around one ankle, legs spread, and place the vibrator pendant on your clit. After edging you will count to sixty, and then place the jumbo alligator clamp on your clit instead of the clothespin. Hopefully this will teach you not to cum. Repeat as necessary until you are finished for the day.

If however, you cum a second time, you will again report to Kari for immediate punishment, followed by halving your jumbo alligator clamp time from thirty minutes to fifteen. A third orgasm will again result in a punishment from Kari, followed by the addition of the one pound weight. A fourth orgasm (if possible or needed) will again earn a punishment from Kari, followed by the application of On4Her to your clitoris in addition to the jumbo alligator clamp, weight, and fifteen minute recuperation time.

Enjoy! And hopefully you’ll be punished frequently! - Master Brandon

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  1. Great story..No more orgasms for the rest of the nite..Keep your nipples clamped add weights every 45 minutes and Keep the alligator clamp on your clit!!!!!

  2. This is different from your normal fair, the writing not the torment, quick and dirty and a bit rough, still talking about the writing.

    I liked it Bre, well done on both the writing and being a insatiable uncontrollable slut. I hope we see more "Diary of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut".


  3. 11:41 AM; wonderful characterization. In the back of your head knowing it's going to cost you, heavy, but just can't help yourself. Kari, as written, is just so deliciously cruel. Does she humiliate her man like this?

    Being embarrassed, maybe not always publicly, but in front of people is hard to beat as a rush.


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