Saturday, April 15, 2017

Try Again

“Try not to cum,” Kari whispered to me out of the side of her mouth. I blinked at her in confusion, my mouth opening to protest, but Karen Oswald was already approaching, her high heels clicking on the marble floor, and the last thing I needed to do was stand there, gaping like a fish. The lobby of the building was two stories and fortunately empty except for a grizzled security officer who seemed to be napping at his desk, one hand propping up his head. I glared at Kari, who stood there looking impeccably perfect in her crimson colored suit, gold jewelry glittering at her ears and wrists. She pushed her elbow into my side, forcing my attention back to the front and I snapped my jaw closed just as a gorgeous woman, in her late thirties, approached us. Tall and with a wealth of brown hair with copper highlights, she was dressed in an expensive, dark blue business suit that emphasized her curves and her shoes were sharp tipped and high enough to look good, but low enough to be sensible. Blue sapphires glittered at her ears and her throat held a matching stone that helped the conservative, yet still feminine neckline of her blouse.

Me? Well, I was the stray daisy planted in a bed of roses.

“Kari, it’s so good to see you again,” Oswald said, holding out both arms and giving Kari one of those non-hug hugs. I’ve never understood that practice, not that it makes me uncomfortable, but then, I’d never met Karen Oswald before. The two women practically touched cheeks and then broke apart smiling. I stood there, feeling quite out of place. Karen Oswald then turned slightly toward me.

“And who is this delightful young lady?” Oswald asked, her eyes glittering with interest. Kari chuckled and gestured toward me.

“Karen, this is my assistant, Breanne. I brought her along with me today in order to take notes and measurements.”

Karen Oswald gave me a long look and I couldn’t help feeling just a little unsettled. Her eyes were just a little too blue and there was a depth in them that touched me just a bit to intimately. There was something predatory in her examination and it caused me a momentary imbalance. But then her smile deepened. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Breanne.” She held out her hand.

Nervously I took her hand with a light grip, hoping my palm wasn’t sweaty. The business executive held my fingers and then, much to my surprise, I got a caress, her fingers swirling across my palm in a very unprofessional manner. The palm of the hand is often overlooked by folks as an erogenous zone, but there are tons of nerve endings in there. Don’t believe me? Try a light caress in the center of your palm. It can drive you crazy. My eyes widened and I couldn’t help gulping. I’m not always the most astute of people, but I honestly felt like Karen Oswald was paying a hell of a lot more attention to me than to Kari.

“You’re dress is adorable. You wear it well,” Karen said, eyes sparkling, her smile huge. She still hadn’t let go of my hand.

I swallowed. “Uh … thank you,” I replied in a voice better suited for an audition at Disney World - as a cartoon character. I still felt seriously out of my depth. With my one free hand I smoothed down the dress Karen liked, an apricot-colored, party dress Kari had bought me. It had a plunging neckline that dipped well below the bottoms of both breasts, sequined designs swirling up from the hem, which in and of itself was positioned somewhere between intriguingly daring and dangerously obscene. The top of the dress barely contained my breasts and leaning over more than twenty degrees in any direction would either leave me exposed, or actually cause my bosom to fall out. Worse, there was no way to wear a bra, so my nipples were both acutely on display, pierced with enough hardware to set off a TSA metal detector.

A shiver shot through me as Karen stroked the center of my palm. Goosebumps rose on my forearm as the excited tingle flash up the underside of my arm, only to rotate to my shoulder. Then it shot across my breasts and my nipples tightened, making the front of my dress even more of a display. That rush then shot down through me, straight to one certain area, under the black lace panties I wore, and entire lower half tightened around the thick, twelve inch rod buried deep in my sex. I resisted the urge to thrust my hips forward. I felt a burst of wetness and thanked God that the Monster Vibe wasn’t on.

Then Karen let my hand go, but with a last, lingering stroke of her finger. She turned back to Kari with an amused look. “So how is your husband, Robert?”

Kari smiled. “He’s well. Still day trading. Thank you.”

Karen glanced back at me and again I felt like a bug under a microscope. “Wonderful. Well, if you’ll both accompany me, I can show you where we need your unique talents.”

Karen turned and headed toward the elevators and Kari and I followed. It was a short ride up, with Karen standing in one corner, facing both Kari and myself. She talked the whole way too, turning back to business, even if her eyes were constantly going up and down my body. It was like Kari barely existed. Still, we had work to do and I slipped my hand into my purse and pulled out my notepad, getting ready to actually help Kari. Simply put, Karen’s company had just acquired the building and while the lobby had recently been updated, the upper floor hallways were in seriously in need of some attention. The elevator slowed and came to a stop, opening on a floor that had been decorated in the 1970s. Even I, a self proclaimed South Texas farm girl turned interior designer assistant, muttered a “wow” and looked around incredulously.

The hall carpet was burnt orange. With yellow piping. The only blessing was that the colors had faded horribly, making what must have once be a literal trip, something bearable. The art on the wall was, at worst, psychedelic and at best, awful. Ms. Oswald winced as we stood there in abject shock and apologized.

“We just acquired the building,” she admitted.

“It’s nothing I can’t fix,” declared Kari, who pushed forward. She pulled out her smart phone and began taking pictures. Karen turned and looked at me as glanced around, still stunned, and I couldn’t help smiling back. “Is Jimi Hendrix buried here?” I asked.

Karen laughed and took a step closer to me. “Well, Hendrix was more a 60’s guys,” she replied. “Still, it is a bit much, isn’t it?” Despite the fact that I was wearing a pair of high heels that lifted me up a full two inches higher than her more sensible shoes, Karen Oswald still topped me in height by a good half a foot. I felt her fingers brush my arm and once more that same, electric-like surge rushed through me. I let out a tiny gasp, a mere breath of air and goosebumps rose up and down my arm. My nipples tightened and then my pussy seized the thick, plastic rod jammed up inside me.

Ten feet further down the hall, Kari fiddled with her phone.

And that’s when the fucking Monster Vibrator came to life.

Granted, it was on the lowest setting, barely a rumble, and I couldn’t even hear it. But by God I could feel it. Multiple motors caused the thing to jiggle inside me like a freshly caught eel. My entire body shuddered, my posture changed, and my hips swung forward involuntarily as my sex began pulsing around the now quietly moving toy.

Karen saw my reaction, misinterpreted it, and her smile deepened. Her hand, which had only grazed my arm, swung behind me and a moment later I felt a soft pressure against my lower back. My lower back.

“Well, there will certainly be some work to get these hallways into shape,” Kari observed, turning back toward us. She was still holding her phone, fingers tapping away.

I stood there frozen, trying not move or breathe, feeling my pussy convulse around the buzzing sex toy. I wanted to yell at Kari, to hiss at her. Not here. Not now. Please!

“I’m sure,” Karen observed, her hand still lightly touching me. There was a slight increase of pressure and then I was absolutely positive her hand was resting on the upper curve of my rump. I felt charged, my entire body tingling with excitement. I realized I was taking short, sharp breaths, practically hyperventilating. Kari glanced up, gave me a cute little wink, and then her finger tapped twice on her phone screen.

The Monster Vibrator picked up speed and the vibrations swirled up through me in waves as I inhaled sharply, eyes widening. I shot a panicked glance at Kari who only smiled. Karen’s fingers, the ones resting on my bottom, curled in an obvious caress, gliding across my ass. Kari walked past us and down the hall.

That forced both me and Karen to turn and I felt the touch on my bottom disappear. I hesitated just a moment, trying to decide if I should follow Kari or wait with Karen, or if I could even manage to walk straight since my soaked and stuffed slit was resonating in time with the Monster Vibe’s oscillations. I choose to follow and moved a step out in front of Karen. She stayed behind me and when I glanced back it was clear what she was looking at, and it wasn’t the frightening decor.

Then Kari dropped her stylus, and pretended she didn’t notice.

This put me in a very difficult position. As Kari’s personal assistant, it’s my job to pick up after her, to follow along like a little puppy dog and do her bidding, to take notes or pictures or measurements, to let her sexually torment and abuse me at whim. So yes, I have a complicated job description. So there I was, ten feet behind her, tasked with picking up the silver stick. There was no way to do so gracefully, much less decently, in the outfit that Kari had not only selected for me to wear that day, but also purchased for me. It was a goddamned party dress - for a party meant to leave me naked and well fucked! Not for gallivanting around the Houston metro area visiting clients - even incredibly beautiful and sexy ones! So I paused over the stylus, glanced back at Karen, and then, with my face already burning with shame, squatted down and reached over.

Time seemed to slow. My heart thudded as I sucked in another breath. My sex rippled around the rapidly shaking toy as my knees bent, twisting to the side as I dropped down. I could feel the dress moving against my skin, gliding upward, exposing my panties, my thighs, maybe even my bottom, as I struggled not to bend. I felt the air against my ass, my thighs and then, as I leaned over, my left breast fell out of my top. I gasped, grabbed the stylus with one hand and clutched the other across my exposed bosom. I almost fell over and probably would have if not for one thing.

Karen’s hand was on my shoulder. “Here,” she said softly, steadying me. “Let me help.” She reached down and her fingers grasped the stylus even as she helped me to rise. Our eyes met and she reached up with her free hand, only to slide her fingers beneath the spaghetti strap of my dress, the one that had allowed my boob to come out. My pierced nipple was hard and pink and exposed and she ran her hand downward, pulling the material of my dress outward, repositioning it over my breast. I gasped as the backs of her fingers slid down the curvature of my bosom, teasing the nipple into immediate hardness, only to reposition the cloth to cover me. Then, as if sensing my embarrassment, she drew her hand out with a caress, touching the bottom curve of my breast, leaving me panting with need.

She held out the stylus and I took it, mouth open, panting softly, my entire body on a knife’s edge. I realized that I really, really wanted to cum, preferably with Karen’s body entwined tightly around mine.

“I can hear it, you know,” Karen whispered.

I gulped, my cheeks turning crimson. I wanted her to touch me again, to slip her hand beneath the front of dress, or better yet, take it off me.   

“Is it driving you as crazy as you’re driving me?” She asked pointedly, putting her hand on my upper arm, fingers swirling in little circles as if testing the texture of my skin.

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

The expression on Karen’s face was a mixture of triumph and satisfaction. “Good,” she declared. She took her hand off my arm and backed away, leaving me with the urge to throw myself at her, to beg her to take of my clothes, to let her use me and have me, and to have her. It was just raw passion, lust and fury. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to settle the fuck down.

And the Monster Vibrator went to full power.

I’m not stupid. I know when I’m being toyed with. What I didn’t know is if this was planned or spontaneous, and that made how I responded very important. If I threw myself at Karen, or responded to Kari’s provocations, I ran the risk of damaging an important client relationship, or admittedly, enhancing it beyond all belief. But I tend to be a bit conservative in my responses until I know which way to go, so I focused on taking a few steps without cumming and managed to get Kari’s attention with a touch on the elbow.

“Kari? You, um, dropped this,” I said softly. The blonde goddess before me smiled warmly.

“Oh. I did? How careless of me.” She reached out to take the pen-like item and her hand gripped mine for a moment longer than needed. “Thank you,” she said, giving me a knowing smirk. Then she turned back toward the hall. Her phone came up and as she took a few steps away from me, her fingers slid across the screen and I braced myself for what was coming next.


I managed to turn back toward Karen Oswald who was watching me with delighted amusement and this time, as the Monster Vibe spun up to full power there was no holding back. I couldn’t control it. Perhaps it was the panicked expression on my face, or the lost look in my eyes - utter humiliation at being used in such a manner in front of this woman. But something drew Karen toward me and as my body broke the mental controls and prohibitions I’d placed upon myself, she wrapped her arms around me, holding me as I let out a soft, but desperate groan. I trembled as the vibrator danced inside me and then Karen’s hand slid into the front of my dress, her fingers lightly pinching my right nipple, teasing me with the edges of her nails. A surge of energy exploded between my thighs and I simply melted into Karen’s embrace as the orgasm emptied my brain of anything resembling thought, leaving just the shame of my abasement. I could feel the wetness seeping down my thigh, the scent of my arousal and climax distinct and obvious.

It took me a minute to collect myself and when I finally looked up, Karen was grinning like a Cheshire cat, one hand on my rump, the other poised to support me if I needed it. The Monster Vibrator was already winding down, slowing back toward silence and stillness between my legs and I looked over to where Kari was walking toward us.

“I think I got the measurements I need. If I think of something else I can always send Breanne back over to collect them,” she told Karen.

The businesswoman smiled. “I’d like that. I’m glad you think you can handle this monstrosity.” She gestured at the walls and Kari laughed.

Then Kari looked at me. “Well, if you’re finished, we can head back to the office.”

I nodded, face flushed, heartbeat still fast, still heady from the endorphins. Karen took a step back from, watching carefully.

We managed to make it back to the elevator and back down to the lobby without me embarrassing myself any more than I already did. Karen kept giving me knowing glances, eyes bright with mischief and desire. We stopped by the security desk where the aging man straightened now that he realized Karen was standing right there.

“I certainly appreciate you coming out and giving me an appraisal. When will you have something?” Karen asked Kari.

My employer shrugged. “About a week and a half. I’ve already got some thoughts that will be compatible with the exterior of the building,” Kari replied. “Not to mention the lobby.”

Karen nodded. “Great. I can’t wait to see your ideas!” Then Ms. Oswald turned toward me. “Breanne, it was a pleasure meeting you.” She held out her hand and to my surprise there was a business card in it. “Feel free to give me a call sometime,” she said offhandedly, as if she hadn’t just witnessed me cumming in her building, or fondled me. I took it, but didn’t look at the card. Instead I noticed Kari writing something on her own notepad.

“Here, Karen. You might need this,” Kari said, handing the paper over. Karen took it and then read the note, her expression quizzical. Then she glanced at me, sudden understanding in her eyes.

“Oh! Why, thank you!” She replied, tucking the note away. Kari dipped her head and then whirled.

“Come along, Breanne. Time to go,” she said. I gave Karen a little wave and hurried after Kari. We stepped out into the bright sunlight and I tried to keep up.

“What the hell was that?” I demanded as we approached Kari’s convertible.

She looked up at me with an amused look. “What was what?”

I gestured back at the building, Karen’s card in my hand. “That! You making me cum like that! In front of her!”

Kari laughed and unlocked the door. She leaned over toward me and pulled her sunglasses out of her purse, only to set them on the bridge of her nose. “She wrote you a note. Look at her card.”

I blinked and looked down at the business card. Karen Oswald, her email address, office phone, and cell. Then I flipped it over. Written hurriedly across the back was a message that took me by surprise. “Dinner 7pm? Call me!”

I glanced up at Kari, shock written across my face. Kari laughed. “I knew the two of you would hit it off.”

My mouth went dry and I watched as Kari got into the convertible. I closed my mouth and slid in, my dress riding up, my breasts almost falling out. I brought my feet in and began to shut the door, only to suddenly gasp, eyes widening as the Monster Vibrator roared to life, spinning and churning inside me, shaking like a trailer home in a twister. I stiffened in my seat, my hips thrusting forward as I cried out, the sudden forced arousal strong and all encompassing. Fires I thought banked burst into flame and it didn’t matter now that my tits were hanging out and my dress was all askew. Holy God.

Kari backed the car out of the drive and I felt the acceleration, but it didn’t matter one whit. I knew I was going to cum again. There really wasn’t an option.

“Wave, Bre. There’s Karen. Looks like she liked the note.”

I turned my head, panting, eyes wild, to see Karen Oswald standing in front of her building, her phone in her hands, a huge grin on her face. Kari lifted her hand and waved as we went past.

And me?

Well, they say if you like success, then you should try, try, and then try again.

Two hours later…

“Karen Oswald,” came the voice over the phone. I swallowed hard.

“Hi, uh… Ms. Oswald. This is Breanne Erickson,”

“Breanne! I’m glad you called.”

I took a deep breath. “Yeah. I just… well… “

“Dinner? Tonight? Seven?”

I closed my eyes, a thousand thoughts rushing through my head. What had Kari told her? Was this a setup? A plan? What about Julie? What about Mike? And where was this heading?

“Yes,” I said simply. “That would be lovely. Where would you like me to meet you?” I asked.

She gave me an address, which I dutifully copied down. “And what should I wear?” I asked.

Karen Oswald let out a delighted laugh. “Oh Breanne, not a single thing.” I blinked in surprise. “See you at seven.”

I checked the internet. Maps. It was a residence. An expensive condo. I swallowed. Then? Then the Monster Vibrator went on again, for just a little bit.

Try. Try. And try again. 


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  1. A nice diversion from your normal depravity.

    Sexy, lurid, yet somehow not as explicit as your normal "tasks".

    I believe Karen may not be nearly as sadistic as your usual set ups. She does seem however quite ready to wring you out sexually.

    I wonder ... Who gets sated first you or her?


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