Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Slip

Hi guys. Been awhile since I've posted anything, hasn't it? I didn't mean to deprive you. Not on purpose. But I've been REALLY busy. The review thing. See, I got this assignment, more of a test really, where I was to have my skills, person, attitude... well... EVERYTHING, reviewed. Some things by strangers, others by friends, and still other attributes by sadistic mindfuckers with nothing better to do than torture me.

And I know you want to hear all about it. Don't you?

Well, I'm working on it. That's why I've been busy. The bloody thing is already over a hundred and third pages long and I've still got maybe a third left to write. Maybe more. I want to be thorough, like a foot long dildo. So yes, I've been a little... you know... busy.


So I'm taking pity on you. See, this little tale, the one below, I wrote last October. Why didn't you get to read it then? Because Michael says that having new material in my books is a good thing. So this was supposed to be in the next book. Except the next book is going to be "Breanne's Test: Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut" and wouldn't include this anyway. And I feel you've gone too long without a NHPS Tale. So... guess what? Yep. You get to read about "the slip."

Lucky you. Enjoy - Bre

 Kari opened the door and paused momentarily. I sat in my office chair, feeling exposed, waiting for the axe to fall. Her delicate eyebrow went up, giving me a very Vulcanish look and she let the door slowly swing shut. Her eyes never left me as she came into the small lobby, her high heels clicking on the tile floor. She came around the desk and I tried to control my breathing. It wasn’t exactly easy. The pendant vibrator had been going for over twenty minutes and at that particular moment I was just about on the verge of orgasm.

Frankly, I think I’d timed it rather well, all things considered.
“Well, I must say that’s a novel look for you,” Kari said, glancing down at my attire. I blushed crimson, well aware that the silk shift I had wrapped around me didn’t quite meet office standard. Even for Kari. “Stand up for a moment.”
I took a deep breath and stood. The slip had spaghetti straps that barely clung to my shoulders. The neckline plunged deep and low and the material bulged as the slip tried to contain my breasts. The silk seemed to tuck in just beneath my bosom, hugging my torso all the way down to my hips and curling over my belly. The hem danced only a bare inch or two below my bottom and only the grace of God kept the bright, neon pink pendant vibrator that was delicately clamped to my clit from peeking out beneath the edge of the slip.
“Isn’t that the slip I bought you four years ago?” Kari suddenly asked.
My blush darkened and I nodded. “Yes Kari,” I replied, wondering for the umpteenth time why I’d done this. Kari leaned against the wall and crossed her arms, a contemplative look on her face.
“Admittedly, I like it,” she said in judgement. “It covers you, yet is inordinately sexy. It is totally inappropriate to wear in any venue, thus it will humiliate you to be seen in public wearing it. I can only assume that you wore it into work today?”
I nodded. I had, in fact, done just that. Driving had been an experience since the little triangle of my mons had been perfectly visible between my pressed together thighs. There are times when I wish I could afford to trade in the Saturn. It’s a stick shift and that’s a lot of footwork for a girl trying to keep her legs together constantly.
“You do realize,” Kari added, “that with the front partition of your desk removed, that if your knees aren’t locked together you are flashing quite a bit of skin?”
I swallowed. Of course I’d realized that. But what could I do about it? She’d been the one to arrange the partition removed and I had no idea where the wooden board was kept, or even if I could reinstall it myself. And it was Kari who had ordered me to never let my knees touch again, though I’d honestly broken that rule time and time again. The only small blessing was that the space under my desk was shrouded in darkness, leaving only the faint outline of my pussy, or the neon pink coloring of the vibrator pendant visible.

Kari extended a hand and had it been anyone else I’d have accused them of trying to grope me. As it was, she brought her fingers up into the cleft between my legs and the pendant vibrator, which had been dangling from my clit, was suddenly outlined in silk as it pressed against my petals. I let out a soft whimper, shifting my weight back and forth on the five inch stiletto heels I was wearing. My toes wiggled as the pleasure shot through me. Finally I gasped.
“Kari, please… if you keep doing that I’m going to explode,” I whined.
Kari didn’t move her hand. “Don’t you want to explode?” She asked. But before I could respond she posed another question. “And what did dear Julie specify as punishment for cumming?”
Tremors, all of which had begun between my legs, now threatened to overwhelm me. “Sh-sh-she said she’d l-l-leave it up to y-y-you,” I stammered. Kari’s eyes widened and her mouth curled up into a delighted, wicked smile.
“Oh? Really?” She said, her other hand coming out. Her fingertips brushed the hardened point of my right nipple through the silk and I gasped again, my body now walking a tightrope. “That’s good to know,” she continued. “And what sort of punishment for cumming do you think would be appropriate for a sweet little fuck slut like you?”
The vulgarity of her language grated on my nerves, humiliating me even more. What’s more, I didn’t want to answer her. There were a number of things she could do to me, none of which I was terribly interested enduring at that particular moment. Still, an image of me naked, suspended on the punishment frame in the back closet, my legs obscenely spread, with Kari using a leather strap on my delicate bits, didn’t help my overall resistance to orgasm. So between Kari’s nipple massage, her pressing on the pendant, pushing the vibrator against my petals while letting it pull on my clit, all while wearing something meant rarely, if ever to be worn in public, I popped like bubble wrap under a toddler’s shoes.
As far as orgasms go, it was a wet one. Girl goo streamed down my thighs and it left a very obvious wet mark on the front of my slip. Kari pulled her hand away with a cluck of her tongue as I shivered in sexual euphoria. For two or three minutes I didn’t care that I had just been massage fucked in a glass fronted office, looking out on an atrium. I didn’t care that I was wearing the barest of outfits, something meant for the bedroom. I didn’t care that the duckbill clamp clinging to my clit was sending little pulses of quiet discomfort through me. I didn’t care that my nipples and pussy tingled. I didn’t care that she’d soaked an odd looking triangle into the front of my slip. I didn’t care that my toes were curling at the ends of the stiletto sandals I was wearing. I didn’t care that I was soaked from my pussy to half-way down each thigh.
Because I felt amazing.
Kari let out a satisfied sigh. “Well now. That certainly seemed like a satisfactory orgasm,” she said, taking her hand out from between my legs. I stood there, still a bit breathless, but my eyes were starting to clear. I gave her this luxurious, naughty smile and I may have even laughed a bit. I’m not sure.
“So since your punishment for cumming is up to me, you will go to the conference room and await my pleasure.” She told me earnestly. “I expect you to be sitting in a chair with your legs drawn up and positioned over the arm rests.”
I blinked as I realized what that meant. Or what it didn’t mean. Or…
Then she patted my crotch again and the vibrating pendant tugged on my clit and massaged my petals. “And leave this on.” Then she turned and walked away, heading down the hall.

Part Two

I hadn’t realized it at the time, but as I slid into the leather conference chair, bringing my legs up and spreading them so that my calves and feet dangled off to either side, the real purpose of the position was to make sure that the vibrator pendant literally lay between the slightly splayed petals of my sex. It was still vibrating and I was leaking copious amounts of juice as my lower half continued to be affected by the constant, if admittedly low level stimulation.
I’ve grown somewhat fond of the vibrator pendant. It isn’t cruel. The clamp, even when placed directly on my clit rather than the clitoral hood, pinches only enough to keep the clamp in relative place. It won’t withstand NHPS Jumping Jacks, but for most ordinary activities it works just fine. The vibrator runs on a single AAA battery and the weight is just right - I never forget it’s there but it doesn’t weigh me down.
In most positions, both sitting and standing, the pendant dangles straight down, away from my slit itself, leaving me to endure the vibrations through a single point. This of course drives me absolutely crazy. But one easy, simple way for someone to make that little vibrator do double damage (so to speak) is to tilt me back and let the full length of the thing slip between my folds.
I sat there, concentrating on my breathing, everything from my waist down exposed. My pussy was glistening with moisture, rose colored and beautiful, with the neon pink pendant nestled between my petals like a hot dog in a bun. I kicked my feet absently while I waited and with each passing second I felt that second orgasm build.
It took Kari almost a full ten minutes to come into the conference room and when she did I was already half crazy with desire. The position itself was the problem. I was basically doing a butterfly, with my bare loins just open and exposed and wanting and practically begging to get fucked. So I was thrilled when Kari arrived. Well… almost.
“Oh yes. That will be perfect!” She gushed into the phone. It was by her ear and I felt a shiver go through me. One of the reasons I’d even been willing to try wearing such a revealing and different outfit was because today was one of Kari’s art days. As an interior designer, she had to spend a great deal of time in her art room, working on new layouts, designs, and materials. It meant either ordering in and us eating together in the conference room, or if she were really busy she’d leave me to my own devices.
And by devices, I mean the various vibrating ones usually stuck up inside me.
“Well yes of course,” Kari reassured whomever was on the other end of the cellular line. She swung a black canvas bag in her hand and it landed on the mahogany conference table with a thunk. Then her eyes went to me, taking in the soft white curves of my buttocks, the pink gash between my open thighs, then the hot pink vibrator lying between them. She grinned wickedly. “We’ll see you then.”
I gave her a look that only someone garishly and obscenely exposed could pull off. “What was that?” I demanded. I didn’t close my legs. That would have been stupid.
She put her phone down next to the black canvas sack and pushed another one of the conference chairs toward me. She sat down in it, crossing her legs with this hungry little look and a smirk. She leaned forward and ran her nail across my clamped and vibrating clitoris, down my outer labia, and right into the little brown button of my ass. I gasped, eyes widening. It felt… it felt fucking amazing actually. It was a tease. A horrible, evil tease!
She grabbed hold of my outer petals and pinched them together, with the pendant vibrator inside and between them, rubbing them between thumb and forefinger. I gasped again and stiffened, my body demanding that I both close my legs and open them farther than possible. Instead I struggled just to stay in position. Pure pleasure washed over me and my hips rolled in small, eager little thrusts.
“Lunch plans,” Kari replied as I groaned, my eyes rolling up into the back of my head. It felt so fucking good! Her fingers did things to my sex that shouldn’t be allowed. Coherent thought was pretty much a thing of the past and I sighed in lustful happiness. “Lunch?” I mumbled.
Kari continued to caress me. “Oh yes. You and me. Today. With Robert.”
I think it took almost a minute for that to really sink in. Robert is Kari’s husband. A rock of a man, he’s muscular, in good shape, a day trader and financial guru and to be brutally honest, something of an oxymoron. He is physically the very model of a manly specimen. He could bench press bikini clad women. He could have his pick of blondes and brunettes (and yes, even stupid redhead nympho humiliation pain sluts if he wanted.)  But for some reason he is not only submissive, but is totally head over heels in love with a woman who keeps his balls tied up during the day, then fucks his brains out, multiple times an evening. Robert suffers for her sexually and since Kari has always believed in sexual overload, rather than denial, the poor man’s cock is probably one of the most overused parts of his body.
Now before we go any further, yes I have fucked Robert. Multiple times. I’d even had sex with him before he and Kari married. In fact, last month Kari invited me over and the two of us abused him for about seven hours. He was tied to the bed and we took turns making him cum, milking his poor cock until even sucking on him was painful. He does what she says and if she says “fuck Breanne stupid,” he will. If she say’s “lick Breanne’s clit until it’s swollen and sore,” he will. And if she wants him to meet us for lunch, then… you get the picture. Right?
“We’re… we’re going out? For lunch?” I asked in a horrified tone.
Kari nodded gleefully, her eyes brimming with excitement.
I blinked. “But… but… Kari!” I stammered.
She laughed and reached for the black bag. “I know today was supposed to be an art day, but considering your outfit I just knew that we needed to go out.” She stuck her hand into the bag and if I could have become even more discombobulated than I already was, just from the idea of having lunch out in public, the machine Kari pulled out of the bag would have done it.
It was black, with a few controls on the front. There were two small jacks located on the front and as Kari set the control unit down on the table I froze, staring at the TENS Unit in obvious fright. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator and is designed to send low level current between two electrical probes. Unfortunately for me, the quickest and shortest path between those two probes almost always involved delicate portions of my anatomy. Kari plucked a small plastic bag from the bag. Inside were eight electrostim tabs, each one a simple, small, white plastic square, with a wire attachment point. A low grade adhesive kept them attached to the plastic holder and when Kari peeled one off it stuck to my skin easily.
I whimpered as she positioned the second one and I stared down at my slit, the white squares now pressed to either side of my still clamped clitoris. I felt like crying. I knew exactly what was going to happen. She’d plug the stim tabs in and then the electricity would go up to one, then lash out across the top of my pussy, frying my clit, before finding the other tab and disappearing back into the box.
And that would be all if I were lucky.
But I wasn’t. She pulled the thick plastic dildo out of the bag too, plugging the little wires into the base. She held it up. “I have to lube this first,” she said almost apologetically, only to bring it down to my dripping snatch and slide it in. I quivered as the penetration went deep and Kari began pumping it thoroughly. I heard the rattle as it struck the pendant vibrator and my pussy tightened around it.
For a moment we stared at each other, the only sound coming from my wet pussy as Kari slowly, deeply, masturbated me. The hard plastic dick in her hand seemed very, very long as it penetrated, opening me up and sliding deeply in. Maybe it was the angle. I was slouched in the seat, legs up and spread in an obscene fashion, but I can honestly say that the slow, thorough fucking I was getting drove me absolutely bananas. The squelching noise of the dildo sliding in and out of my pussy was soon joined by the panting breaths of my chest as Kari pressed down on the metaphorical, sexual accelerator.
“Comfortable?” Kari asked me softly as my pussy convulsed around the hard dildo.
I nodded, vocalizing a few mewling whimpers of absolute bliss. My God what she was doing felt good! I practically lay there in the chair, my legs up and spread wide, my pussy gaping open and this blond goddess was holding a dildo like an icepick, sliding it downward and inward, pushing it inside me with steady, slow thrusts. My hips began churning and I felt the renewed push of orgasm chewing away at me. I brought my hands up to my breasts and began playing with the tips. The silk slip felt incredible as I slid it over my nipples, pinching myself through the material.
“Pull up the slip, Breanne. I need to see your breasts.” Kari said, punctuating her sentence with another thrust of the hard, plastic dildo.
Struggling to keep calm I pulled the slip upward, over my belly and up to my chin. My chest was heaving, both pierced nipples glinting with gold. The right side also sported a small gold padlock, something charm sized of course, emblazoned with a black enameled rose. My hands had to hold the slip up at my collarbone, but my fingers were easily long enough and I began teasing the tips of each breast with a nail. My desperation for release went up another notch. Or two. Maybe even three.
Kari, one hand still steadily pumping away at my pussy, reached back over to the table and peeled one of the electrostim tabs from the plastic. She set this one on my right breast, just to the side of my nipple. Somewhere in the back of my mind a little panicked voice began shouting. “She’s going to shock you! Get out of there you twit!” But even as Kari set the second stim tab in place, making sure my nipple was right between the two stim tabs, another voice in my head was saying, “Oh yes… that feels so good! It doesn’t matter what she does to you as long as she’s doing this!”
I’m not exactly known for my intellect.
Kari did my other breast as well and then, in a feat of impressive dexterity, jammed the dildo into my pussy and held it there with her knee, while her hands quickly and effectively wired my top half to the TENS unit controller. Then she held it up and our eyes met.
“We’ll just set it to level one, since you’ve only cum once,” she said, turning the machine on. I blinked. I’d expected cruelty. Instead, she was going in the other direction.
I’ve described the sensations caused by the TENS Unit before, but I was already hyper-sensitive and the feather brush tingling that pulsed through my nipples was almost enough by itself to send me careening into the depths of depravity. Of course that same little tingling sensation crossed my clitoris. And then my pussy tightened in a short little squeeze. And that was what sent me over into orgasm number two.
My eyes rolled up into the back of my head as I let out the most impassioned of moans. My breath came in short little gasps and my feet fluttered, the strap on stilettos wiggling ridiculously as my body responded to Kari’s torment with predictable ease. My lower half tightened and pulsed and my nipples felt as if someone were deftly and lightly stroking them with their thumbs. Or maybe a better way of describing it would be if someone had dragged the teeth of a comb across my nipple. I’m not sure. All I know is that I’d been tightly wound and the electricity, combined with Kari’s thrusts, had released a flood of energy through me. Kari watched it all with a smug look on her face, her hand pumping the dildo while the other was rubbing the backs of my thighs, my bottom, not to mention the petals of my sex. She caressed me until I began to calm down, humming with pleasure instead of letting it escape in tiny bursts of sound and sweetness.
Kari didn’t turn the TENS Unit down though. Nor did she turn off the pendant vibrator. She continued to caress me and when I’d regained a semblance of mental stability, away from the euphoric effects of sexual release, she leaned back and smiled.
“Well, that was nice.” She said with satisfaction. “Unfortunately, you did cum, so we have to turn the TENS Unit up to level two.” She held my dildo in with the right while her left went over to the table and moved the dials controlling the amount of energy trickling through the TENS Unit wires. I felt it, sure enough. What had been a featherlike caress was now a definitive flick. Not painful, or cruel, but just enough to remind a girl that someone was standing there in front of her, striking just my nipples with what amounted to a sturdy tap. My eyes widened in alarm because the same sensation came from my clit. The only good news was that the dildo inside me didn’t translate the energy in quite the same way, so all that happened was that my pussy tightened around the hard plastic shaft.
Until Kari pulled it out.
I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened next, which might explain why Kari managed to get most of the dildo back inside me before I’d cried out and tightened up. My feet kicked as I let go of the slip and grabbed her wrist. It wasn’t exactly painful, but I’m never comfortable with something in my ass and the dildo, slick as it was from being in my pussy, still wasn’t on my list of “Things I’d Like Shoved Up My Ass.”
In fact, there isn’t anything on that list, now that I think about it.
The worst thing was that the dildo was designed to go in a girl’s rump. A notched base meant that my sphincter closed around it tightly, keeping it firmly embedded. I groaned, quite uncomfortable, especially because it was still plugged into the TENS Unit, electricity still pulsing through it. Inside me, the electrified dildo did to my ass what it had been doing to my pussy, forcing my muscles to tighten up around it.
Kari sighed in satisfaction as I sat there quivering, not quite aroused thanks to the orgasm, but in a hyper-sensitive state. I’m not naive either. I knew damn well that the flicks, the pulsing, not to mention the still very active pendant vibrator clamped to my clit and resting once more between the folds of my very wet pussy, would drive me right into another orgasm sooner or later.
More likely sooner.
Kari stood up and tucked the TENS Unit back into the bag which she held out to me. “Here,” she said. “You can pull the slip back down and head back to your desk.”
I slowly sat up, trying to ignore the fact that someone was flicking their forefingers at my tits every other second. My clit pulsed with similar contractions. I took the bag from her and got to my feet. Four sets of wires went up under the hem of my skirt and I had to be careful how I held the bag. If I slung it over a shoulder the wires would keep the bottom of my slip from covering what it needed to cover.
“Oh, and please let me know each time you cum,” Kari said. “We’ll turn the TENS Unit up a level each time.” Then she turned and left the room.

Part Three

It was difficult to concentrate and typing was practically impossible. Each word had to be spelled using a single finger, struggling to hold one tiny, extended portion of my anatomy still as the rest of me trembled. My knees were knocking lightly against the sides of my desk since trying to close my legs had merely resulted in greater pressures on certain clamped and wet parts. The front half of my chair was sodden mess and I’d tugged the slip out from under my stuffed and shocked ass to keep it from getting wet.
I pressed the spacebar key and glanced over at the handwritten invoice Kari had asked me to type. It wasn’t going well. I hadn’t made any mistakes, but what should have taken non-sexually tormented me five minutes was now going on twenty. And I wasn’t even three-quarters of the way done. Another wave of tremors rocked me and I grit my teeth, trying to cope. It wasn’t easy. Every part of me wanted to give in, to give up, to just accept it. Except I knew that would be a bad thing.
A very bad thing.
The voice of my mistress, boss, best friend, lover, and cruel, sadistic torturer sang out from over my shoulder and the blond goddess herself emerged from the hallway. She put a hand on the back of my neck, her fingernails lightly caressing me before being slid down my shoulder, around to my front, and then underneath the silk of my slip to  brush casually across my nipple. Honestly, it felt good, but then the sensation was destroyed by the expected shock. I gasped, quivering as what felt like a hard pinch squeezed the tip of my breast and then rolled it through tight fingers.
My bottom contracted at the same time, making me shift back and forth in my seat and through it all I wished, quite desperately, that I could remove the clamp clinging to my clitoris, or at least turn off the damn pendant vibrator. I’d tried sitting on the edge of my chair so that it hung free, but that had made tolerating the TENS Unit pulses almost impossible.
“It’s time to go,” she said. “Hope you’re hungry!”
I looked up at her in a mixture of desperation and fear. “Actually, no. I’m not hungry,” I replied. In all honesty I wasn’t. The abject terror of being dragged out into public dressed like this, all while being subjected to the steady shock of the TENS Unit, had prevented me from getting hungry in the first place. All I felt was a solid ball of lead in the pit of my stomach.
“Oh, does poor little Breanne want to stay here at the office?” Kari asked me in a sort of babyish voice.
I blinked but my face immediately brightened. “Could I? I could get a lot done if I stayed here…” I began. But then I realized she was screwing with my mind just as surely as she was screwing with my body. I bit my lip as the tears threatened to spill down my cheeks. I took a deep breath, which was hard to do considering what was being done to my breasts, and I closed out the computer. I stood up shuddering and closed my laptop and then grabbed the black bag with the TENS Unit in it. Kari smiled at me with one of those hungry looks she reserves for steaks, men, and submissive little sex sluts suffering for her pleasure.
She took my hand and pulled me out of the office where the first of my most humiliating moments began. Despite the fact that Jose, our Day Porter, was out in the atrium dry mopping the floor by the stream, Kari handed me her keys, clearly wanting me to lock the door. That meant dropping down to one knee, or both, in order to get to the lock. I glanced over at Jose. He was watching me. Considering I’d both blown the man and had unadulterated sex with him, I could understand his interest and his smile widened as I slowly dropped down and bent over. I could feel the slip move, sliding up and I prayed that my plug stuffed ass wasn’t showing. I could feel the cool air slipping along my buttocks.
I stood up, frantically trying to make sure that the wires disappearing under my hem weren’t pulling anything up and I clung to the bag as Kari and I headed for the main door. Jose grinned, bobbing his head at me.
“Is pretty! Wet! Pretty!” He said, his broken English absolutely mortifying. But only because I knew exactly what he was referring too. Kari gave him a smile and then she pulled me through the door. We walked to her car and I tried not to think about who might be watching me out through a window. She unlocked the car door, helped me in, and watched as I fell into the seat, the slip coming up to show the hot pink vibrator pendant still clinging to my clit.
Kari got in with me, and then to my further consternation, put the top of her convertible down. A moment later we were streaking along the road, in my case with the slip up around my waist, I was actually streaking. Sorta.
“How do you feel?” Kari asked loudly over the roar of the wind as we sped north.
I gave her an incredulous glare, my hands sitting in my lap, trying to make sure I wasn’t the reason some passing driver called the police. Or wrecked. I should stop thinking so selfishly. I took the opportunity to surreptitiously slide my pinkie finger underneath the vibrator. I didn’t dare turn it off, but at least lifting it away from my petals helped, even if the clamp itself was still translating the oscillations directly into my clitoris.
“I’m fine,” I replied in a strained voice.
“What level are we on?” Kari asked. “Four? Five?”
I swallowed, trying to think through the incessant beat of the TENS Unit. “Four,” I replied. “I think.”
Kari grinned. “Well, considering how much you’re twitching, I’m sure you’ll be on five soon.”
Level Five. Five orgasms before noon. What an embarrassment! And I’d only been there since eight thirty that morning! I bit my lip and struggled to hold still. It was impossible. Every other second it felt like someone had jammed their fist into my ass, wriggled their fingers around wildly, then pulled back out. It forced my hips to roll and my pussy to convulse. The fact that there was nothing in my sex was just more torment for me.
There are a limited number of restaurant establishments in Houston where someone of Kari’s breeding, quality, and financial resources can eat. Add in the fact that she frequently brings her own, barely dressed fuck slut with her, requiring an understanding and supportive wait and management staff, and you can understand why it wasn’t hard for me to figure out where we were going.
The parking lot was split down the middle with an impressive array of landscaping and the golf course behind the building was lushly green and vibrant. The garden house was surrounded by a variety of flowers and Kari climbed from her car with a smile. A moment later she was pulling me up from the seat and my hands smoothed down my slip, wishing the hem went lower than mid-thigh. Kari gave me a smile, slipped her fingers into mine, and then pulled me forward.
I saw Robert’s SUV, but it was another car that drew my attention. There was a black coupe over in the corner.
“Kari?” I paused for a second. “Isn’t that…” I started to say, pointing. But she didn’t stop for me and a moment later we hit the stairs. I had to concentrate on climbing in the high heels.
Besides, the answer came a moment later when Kari opened the door for me. Julie was waiting right inside, sitting on the bench, chatting amiably with Robert.
“Breanne!” She gushed, eyes widening in happiness as Kari and I walked through the door. Julie jumped up, her black pantsuit looking snappy on her narrow frame. Her chocolate colored hair bobbed around her shoulders and I felt a sudden surge of desire… okay… more desire… the left me breathless. Robert stood as well and while he nodded a greeting to me, his eyes were actually for Kari. He went to her and wrapped his arms around her in an affectionate embrace. I watched Kari out of the corner of my eye and was happy to see her effectively melt in his arms. The look they exchanged was smoldering and I couldn’t help smiling as Robert kissed her delicately.
“Nice outfit,” Julie whispered into my ear and I felt her hand on my ass. She rubbed my bottom appreciatively through the silk. “I like how this feels on you.”
I swallowed and adjusted the bag strap on my shoulder. The weight of the TENS unit wasn’t difficult to deal with, but the non-stop beats aimed at my clit, nipples, and ass wasn’t easy to bear. What I really wanted was for Julie, or Kari, or even Robert, to throw me down on a nearby table, tug my slip upward, and proceed to put something long, hard, and very thick inside me.
Julie turned away from me and nodded at the restaurant greeter. “We’re all here now,” she said simply.
“If you’ll follow me?” The blond girl said with a smile, though she did give me a second look that made it really clear that she’d like to have my number. Or Julie’s number. Or both. I’m not sure.
The walk through the dining room was moderately awful. There was a high proportion of white haired gentlemen in their fifties and sixties, since this was a popular spot for the golfing community. I was ogled, admired, appreciated and thoroughly eye-fucked. But no one said anything as my slip slid tantalizingly across the curvature of bust and butt. As difficult as the walk of shame was, the intensity of the shocks were much more on my mind. The seater took us to an out of the way, mostly private booth and Julie gestured for me to take the wall seat. I loved the idea frankly, because it meant I wasn’t in view of anyone except the wait staff. They’d be walking by frequently, but private meant private. I slid into the booth, struggling to keep the slip from riding up my flank. Julie slid in behind me, which thankfully kept the seater from getting more of a view of my ass than appropriate.
Across from sat Robert and he gave me an affectionate, winsome smile. Robert is an amazing guy. He’s a good cook, a competent financial guy, and most of all - someone I can relate with. We both love Kari. We’ve both lived with her. The amazing thing is that he’s managed it for longer than I did. I made it through two years of college living with her before I’d finally had enough of her obsessive compulsive disorder. Robert has lived with her for over six years. He has a certain patience with Kari.
The black bag holding my TENS Unit was wedged between me and Julie and as I got settled, the pinching sensation on my nipples and clit seemed to worsen. I knew the dials hadn’t been messed with, but that I was no longer dividing my attention between walking, humiliation, and wondering what the two dominatrixes I sat with were going to do next. As we waited for our waiter all I could do was sit there, my hips jerking lightly while my pussy and ass were forcibly made to squeeze tight with every surge of electrical current. I pressed my lips together in a fine line, trying to not to let my difficulty show.
Oh yeah… and I told myself in no uncertain terms, “NO CUMMING.”
“She’s already on level four,” Kari was explaining to Julie, describing in lurid detail how I’d spent the morning at my desk, knees apart, flashing everyone walking through the atrium, while the vibrator pendant had kept me continually aroused. Julie glanced over at me with a sparkling smile. “And as you can see, she’s barely able to sit still.”
Julie laughed. “If you could call it that!” She exclaimed, just as the waiter appeared at the end of our table.
“Good morning,” he said politely, though he did a second take when he saw my outfit. “My name is Josh. What can I get y’all to drink?”
Everyone ordered. Kari got a glass of Malbec, while Julie, Robert, and I all ordered sodas. Josh gave me another appraising look but then scurried off to get his drinks. I had a menu pushed into my hands, though I already knew what I’d be ordering. Another salad. Sigh. I sometimes miss the old days at the farm. I could practically eat whatever I wanted because I spent the day working. Now I spend the day sitting at a desk, or getting bent over one, or kneeling in front of some guy’s cock. Not exactly good for burning calories let me tell you.
Kari and Julie began a discussion about what was going on in the Society of the Golden Rose, but I paid it little mind. Most of it was gossip to be honest, and as one of the official submissives of the Society, I had little knowledge of what was going on with the various mistresses’ lives. Sara was up for a promotion. Lucille was considering taking a position in New York. Haley had allowed her submissive Morgan to get involved in naked mud wrestling. The thought of that amazon woman covered in mud and mashing another woman into a mat was strangely appealing.
Josh returned with our drinks and we all ordered. Then, after taking a single sip, Julie looked at me.
“So… what task should we give Breanne to keep her amused?” She asked.
My head snapped up, eyes wary as I glanced at first the chocolate brunette and then the blond goddess sitting across from her.
Kari looked thoughtful. “It needs to be something appropriate,” she said. Julie nodded.
“Does Robert need any attention?” She asked suddenly.
Now Robert’s head snapped up. He glanced uncertainly at Julie, then over at me.
Kari laughed. “Yes. That will do nicely.” She gave her husband a sidelong glance. “Unzip for Breanne, honey. And no cumming,” she warned him.
Robert’s eyes changed color slightly, but any protest in him died long before it was visible. “Yes, Kari.” It was all he said. His hand disappeared beneath the table and I heard the metallic whine of a zipper.
“Perfect!” Exclaimed Julie. “Now Breanne. You get on your knees and try to make him cum. If you don’t make him cum before the food gets here, then we’ll have to punish you.”
I blinked. “But Kari just told him not to cum!” I protested.
Julie tapped her wrist watch, a fancy and delicate gold band on her wrist. “Tick tock!” She said brightly.
I bit my lip, considering my options, then realized I didn’t have any. I gave them all a frustrated grimace, then slid down until I was able to disappear under the table. The TENS Unit bag stayed on the seat and for a moment I considered bringing it down with me, but the wires were going to the hem of my slip anyway, so why bother?
It was dark under the table and I looked over at Kari and Robert’s knees. Kari’s dress was up and her knees were together, but her four hundred dollar shoes tapped restlessly. Her right hand was on her husband’s cock, rubbing it gently. He was already stiff and hard and I only had to shuffle forward a tiny bit before I put my hands on his knees. There wasn’t exactly a lot of room, so I had to grab his cock and bend it forward just a bit. Kari let go as my fingers replaced hers and then I heard his low moan as I took as much of him into my mouth as possible.
In the submissive world we are frequently paired off against each other. I’ve spent Society meetings with my mouth buried in another girl’s pussy, knowing that if I made her cum that she was going to get cruelly punished. But I also knew that if I didn’t do it, that I’d be the one getting bound spread-eagled for a pussy whipping. So I hope you realize that I tried my absolute best to make Robert cum. The problem was Kari’s orders to him. She told him not to. So I’m guessing he was thinking all sorts of non-sexual thoughts; like eating a bowl full of bugs, or watching pigs get slaughtered, or imagining himself having needles pushed through his testicles. You know… something to counteract the incredibly awesome things I was doing to his cock. I bobbed my head so emphatically that I actually banged it on the underside of the table a few times.
Maybe if I’d been given more than eight minutes I might have been successful. Or maybe if his scrotum had been exposed so I could caress it I’d have made him pop. But I heard Josh’s voice and the click of plates being placed on the table. I made a frustrated noise, only to receive a soft kick from Julie, right in the ass. I sighed, let go of poor Robert’s now glistening, pulsing, rock hard shaft, and waited until I saw the waiter’s shoes disappear.
“You can come up now,” Julie said, half bending over and looking under the table. I climbed out. It wasn’t easy and by the time I’d reseated myself and adjusted my clothing to properly conceal everything prurient everyone else was already eating. Even Robert. It just wasn’t fair. I sighed and picked up my fork.
“So, we now have to things to consider,” Julie said to Kari between mouthfuls. Kari nodded with a grin.
“Breanne’s punishment and Robert’s reward,” she said. Julie looked over at me.
“How close to orgasm are you, princess?” She asked.
I took stock and swallowed. “On a scale of one to ten, with one being not aroused, and ten being in the throes of sexual orgasm, I’m around a nine point four,” I said. It wasn’t an exaggeration. In fact, giving Robert the blowjob had actually helped me hold off. Sitting down the vibrator pendant had a tendency to slip into my slit, right between my petals, driving me nuts. Kneeling however, it dangled in the air so that only my clit was getting the brunt of the oscillating torment. Of course I was still getting those delicious, light but firm pinches to my clit and my nipples as well and my ass was uncomfortably stuffed with an electrified dildo that forced my hips to thrust and my insides to tighten rhythmically. In all honesty, the only reason I wasn’t already cumming was because I’d done it four times that morning.
Julie gave me a speculative look and then glanced back at Kari. “She goes up to level five if she cums, right?”
Kari nodded. “Yes,” she replied.
“So…” Julie said, turning to look at me. “Nympho, humiliation, or pain?”
I blinked. “Excuse me?”
Julie smirked. “Well, you are a nympho humiliation pain slut. So what do you think your punishment should be? Do we make you fuck until you cum again? Embarrass the shit out of you until your face is blushing more than your cute little pussy? Or hurt you until you’re begging us to let you explode?”
I swallowed. Hard. It sort of reminded me of that old cannibal joke. Two guys are captured by cannibals. The chief cannibal looks at them and gives them a choice: Death, or Woo Woo. The two guys look at each other and the first then declares he wants “Woo Woo”. The other cannibals immediately grab him, rip off his trousers, and proceed to brutally sodomize him. The second guy, eyes wide in terror, looks back at the chief cannibal and says “Uh… I’ll have death please.” The chief cannibal grins and says “Yes! Death! Death by Woo Woo!”
I’m guessing I don’t need to explain the joke or its relevance.

Part Four

I didn’t quite know what to say, but the Robert came to my assistance and basically sandbagged me. “Wouldn’t it depend on what items you might have with you?” He asked curiously.
Someone remind me, the next time I’m milking that man’s cock, to use sandpaper.
Julie laughed, put down her fork and grabbed her purse. We all watched as she began rifling through the bag. She pulled out a pair of alligator clamps, connected on a silver chain and deposited them on the table top. My eyes widened a bit.
But then she pulled out a leather sap. That went next to the clamps. Next came a wartenberg pinwheel. Then about half a dozen clothespins. A bottle of On4Her. A couple of rubber bands - big thick ones and a few narrow ones. Then Julie pulled out a freaking vibrator - a big one, almost nine inches long. We kind of all gave her one those looks. And lastly, a pair of silver tubes landed next to the rest of the crap.
“What are those?” Asked Kari curiously. She was pointing at the tubes. I’d never seen them before either. Julie closed up her purse and glanced up.
“Oh! Those! I just bought them. Haven’t even shown them to Breanne yet!”
I thought about reaching for one, but Kari got there first, picking up one of the aluminum rods. There was a silver depressor on one end and notches along the opposite side, which sort of gave the thing a hypodermic like look. Kari pushed on the depressor with her thumb, using the other two fingers as a brace, and we all watched as three thin, bent wires emerged from the tube.
“It’s a claw catch,” Robert immediately said.
I blinked with the awful implications, but Robert was already going on. “I’ve never seen one in a sort tube like that, but I’ve got one in my tool kit. If you drop a ring down the drain or something, the long ones can do down the pipe and you can open the claw and then it closes around the item tightly, and allows you to pull it out.”  Then he looked at my eyes for a moment. Then his vision went downward to my chest. He swallowed. “I’m sure they’ve lightened the pressure somewhat,” he muttered.
Kari looked at us and then stuck the tip of her finger in the claw, letting the depressor go. The metal barbs dug into her skin and I watched her wince. Then she shook her finger. The claw clamp clung to it. Kari frowned, then removed it, once more depressing the end. The claw opened and three deep red marks appeared on her finger.
“Or not,” Robert said blandly.
Julie looked at them both, then held up her hands. “Hey, it was sold on a sex toy site!” She said defensively.
Robert picked up the other claw tube and activated it, checking the pressure himself. He grimaced and held it out to Julie. “Would you want this hanging off your tit?” He asked.
Julie looked at the claw clamp for a moment, then shrugged. “It’s not my thing. Besides, the question is whether or not Breanne wants it hanging off her tit.”
All three of them looked over at me and I swallowed. “What are my other options?” I asked plaintively. Kari and Julie exchange a look.
“How to best humiliate our little kitten?” Kari mused.
Julie looked thoughtful. “A public orgasm?”
Kari laughed. “She’ll be having one of those shortly regardless.”
“The wrong restroom?” Julie asked. I cringed at that one. Walking into the men’s restroom, by mistake?
Kari shook her head.
Then Julie smiled, her eyes sparkling. “A spill perhaps? Water? Right before we leave?”
My eyes widened as Kari considered it. She gave Julie an approving nod. “Yes. I think pouring a glass of ice water down her cleavage might well be appropriate.”
The TENS Unit seemed to be pulsing extra hard and I realized that on the scale I’d gone up a point. Or two. Orgasm seemed very, very close. The conversation wasn’t helping.
“But what about her being a nympho?” Robert asked. “Aren’t you going to give her another option?”
Julie and Kari looked at each other speculatively. “Hard to really do anything here,” she said. But then her eyes went back to the pile of stuff on the table. She pushed the nine inch vibrator over toward me, followed by the bottle of On4Her. “On full power,” she said. “Lubricated.”
And with that thought going through my head, I exploded.
It was a quiet orgasm, all things considered. I managed to wheeze my way through it, gritting my teeth and pressing my thighs tight together. My body went stiff and a series of tremors rocked me from head to toe, leaving me breathless, panting, and feeling strangely light head. I was just coming down from the heady heights when Josh, our waiter stopped by to see if we needed anything.
“Can I refill anyone’s…” he started to say, only to spot the collection of sex toys in the middle of the table. “Drink.”
Julie looked up at him with a beaming grin. “Well, I’m still good. What about you Breanne?” She asked, looking over at me.
It came out like a high pitched squeak. “I’m fine,” I said, blushing scarlet.
Robert just shook his head. Kari smiled warmly. “No thank you. I’m fine.”
Josh nodded, but I could tell he really wanted to know. Maybe it was the vibrator. But since no one said anything he sort of bowed and walked away.
“Well, I say we take a vote,” Julie declared. She grabbed the claw clamps and pushed them in front of me. “I say Breanne gets to try the new clamps.”
Kari gave me a speculative look. Then she pushed her glass of ice water toward me. “A wet slip,” she said with satisfaction.
We all looked at Robert. He smiled at me and held up his hands. “I abstain. Courteously.”
Both Kari and I replied in a sing song voice, “New York abstains!”
Robert rolled his eyes. “Courteously!” He said in a pained voice.
Julie looked at us incredulously. “You are all very weird,” she declared.
Kari laughed and even I had to chuckle. “Sorry. My parents watch the musical 1776 every July Fourth,” I explained. “And New York abstains. Courteously.”
“It’s a musical?” Julie asked. Kari, Robert, and I all nodded.
“A good one,” Robert added.
Julie seemed to take it in stride. “Well, you can’t abstain,” she told him. Then she reached out and pushed the vibrator and bottle of On4Her over toward me. “So I have your proxy.”
Robert gave her a screwy look. “If you have my proxy why wouldn’t you choose the clamps? That would mean you’d win the vote.”
Kari put her hand on Robert’s arm. “She’s mindfucking Breanne, dear heart. She gets to vote too.”
All three of them looked at me. I glanced down. Wow. What a choice. Death. Or woo woo. Or death by woo woo.
I considered each option. The vibrator would probably be the easiest to endure, and the least humiliating. I could coat it in the On4Her cream and except for the burning sensation, not to mention the vibration, I’d be okay. Of course the problem with that was that I’d be cumming in short order. And if Kari was going to keep me in the TENS Unit for the rest of the day, with each orgasm resulting in going up another level, then I had to minimize the sexual stimulation. Otherwise I’d spend the afternoon trying very hard not scream as my tits, clit and ass were all electrically fried.
The idea of ice cold water being poured down my front was probably my next best bet. The silk slip was silver, rather than white, but I knew what water did to silk. Every curve, every contour, every little dip and divot would be visible. It might as well be paint. And how would the water react to the TENS Unit? Would the electricity be even more difficult to bear?
And then… then there were the claw clamps. There was only one way to put them on - straight, which meant either I’d walk out with my tits hanging out of the front of my slip, with the silk either bunched up beneath or with my slip up around my collar showing off everything, or I could bend my nipples downward, creating excruciating pain.
I swallowed, thinking hard, when suddenly Julie gasped. “Oh! I forgot! You just had an orgasm! That means this goes up a level!” She grabbed the black bag and pulled the mobile TENS Unit out.
My eyes flashed toward her and a second later her thumb had pushed the little dials on both sides higher. The number five was clearly visible in both tiny windows and I gasped as the tips of my breasts were suddenly given hard, painful pinches.
This was no firm tweak. It was a nail to nail crushing of my nipple, all caused with electricity and I clenched my teeth as it happened. Of course my ass got the same dose of juice and it tried to crush the hard, plastic anal plug in my ass. I let out a tiny whimper. Then, since everyone was waiting on me, I pointed at my options, not selecting any of them, and asked in a strained, pain-filled voice, “how long?”
Both Kari and Julie seemed surprised at the question, but they clearly considered it.
“The clamps?” Julie asked. “Till we are ready to leave the restaurant.”
Kari nodded in agreement. “And if you take the water, then you’ll wear the slip until it dries.”
Julie tapped the vibrator. “And you’ll wear this until you’re done at Kari’s for the day.”
I took it in. My nipples were hurting. So was my bottom. And the vibrator pendant was still buzzing between my legs, tormenting my clit. I glanced at each item, trying to decide, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to hurt more. I didn’t want to be wet. I didn’t want to send myself into a cumming cycle with only more pain at the end!
“Choose,” Kari said a little darkly. “Or we’ll have someone choose for you.”
I grimaced. “Please! It’s hard! I don’t want any of them!”
Julie started putting the other items on the table back in her purse and she gave Kari a knowing look. “We’ll have to choose for her.”
I glanced up. “No! Please! I’ll… I’ll chose!” I stammered, still aching everywhere from the shocks.
Julie tapped her watch again as she set her purse back down. “Then do it.”
I sat there, trembling with strain, eyes going back and forth between my three options. All of them sucked.
“Hi! Do you guys need anything?” Josh suddenly asked, startling us all.
Everyone looked over at the waiter. He was staring at the vibrator, the claw clamps, and the glass of ice water. I’m guessing it was a strange tableau.
“Well yes, actually,” Julie suddenly said, putting her hand on my arm. “Breanne here has been a naughty girl and has to pick a punishment.” She waved a hand at the items near my plate.
“Julie!” I hissed. “No!”
“And she can’t decide,” Julie continued, clearly ignoring me. I cast a frantic look at Kari, who shrugged at me, unwilling to intervene. She might as well have said out loud, “you are Julie’s sub.”
Julie picked up the glass of ice water. “If she chooses this, then we’ll pour it down her front so she can walk out looking like the tart she is.” Julie set the glass down and grabbed a claw clamp, pushing on the end. “These are supposed to go on her nipples,” she explained. “And if she goes with the vibrator,” she held up the nine inch probe. “Then we coat it with some stuff that will burn and then she gets fucked for hours.”
Josh’s mouth fell open.
For a moment no one spoke. Finally he glanced at me. “Are you serious?” He asked.
I nodded, biting my lip.
Josh looked at the pile in front of me and then declared…

Part Five

Stop. I know what you’re thinking. You’re imagining yourself in Josh’s shoes, presented with the perfect opportunity. Isn’t it? That’s exactly what you’re thinking. Hell, if I’m right, you’ve already decided. What would be best to do to poor, little cumslut Breanne.
I know there are some of you out there who love to know that I’ve been subjected to utter shame, to have me blushing to the tips of my breasts, trying to hide myself from prying eyes. Besides, I’d already done one almost inappropriate walk of shame through the restaurant. Why not another? It’s fun, isn’t it? Seeing me humiliated?
Some of you are no doubt rooting for Josh to pick the vibrator. Having me coat it with On4Her, knowing that as I slide it in the cream will coat my pussy, probably my clit, and then the burning heat will start even as the vibrator hums into life. Just imagine it. - my poor clitty shocked, burned, clamped, and vibrated, all while my petals feel as if I’ve had hot wax poured on them. And then I get to cum for hours, satisfying the nympho.
And then there are some of you, imagining my electrified and hardened nipples subjected to the cruelty of those claw clamps. You’re probably a fan of me getting the tips of each breast crushed, or pinched, or clipped. Hell, you probably like every cruel and vicious thing ever done to my top half. You’re practically panting with want, thinking of me either lifting up the slip, or tugging it down, exposing those luscious, big, pierced tits, and applying the clamps yourself, knowing that it will hurt horribly. But that’s what you want, isn’t it? The pain?
The thing is, it was Josh’s decision, and I could see his eyes flitting from item to item, trying to decide, blissfully unaware of the consequences of his decision. I started to say something, but Julie squeezed my arm hard enough to make it clear I was to stay silent. Her head was turned away from me but I saw her jaw move.
Josh blinked, noticing Julie. He looked at her, his eyes narrowing. I stiffened in my seat, well… even more stiff. I mean, for God’s sake I was being shocked every other second. My nipples were throbbing with pain and my clit was tingling badly.
“What?” He asked Julie. Her head moved again. She was clearly saying something, but no words were audible. I leaned forward, trying to see. Kari was giving her a sour look. What the fuck…
Sudden understanding blossomed in poor Josh’s eyes, which widened in shock. “All of them?” He asked, clearly repeating Julie’s unspoken words.
“Julie,” Robert said darkly, even reprovingly. He glared at her, much the same way as Kari.
Julie’s head swiveled back with a wide-eyed innocent expression. She put a hand on her chest. “What? I didn’t say anything!” She looked at me and smiled. “But it is quite a suggestion.” Her words dripped sarcasm and innuendo in equal amounts.
Kari took a deep breath. “Julie, don’t you think that…” she began, but Julie’s head snapped up. Josh looked on, totally bewildered as I sat twitching. Julie’ hand swirled above the assembled toys.
“What I think is that she is all these things,” Julie said strongly. She tapped the vibrator. “She’s a fucking nympho who actually doesn’t feel comfortable unless she’s got nine inches of rumbling plastic buried in her twat.” Then Julie stuck her finger in the glass of ice water. “And then what does she do? She seeks out ways to make the orgasm stronger, more powerful. The easiest way for her is to go against her nature. She would rather be dressed in blue jeans and a tee shirt. So we strip her down, dress her like a two-bit hooker, and watch her cum. Over and over. She loves being humiliated.”  
I sat there, appalled. Mostly because Josh was getting this full blast, staring at me. And my tits were hurting. Then Julie grabbed one of the claw clamps. “And this? The only thing that turns her on more than being humiliated in public, is being abused. Hurt. Tormented. Read her fucking stories! If she had her way, she’d spend every day tied spread-eagled while Zach’s stupid sorority sapped and fucked her to death. Or at least old age.” She shook the claw clamp at Kari and then Robert. “I want her to cum the way she wants, the way I want, because when she is turned on, so am I!” She looked back at me. “I want you so horny that you’re begging me to fuck you. I want you so desperate that you want me to spank your pussy with my sap.” She leaned in close, our lips almost touching. “And I want you so sensitive, so sore, so ready that just my tongue touching your clit makes you want to scream.”
I stared at her in shock, speechless. She turned back toward the rest of them, toward Robert and Kari and even the poor waiter. She pointed at the stuff in front of me.
“So yes, damn it. I say all of them. This,” and she threw the clamp down on the pile, “is what Breanne Erickson IS.”
I’m not sure whose face looked more surprised; mine, Roberts, Kari’s or poor Josh. None of us said anything. I waited. I honestly did, but when Kari’s expression broke and she looked down I knew she wasn’t going to argue. She agreed with Julie. And hoping Robert was going to take a stand was pointless. I didn’t know for sure, but I guessed that Kari’s right hand was under the table, holding his cock. And Josh? Well… Josh was sort of the innocent in all this.
The silence stretched, so I reached out and picked up the vibrator. Kari’s eyes widened as I grabbed the bottle of On4Her and squeezed out a healthy dollop onto my finger. My entire body was still twitching in time with the pulses coming from the TENS Unit, but I ignored it as best I could. I smeared the cream up and down the vibrator, and then when it was suitably covered, I shocked at least one person there by tugging the front of my slip down and smearing the remnant of the On4Her across a nipple.
Inside my head some little part of me was screaming, “No! Don’t do this! You don’t have to!” while another little me, dressed all in blood red leather, with some telling parts missing, was doing this little jig with a spiked dildo, her face contorted in delight. My nipple, in between the hard electrical shocks that felt like hard pinches, suddenly began to burn and I brought the vibrator down into my lap.
I made no pretenses about what I was doing. It didn’t matter if Josh saw. So his eyes widened as I sort of stood up, gathered the hem of my slip, spread my legs, pushed the silly little vibrator pendant to the side, and then without a word pushed the vibrator as deep as it would go.
Good lord… I was VERY full. The new vibrator was a bit thicker than I expected and I twisted the base. It rumbled to life inside me and right there I almost fell apart. It felt fucking amazing. I mean that. Even as my petals began heating up, being full like that, and having it rumble inside me. Oh God help me. Julie was right. She was so fucking right! I groaned and sat back down, making sure that it jammed the full length of the vibrator as deep as it could go. Then, before anyone could say anything else, I grabbed the ice water.
“Bre…” Kari began, but it was too late. I jammed the open end of the glass over my right breast and tipped the thing upward in a quick swing. My silk slip must have been in contact with the actual contents for less than a second. But that was all that was needed. My nipple contracted painfully from the freezing cold and the icy water instantly soaked the material. As I pulled the glass away there was more than enough left over moisture to run down the underside of my tit, then trickle down the front of my slip.
“Christ,” Robert muttered, a pained look on his face. I ignored that too and jammed the glass over my left breast. This one was burning from the On4Her, so it was something of a relief as the cold inundated my nipple. Then, due to my stupid mistiming, the electric shock hit me while the glass was still tipped upward. The electricity used the water as a conduit and the sensation was decidedly different than just going across my nipple. It was like someone had taken a razor blade and barely cut concentric circles around my nipple. And then poured lemon juice. I cried out, jerked, and spilled literally half the glass in my lap.
I squealed and Julie was the first to jam one of the cloth napkins down between my iced legs. I lifted up, the vibrator sliding half out of me as she tried to wipe up the water. The front of my slip was wet from the left breast down and when Robert offered up his napkin Julie took it willingly.
I lowered myself back down, eyes half closed as the vibrator sank back into my pussy. My petals were a peculiar mixture of hot and cold and my hips began rocking quite violently as I fucked myself. My eyes glazed over as the pressures of orgasm began to overwhelm me. I shivered… or did I tremble? Was it from sexual stimulation or cold? My nipples throbbed in agony as did my pussy and ass. I was stuffed in almost every hole and my body rocked from the stimulation. I began panting, making soft sounds of distress. And then, when I saw the metaphorical cliff ahead of me, I knew there was only one thing left to do. So did Julie.
“What are you?” She asked me softly.
I let out the most wanton, greedy, selfish, noise of desperation you’ve ever heard. “I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut,” I whispered hurriedly. The orgasm was quickly approaching and this one… oh God… this one was going to be a doozy. There are days I get down on my knees and thank God that I’m multi-orgasmic. I should have been praying right then.
“Nympho. Humiliation,” said Julie, ticking off the points. “Pain slut.” She lifted the claw clamp, depressed the plunger, extended the claw, positioned it over my right nipple, right over the silk, and let it loose. The metal tines bit into my flesh, crumpled the silk, and instantly send a bolt of lightning like pain through my chest. I opened my mouth and let out a wild cry, one long enough and loud enough to make Josh look around wildly in alarm. My nipple no longer throbbed with pain. It radiated it like the fucking sun does light. I brought my hands up to cover my chest. It hurt worse than any clamp I’ve ever had. It was as awful as the orchid clamps, as tight as the clothespins, as strong and immovable as the plier clover clamps. And there was nothing I could do to remove it, other than operate the opening and closing mechanism.
On the flip side I could barely feel the electricity frying my nipple. My trembling hands reached out and grabbed the other claw clamp. No one spoke as I shook, my hands coming up. I tried to get the damn thing open but couldn’t manage it. So Julie gently reached up and took it from my fluttering fingers. I nodded, not willing to risk speaking, not just then. Julie deftly pinched the clamp and the little tines emerged from the end, opening, gaping, wanting. She brought it closer to my chest and I shook my head suddenly. I grabbed the collar of the slip and tugged it downward. It exposed just enough to reveal my bright pink nipple, hard as a rock, tingling between the electrostim tabs. Julie teased the tip for a second, rubbing the open tines over the bare tip. Then she positioned the clamp straight on and let it close.
What was left of my resistance crumbled violently. Shards of icy glass seemed to slice through both breasts, only to merge with the violent rumblings in my pussy. Heat and pressure pushed up through me, as if I were a volcano on the verge of eruption, fiery cataclysm cracking through that last bit of solid rock. The clamp on my bare breast wiggled as I jerked, electricity and heat and ice pouring through me. I let out a keening whine as the orgasm started and Julie turned to hold me, her hand across my mouth as I rocked with release. Fluids spurted from between my legs, little spatters of warmth on my ice water chilled thighs. My vision darkened into shadowed reds and every breath became labored, my body fighting itself. Only then did the pain fade. I felt it morphing, changing into something else, something ethereal and pure. Everything seems more… aligned. More sweet. It is a burst of raw, unadulterated pleasure. It bleeds through my brain and I shudder in sweet, addictive bliss. I love everything and everyone. My skin feels delicious, my eyes bright. I am floating… so relaxed.
Robert sat across from me, his eyes wide in astonishment. Kari watched stone-faced while Julie held me. Julie herself was smiling, whispering over and over in my ear, how amazing I was, how wonderful, how perfect.
Slowly the euphoria began to fade and the pain returned. I groaned, then whimpered and Julie quickly unlatched the clamps hanging on my nipples. The tines hadn’t really crushed the tips so much as dig deeply into them. Much like my orchid clamps do. It was a relief actually, since the pain faded almost immediately, leaving me with only the burning, pinching sensation of the TENS Unit.
She pulled up the left side of my slip, covering my breast again and Josh blinked, still dazed from the show. I sort of knew how he felt. I was still dazed from it too. I felt wrung out and I shifted as the vibrator continued to dance inside me. I knew that Julie wasn’t going to turn it off, or even down. That was sort of the point. This was all about tormenting me, pushing me beyond and further. And I still had a walk, in a mostly wet silk slip, out of the restaurant. Josh stood there, immobile and Kari reached out, patting his arm.
His head jerked and he tore his eyes away from me and looked at the golden beauty next to him.
“Uh…. yes?” He stammered. Kari smiled.
“I think we’re ready for that check now.”

Breanne Erickson is the author of the sexually charged series "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut." Dive into the psyche of a girl who just can't get enough and wrap yourself around her plain and simple mindset, her humor, her loves and hates, and walk with her down the path of arousal. This book makes "Gray" look white and you will find yourself loving Breanne. All of her books are available at in e-book format. 

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  1. Wear a slip to work and that happens. They don't need much rope do they.


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