Sunday, October 9, 2016

Unwelcome Choice - Part One

The car rocked slightly as Julie took a sharp left and the wheels drove over the concrete lip, jouncing both of us slightly. My right hand went up to what I affectionately call the “oh shit” handle, a strap conveniently located above the window on the inside of the car, giving the passenger something to hold on to during questionable driving maneuvers. Julie wasn’t exactly Mario Andretti, or even Dale Earnhardt, but folks riding with her had a tendency to get slung about. Of course, fear of getting pulped wasn’t exactly the reason that my stomach had tightened into a solid ball of lead. She hauled the wheel around to the right and I heard the tires squealing as they spun on the parking garage ramp. I closed my eyes as a number of pedestrians had similarly frightening experiences. Their danger was past the moment Julie’s tail lights were visible. Me? I had to ride with her.

The car lurched to a stop and I realized that she had parked. I opened my eyes and noticed that my hand was shaking. The one that still had a death grip on the Oh Shit Handle.

“Here we are!” Julie sang out, already reaching for the large, black leather purse she’d chucked into the back seat. I looked around, the lead melting slightly into ribbons of panic.

“No. Please. Not here!” I whimpered, putting my hand on her wrist. She gave me an incredulous smirk and opened her car door.

“Of course here!” She declared. “What? Don’t you like shopping?” She demanded. The door slammed shut and I sat shivering, despite there being no air conditioner. Julie came around to my door and for a second I considered locking it. Except she had the key and that kind of willful disobedience could generate a response that I wouldn’t have been happy with in the beautiful, thin, chocolate haired vixen next to me.

Julie was wearing a black dress with some crimson highlights and I have to admit that she cut quite the figure. She looked hip, or hawt, or whatever the millennials are calling it now. I’m sort of stuck between generations so I’m too old to be a millennial, but too young to be Generation X. That’s what you get when your parents marry at 19 and have a baby. Still, Julie looked amazing. Narrow waisted, with chubby cheeks and a slightly pointy and upturned nose, Julie is the kind of girl that men don’t want to fuck because of how she looks, but how she behaves. She’s got this indomitable spirit that makes guys want to take her apart. One male friend once told me that his first thought upon meeting Julie was “damn. I bet she’s a handful in bed.”

Speaking from experience, Julie is a hell of a lot more than a handful. Trust me. Energetic doesn’t begin to cover it. She’s an animal.

She opened the door and gave me an expectant look, ignoring the fact that I had tears in my eyes. I wrapped my arms across my chest, utterly humiliated and she rolled her eyes before reaching in, grabbing my arm, and yanking me out of the car. I yelped as I teetered on the fuck me shoes I was wearing; classic stripper footwear consisting of nine inch platforms with what would have been a five inch heel if the soles of each shoe didn’t have an additional four inches of lift. I swear, I felt like I needed to be ducking every time I heard an airplane fly overhead. The only thing that kept me from losing my balance was experience. I’ve worn those particular shoes way too often for my taste. I had to admit though that they did some amazing things to my legs and ass, and I’ve been told that the arch of my foot spoke more of sex than most people ever encounter in a lifetime. That’s just sad.

Jammed between the car door and Julie, I hurriedly pushed my skirt down over my ass. I almost wished she’d put me in something skin-tight, but Julie had insisted I wear one of my blue denim skirts, the pleated one. It wasn’t see through, or skin tight, but the hem was so goddamn short that I was absolutely sure my ass was hanging out. Or at least it felt like it. So I pushed the waistband as low as possible, beneath my hipbones, desperately trying to stay covered. My frightened expression as I glanced around, silently praying no one was nearby watching the show made Julie’s grin get bigger.

“Oh stop fretting!” She said, reaching out and adjusting my blouse. “You look delicious!”

My eyes widened and my hands snapped up from the skirt to the peasant blouse that was barely wrapped around my bosom. Julie’s little adjustment had caused one pierced nipple to delicately peek out from beneath the curtain like drapery that hung just below my sternum. Fortunately I was showing any cleavage, since without a bra there wasn’t the visually stunning line that men expect. But what I didn’t like was the fact that the blouse was similar to the skirt; nothing but a very short bit of material that hung over my tits and barely covered them. A strong gust of wind would leave me looking like the X-rated version of Marilyn Monroe standing on the exhaust grate, except you know… with more showing.

“I am not a tart!” I hissed.

Julie laughed and leaned in close. Her mouth got dangerously close to mine and as she kissed me her hands slid up under the peasant blouse, caressing my full breasts, tweaking the nipples. I almost melted, falling back into the car. But then Julie broke the kiss and pulled her hands out from under my top. I felt the tingling she’d caused and realized my heart was beating twice as fast as it should have been.

Even scared.

“You are the most amazing dessert ever,” she whispered. Then Julie straightened up. “Now, before we go in, we need to swap out your toy.”

My eyes widened and I glanced around the parking garage. We were high up, and it was a weekday afternoon, but still… was she crazy? She wanted me to lift my skirt, pull the ben wa balls out of my sopping wet and desperate pussy and put something else in?

“Here?” In the parking garage? Was she nuts?

Julie shrugged. “Well, if you’d prefer the food court…” she replied, letting her reply fade into silence. I stared at her in disbelief, but then after another quick glance around, proving at least that no one was in the immediate vicinity, I lifted the front of my skirt and did the unthinkable. I pushed my hand between my legs in a decidedly unladylike fashion, snagged a small, very wet loop of string, and then pulled with a groan.

In retrospect, there wasn’t much chance of me being seen anyway. We were almost at the top of the garage, so most people were parking below us. And there was no foot traffic. And even if there had been, Julie was standing in just the right space to keep anyone from actually seeing what I was doing. They’d no doubt be curious. But I wouldn’t immediately go to jail for public lewdness. I tugged the two golf-ball sized spheres out from between my petals, both of them covered liberally in my personal juices. I held them up and Julie smiled.

“What do good little fuck sluts do with their dirty toys?” She asked pointedly.

I grimaced a little. This was just too humiliating. Licking a pair of ben wa balls in a parking garage? In front of God and everyone?

Well… I’m not sure God would have minded. He seems to like me being placed in sexually humiliating and painful positions. That had been made perfectly clear to me years ago.

I touched my tongue to the top ball and began licking it. While I did Julie rooted around in her purse. By the time I’d done a passable job getting the ben wa balls cleaned up, trading one sample of bodily fluids for another, Julie had taken a step closer and lifted my skirt. I gasped as she pushed something up against my pussy and felt the thick but short probe slip up between my petals. I recognized the sensation, Julie’s personal version of the Rotating Venus Penis, a wireless model that consisted of two motors; one in the base which sat nestled against my clitoris, vibrating while the second one spun the phallus in a corkscrew like manner, churning inside me like cook stirring a pot of porridge. Julie worked quickly, wrapping the Velcro straps around my waist until the RVP was pressed snuggly against my pussy.

“Am I allowed to cum?” I asked as she straightened back up again, holding out the saliva soaked ben wa balls.

Julie’s eyebrow went up. “Oh yeah. How long has it been?” She asked curiously. “Friday evening right?”

I bit my lip. I’d spent the previous week dealing with cramps, moodiness, and general discomfort. But on Friday evening I’d been fine and Julie had come over for some very personal, one on one time, sending me into eventual orbit with perfect relief. Then I’d spent Saturday and Sunday in denial, with only the ben wa balls, or Husky dildo for company. No orgasms allowed. It had been horrible.

“You know damn well when I last exploded,” I said through clenched teeth. “Your face was covered in it.”

Julie grinned. “Yes. You were very wet,” she replied. “But we both know you.” She clicked her tongue against her teeth. “You have a habit of finding ways to get yourself off without me around. Don’t you?”

I bit my lip. She was right. I did. But I hadn’t. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. “I haven’t cum since I was with you. Two and a half days,” I replied. “And Kari tormented me all this morning.”

Julie grinned. “Little caresses, huh?”

I nodded, a sullen look on my face.

“Well, don’t worry. You can cum this afternoon,” Julie reassured me.

I looked up, a hopeful look in my eyes. “Really?” I asked.

“As long as you understand that there will be a punishment for giving in to your baser desires,” she replied, giving the RVP a light pat. She let my skirt drop and I stared at her. She took the ben wa balls from my hand, put them in a plastic sandwich baggie, and tucked them away in her purse. I tried to see what else she might have in there, but all I could see was a couple folded pieces of paper, tucked tightly into triangles reminiscent of my days in high school, passing notes. Then she closed the bag and stepped back, making it clear that she expected me to step away from the relative safety of her car.

It took a hell of a lot of willpower, but I managed. Then the door shut behind me and I heard the lock click with a terrifying finality. I took stock. I was standing in a parking garage, next to a major Houston mall, dressed in what basically amounted to a skimpy curtain valance across my boobs, with a bared midriff and exposed belly button, along with a pleated skirt that hung so low on my hips that the wrong move on my part would send it to the ground around my stupidly high stripper shoes. I looked like a particularly slutty hooker. Oh yeah, with a sex toy strapped to my pussy.

Julie slung her purse over her shoulder. I had one too, but it was tiny and contained only the bare necessities for me: my phone, my identification, a little bit of money, a set of alligator clamps with chain, and eight condoms. I’m sure you can figure what took up most of the room.

Julie wrapped her free arm in mine and I’ll admit that she had to pull me along as we headed down a few flights of stairs. When we reached the skybridge she stopped me and pulled me aside, just in time for two older women to walk by us, glaring at me with obvious disgust. I cringed and looked away, blushing crimson.

“I’m not sure if your fans love you, or hate you,” she said simply. “But today’s assignment is a doozy.” She opened her purse again and pulled out the paper triangles. There were five of them. “It doesn’t actually matter which one you select, because you have to do all of them,” she told me.

“What are they?” I asked, looking down at the folded notes with some serious apprehension.

Julie grinned. “Naughty,” she assured me. “In some cases, downright awful. And you’re on a timer, so pick one.”

I grabbed the first folded note but didn’t open it. “How much time do I have?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. Julie stuffed the other “tasks” back into her purse. Then she lifted up a small, wireless controller. She thumbed two sliders from one end to the other. Inside and against me, I felt the double motors of the Rotating Venus Penis start up, spinning up to maximum speed. The little plastic bug clinging to my pussy began shaking like a Los Angeles high rise during the Big One. The four inch cock penetrating into my slit started to rotate, swirling in my depths like a butter churn. I gasped, my eyes widening. Both hands went to my groin, but three wasn’t much I could do about the sudden and very intense stimulation.

“Until you cum,” Julie said simply, answering my question. “And if you cum before the task is finished, I get to punish you.” She pulled a flexible leather sap out and showed it to me. “Twenty strokes to your clit.”

My mouth fell open. “You can’t be serious!” I exclaimed. She nodded with a wicked grin that made her look downright evil. As the RVP spun and rumbled through my loins, sending waves of blissfully sweet pleasure through me, I tore open the note hurriedly. Especially since it was readily apparent that Julie was hoping I’d cum first. My eyes slid across the words and I felt my stomach tighten as a chasm of total panic opened up beneath me. I stammered something unintelligible and Julie leaned over to read it.

“Ohhh… you sure know how to pick them!” She said in delight. She grinned hard. “It’s not the worst one, but knowing how you feel about anal sex…”

This wasn’t the worst one? I blinked and stared at her. “I have to find someone to fuck me up the ass? Here?” I demanded.

Julie nodded happily. “Before you cum! Or I’ll drag you off someplace semi-private, make you spread your legs, pull the RVP out of the way, and then pulverize your clitty into paste.” The cruelty and eagerness in her voice made it clear that I needed to avoid cumming like the plague. “And then you still have to get fucked up the ass!” She declared in an excited voice.

“Where?” I said in bewilderment. Admittedly, I was familiar with this mall, but having to approach a stranger, ask them to butt fuck me, and then take them someplace where we wouldn’t be discovered, all before I exploded like firecracker… that was a tall order.

“Remember, you’ve got me,” Julie said sympathetically. “I’ll run interference for you if needed.”

I bit my lip. The RVP hummed loudly beneath my skirt and I realized I didn’t have time. I was going to cum. Soon. I took a deep breath and then, without looking at Julie, stormed back into the parking garage. Julie looked surprised but shrugged and followed behind me, her eyes locked on my ass.

A number of cars passed us and I saw the incredulous looks of the drivers. One guy actually stopped, but not because he wanted to ask my prices. He just was so shocked to see me strutting my stuff that he couldn’t drive. Our eyes met and then I made a split decision. I went right up to the window and leaned over. The front of my blouse fell away from my breasts and both pierced nipples dangled in perfect view. The padlock hanging off my right tit swung and glinted with gold.

He rolled down the window as I smiled, trying to hide the utter humiliation and embarrassment at my predicament.

“Hi there handsome,” I said brightly. “I need someone horny enough to fuck me up the ass. Are you up for some fun and games?” I asked him.

I wish I could say I sounded all adult and mature, like a prostitute firmly in control of the situation, but from his expression, and the glance at Julie who stood behind me, I could tell I sounded like a sixteen year old girl out on her first date, trying to decide how to handle her beau’s request for her to suck cock. I could feel the heat on my cheeks.

The driver looked at me, then at my breasts, then over at Julie, then said something that sounded like his brain had been placed in a bucket of liquid nitrogen and frozen before being hammered into tiny icy shards. My boobs tend to have that effect on men. And even some women.

“Isn’t she cute?” Julie said, stepping up. “It’s free. She’s not a prostitute. Just a nympho humiliation pain slut who needs to get ass fucked before I spank her pussy.”

His jaw dropped. I heard a honk and looked up. A car had pulled up behind him and as I looked that way I saw the driver glance at me in surprise. It was another guy, his eyes wide. That’s when I realized that my tits were still hanging out of my blouse. I immediately stood straight and looked away, trying to suppress the urge to run. It would have been a bad idea considering the shoes I was wearing.

Then the guy I’d just flashed pushed down on the accelerator and took off. My mouth opened in surprise and even Julie looked a bit astonished.

“What a dick!” She exclaimed. But then the second car, the one driven by Mr. I’m Gonna Honk at Your Honkers pulled up.

“Price too high?” He said, rolling down his window. I was just about to protest when Julie sort of interposed herself.

“Actually, her ass is free. This is a sex assignment and she’s got to get butt fucked or she gets punished. Are you going to save her or do we find someone else.”

He gave me a speculative look and Julie grabbed my arm and suddenly I was spun around. She grabbed the back of my skirt and lifted it up, showing the guy my bare bottom. I closed my eyes, trying to imagine myself in bed, or better yet, alone. On the moon. By myself.

“And you?” The guy asked skeptically.

Julie grinned. “I like to watch. And if she cums before you do then I’m going spank her clit with this.” She pulled the sap out of her purse and slapped it hard against my ass. I yelped, shocked and I sort of jumped, putting both hands on my ass as I turned to glare at her.

The Mr. Honker laughed. “My place?” He asked.

Julie shook her head. “Here. In the garage. Top level. Find a parking space and we’ll come up the stairs,” she said, pointing back to where we’d started. He gave her a speculative look and then shrugged. He sped off and rounded the corner.

“Come on, Bre. You’ve got a date,” Julie said. She took my arm and started leading me back to the stairs. Me? I was panting, trying really hard to ignore the swirling bliss and vibrational torment of the RVP. The embarrassment? Wasn’t helping. Neither did walking. And steps? I didn’t make it.

I’m an old hand at having public orgasms. I’ve done it in a variety of busy places, under a vast and varied circumstances. But going two days and fourteen hours without cumming, followed by an entire morning and afternoon of low-level sexual stimulation, along with being dressed like a fuck slut in a public venue on her way to get ass fucked… well… I don’t think it’s too out of the realm of likelihood to expect me to climb three flights of stairs and NOT explode like a fucking firecracker in a furnace.

I froze mid-step as the overwhelming forces sent me into orbit. I let out a gasp, then a thin and thready wail, one hand gripping the railing of the stair, the other mashed hard against the front of my skirt. A series of spasms rocked me and Julie was suddenly there, pushing me, forcing me up the stairs even as my hips tried to thrust their way through the RVP. My pussy seemed to burn with need and satisfaction and I stumbled as we emerged onto the landing of the fifth level.

Julie was laughing. “I knew you were going to cum,” she said happily. “But now I get to sap your stupid little pussy!” She dragged me forward, her eyes searching down the row. We passed her car and then she recognized Mr. Honker’s car. She pulled me along and I stumbled in her grasp. As we approached he got out. Tall, sandy blond hair, blocky chin. Not exactly good looking, but not bad either. He had a bit of a gut, but since he was in his mid-thirties he was handling it well. Nicely dressed too.

Julie pushed me up against the back of the car and I put both hands down, bracing myself. The orgasmic event I’d just experienced had finally ended, but the RVP was still stimulating me. I was shuddering with sensation.

“I’m afraid our little slut is out of control,” Julie explained with a dark voice. “She couldn’t manage to keep from cumming on our little climb up here.” She grabbed the front of my skirt and lifted it up, showing our audience the buzzing sex toy strapped to my cunt. “She isn’t supposed to cum, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to spank her pussy first. Then you can fuck her ass.”

Mr. Honker gave me an appraising look and then nodded, crossing his arms. “I have no objections,” he said with a smirk. Julie glanced around again, and since we were in a mostly empty part of the garage, she grabbed my arm, yanked me around to the side of his car, and tucked the front of my skirt up into the waistband. My hem didn’t like that, so instead she just yanked. The whole pleated mess fell immediately, straight down my legs. I gasped and cringed, but Julie put her hand on the RVP, pushing hard, which I certainly felt.

“Just step out of them,” she hissed sharply.

Stepping out of my skirt was the last thing I wanted to do. If anyone came by I wouldn’t be able to just grab the material and pull it up. I’d be naked from the waist down and there isn’t much you can do about that when a police or security officer drives by. I whimpered but did as told, my head swiveling around, scared to death someone was going to drive up and see.

“Spread your legs,” she ordered as her fingers undid two of the straps holding the RVP to my pussy. I groaned as the pressure decreased and then she shut the thing off. The silence was sudden and unnerving. I hadn’t realized it was so loud. She pulled it away and out of my sex with this sort of squelching noise. Mr. Honker moved in, staring at the wetness. His hand came up between my legs and I gasped as he pushed a single finger into me, his palm against my clit.

“Damn, she is wet, isn’t she?” He asked. Julie laughed and pulled the sap out of her purse again, holding it up. He took his hand out from between my legs and pushed his cum soaked finger against my lips, smearing my own juice across my mouth. I opened up and started sucking on him.

“Now spread your legs wide, Bre,” Julie said with a mocking grin. “I’m about to spank your pussy. Don’t bite him.”

Mr. Honker looked into my eyes and deliberately kept his finger between my teeth. My eyes widened in alarm and I felt Julie kick at my ankle. I almost fell, but opened my stance, spreading my legs wide. She lifted the sap, and then with a perfect, softball pitch, brought the flexible, smooth leather paddle up between my legs, aiming directly for my sweet, wet petals. I gasped as the sting bit into me and the paddle seemed to slide upward to caress my clitoris. Then the sting accompanied it all and I squealed lightly. The stroke wasn’t hard enough to make me loose either my position or bite down on Honker, but it certainly was enough to lift me up onto my toes and leave a burning, tingling sensation from my mons to my perineum. My hips jerked as my brain incorrectly interpreted the pain as pleasure, still fucked up from the orgasm.

“That’s one,” Julie said sweetly, viciously, and with confidence. “Nineteen more to go.”

The sap struck again and again and she brought the leather up between my legs in a wet tempo of heat and sparks. Some blows were shallow, targeting just my clit while others caught my entire crotch, smashing my soft petals flat and soaking the sap itself with my juices. By the fifth stroke I couldn’t hold still and Mr. Honker had gotten involved. He pulled me away from the car, yanked my hands behind my back, and holding me at an angle, wrapped his arms through mine. Julie loved it, the sap coming up to smack me. I grit my teeth and whined, trying hard to stay quiet, not wanting more attention than I could handle. At one point Julie slid her hand up my shirt, grabbed the padlock on my right nipple, and twisted it violently as she delivered four or five fast shots to my pussy. My legs almost buckled and if Mr. Honker hadn’t been holding me up I’m not sure I would have made it through that. She delivered the last few swats, leaving me with a scorched and broiling slit. My chest heaved as I struggled to breathe and then she pointed toward the hood of Mr. Honker’s car.

“I’ll keep an eye out,” she said to him. “Remember, when you cum, it needs to be in her ass.” He let go of me and a second later I found myself falling forward. She handed him one of my condoms as I panted heavily on his hood, my bottom wiggling with the heat of my sizzling sex. I felt the back of my skirt flipped up and then fingers began kneading my ass, spreading my buttocks. I heard a zipper and I closed my eyes, trying to breathe through my nose in order to keep my mouth shut. I’d lubed my bottom that morning, but only with about a teaspoon’s worth of grapeseed oil.

“Please sir? Please take me gently?” I begged, almost sobbing. There was laughter behind me.

“You don’t seem like the kind of girl who needs to be coddled,” he said. Then I felt his hands on my hips, grabbing me. Something pressed up hard between my legs and for a moment I almost panicked as the tip of his cock pushed against my sphincter. But then he slipped and in a sweet, almost blissful moment his shaft was buried to the hilt in my pussy. He pumped enthusiastically for a moment before realizing his error.

“Oops. Wrong hole,” he muttered. “Bet you liked that though, didn't you?”

I almost said something when Julie coughed loudly. I lifted my head to see a car coming down the line. Julie hurried over, placing her body between where Mr. Honker was fucking me and the drive, but the car turned into one of the empty spaces forty or so feet away. Mr. Honker didn’t bother to stop, pushing and screwing me vaginally, even as an older woman got out of the car. She didn’t even look over at us and walked off hurriedly. Julie grinned, then glanced down at us.

“Isn’t that the wrong hole?” She asked snidely.

“Patience,” Mr. Honker said. “It’s called lubrication.” He reached down, adjusted his angle, and without a single word of warning, jammed a full half of his cock into my ass before I could react. I wasn’t exactly ready to get ass fucked, despite everyone warning me it was going to happen, and I tightened around him, letting out a short, sharp, hard squeal of obvious discomfort. All three of us looked down the garage. Thank God the lady had already started down the stairs.

It did give me an opportunity to relax however, so the next thrust Mr. Honker applied to my poor derriere went deep. I groaned, whimpering, my face buried in my arms, my bare breasts pressed against the hot metal of the hood of his car. He began pumping, pulling half out and then ramming himself back in over and over as I bit my lip and endured.

I’m not sure how long it took him to cum, but I think it was at least ten or so minutes. One more car pulled up during it and we all sort of froze and held still as the driver got out, giving us only a cursory glance and evidently not seeing the reality, continued on. I mean honestly, who would allow themselves to get buttfucked in a public garage?

Mr. Honker finally found his satisfaction and left his limp cock in my ass for almost half a minute before pulling himself out. He stripped and tossed the condom away all while Julie was strapping the RVP back into place against my clit, sliding the four inch cock into my sex. As soon as she was done I stood, pulling my baked boobs off the car and trying desperately to smooth the blouse back over my breasts. I looked around for my skirt and found it under the car. Both Julie and Honker watched as I almost lost my balance, trying to step into it. I eventually managed, but I can’t imagine how klutzy I looked.

For a moment we all stood there, looking like we didn’t know what to do. I was too humiliated to say anything. I’d just been intimate with a man I’d only labeled as Mr. Honker in my mind, and to make matters worse, he’d just fucked me up the ass. I was still feeling the discomfort that comes from that sort of intercourse. But then Julie took command, as usual.

“Well, you’ve certainly handled her well,” Julie said. “I appreciate your help.”

Mr. Honker looked at her in surprise. “That’s it?”

Julie nodded. “Yes. Exactly.” She grabbed my elbow and pushed me away from the car and I floundered out into the drive. Julie spoke quietly with the guy for a moment. I saw him smile, glance at me, and then nod. Then she walked away grinning.

“Can we go now?” I asked plaintively, begging as we approached her car.

Julie’s eyes widened. “What?” She asked incredulously. “Of course not!” She gestured toward the stairs that we’d already been both up and down once. “Let’s go shopping!” I let out a soft mewl as we started down the stairs, then across the skybridge, to enter the mall.

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