Friday, December 25, 2015

A Normal Day...

Darkness. I wake up, groaning. It’s too bloody early and the previous evening’s torment at the hands of my sadistic mistress Julie is fresh. Small aches and pains, various welts, the occasional bruise, nipples still throbbing with remembered discomfort, I thrash through my sheets to turn, staring at the clock. It’s only five in the morning. I don’t have to be up until almost seven. I shake my head. Years of waking up before the crack of dawn has made me used to it. I roll back over and close my eyes. There’s only a fifty-fifty chance of getting back to sleep, predicated on the previous day’s toy.

This morning it won’t work. I’m stuffed to the brim with my Husky dildo, a nine inch long rubber cock that is being held in with a pair of cute, pink colored bikini cut panties. My shirt, which barely covers my breasts, leaves my belly exposed. Already my pussy is contracting around the phallus, tightening in rhythmic pulses that will definitely keep me awake regardless of how badly I need or want sleep. Other requirements have been awakened. Eyes closed I slip my hand downward, grazing my nipples, shocked to find them taut and hard. A soft flick followed by a delicate pinch just makes those freshly roused needs that much more insistent, driving me onward.

I slip a hand down between my legs, underneath the cotton, finding the thick rubber base of the Husky dildo. I want to pump, thrusting it in and out, desperate for satisfaction. I push my panties down, almost frantic. I don’t like them around my ankle either. I like having my legs spread during sex, of any kind, widely, achingly open. It’s a fetish perhaps. With a shuddering gasp I draw the dildo almost all the way out and drive it back in. A surge of adrenaline hits my system and just as I’m about to thrust the toy in again, I realize I haven’t checked for my toy of the day. The new one. I snarl an oath and roll back over, snatching my phone off the nightstand. It comes halfway, still connected to the charging wire, and jumps out of my hand to drop directly toward me, smacking me sharply on the nose. I yelp, twisting. The dildo slips out of my sodden slit.

The light is piercing as I scroll through the email. There it is. Julie this time. Sometimes it’s Kari, but usually it’s Julie. I suspect late night calls discussing my daily torment but I’m not sure. Today I’m to wear Kari’s vibrating egg, a vibrator the size of my fist that will fit snuggly inside me. I let out an exasperated sigh. It means Kari will be fucking with the controls all day. No panties either. So I might be allowed orgasm. Or not. Still, Julie never said I couldn’t cum. Nor did she present a cost per orgasm. So that means I’ve got carte blanche. At least for now.

My hand goes for the Husky dildo and I immediately slide it back into the grasping wetness between my legs. It feels amazing, lifting, lightening and my mind goes back to the previous night. Julie stands in front of me, hand raised, slapping my breasts back and forth, my hands bound above my head, legs spread wide as the biting ridge of her wooden pony digs into the softness between my legs. My toes can barely touch the ground and the arches of each foot burn as I struggle to keep myself up. The pony itself is slick, both from my wetness and the oil she’d made me rub into with my breasts. I can’t help thrusting, slinging my hips back and forth as the pain of her palm against my boobs swirls through me into my loins, forcing me to fuck the very thing hurting me between my legs. I shudder, gasping, whining, whimpering, until…

The rest of Breanne's amazing tale is no longer available on Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog. But don't despair! It can be found in her novel "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 13"!  Check it out now at!


  1. What a lovely Christmas present Bre, thank you.

  2. Breanne, what a lovely present for us. Thanks much, H


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