Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Morning : Lost

It was raining. Not hard, but not lightly either, the water droplets fracturing the lights illuminating the freeway into a thousand splinters before my windshield wipers swept them away. I drove steadily, the wheels of my Ford F-150 churning against the concrete as I stared ahead, trying to concentrate on keeping the vehicle on the road. I turned onto 610 and headed south, aiming for my best friend’s condo. I didn’t know where else to go. Not with something like this.
It had been a rough day, starting at five that morning as a “toy of the day” stipulation became an assignment in and of itself. Fourteen hours later, after thirteen orgasms, my clit felt like I’d masturbated with an emery board and my poor bottom ached from the constant vibrations of the inflatable anal plug. I shifted back and forth uncomfortably, trying to wish away the discomfort in my ass.
I was supposed to be on my way to Julie’s apartment, no doubt to sexually suffer at her hands, a sort of explicit and perverse way to round off my day. But after dinner with my parents I’d been so shattered, so stunned, that heading to Julie’s was just not something I could do. For a moment I didn’t know where to go. But then I my body began moving, even while my head was wrapped in cotton batting. I pulled up in front of a luxury condominium located in the heart of Houston’s Rice district. Surrounded by lush tropical plants that glistened in the falling rain, Kari’s residence has often been a place of refuge for me. Kari is my best friend, ever since middle school and to be honest, more than a friend for much of my life. Our relationship was, has been, and still is, complicated. Friend, compatriot, co-conspirator, lover, and mistress - each of those titles Kari had held within my heart, some of them all at the same time. In the end, when the foundations of my life suffered through another one of those massive earthquakes, it was to Kari I inevitably turned.
I parked the truck and marched woodenly up to the front of the house. Walking wasn’t exactly easy stuffed to the brim with an inflatable butt plug. Rain pelted me but I hardly felt it. Hidden behind a massive oleander bush, Kari’s porch was stylish without being gaudy. Quietly I rapped my knuckles against the heavy wooden door. The seconds stretched on and the only reason I didn’t turn and leave was the light in the window. I was pretty sure Kari was home. It was seven in the evening and Kari was one of those women who liked being in comfortable surroundings at that time of night.
I expected Robert to open the door. Kari’s husband was a physical specimen of almost perfect order. Tall, light haired and handsome, Robert had married my best friend not six months before, cementing a relationship of which I was in awe. Through two years of college I’d lived with Kari and couldn’t cut it. It wasn’t because she didn’t love me, or that I didn’t love her. Or that we didn’t enjoy being together. It was because Kari is a fucking rigid, sadistic, dominatrix tyrant with obsessive compulsive disorder. She’s OCD in ways that I had trouble dealing with on a day to day, hour by hour basis. But where I failed Robert had managed in spades. His dedication and absolute devotion to my former mistress was amazing. I think, in my heart, that his willingness to abide by her foibles was an act of love for him.
Robert didn’t open the door. Kari did. Her eyes widened in surprise as I stood there. I hadn’t used an umbrella and I was wet, my hair strung out and stringy. She was dressed in a bathrobe, her long blond hair spilling down over her shoulders. I must have interrupted something delicate and sensual because her face was flushed.
“Breanne? Is everything okay?” She asked me, worry already springing to her face. Her eyes did a quick inventory, mentally categorizing my attire: tee shirt, blue jeans, work boots. That’s when she knew something was wrong. She reached out to pull me in. I stumbled across the threshold, her hands on my arms.
I blinked. The inside of her place was cool and dry, warm with light and love. There were vanilla candles burning. Soft ochre colors mixed with gold, lining the living room, bleeding into the green and auric colors of the kitchen, seen through the open window of the bar. The dining room to my right was rich mahogany and ivory, the table polished and empty except for the flowered centerpiece. Kari shut the door behind me and I tried to kick off my shoes and put them under the key table, only to realize that they were tied on and I’d have to bend over and unlace them. .
I looked at Kari and swallowed. She took my hand and pulled me in. I was guided to the couch and she sat me down.
“Robert! I need you!” She called out.
A moment later Robert came into the room. He had pulled on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt, which seemed odd to me since usually he was required to be naked. A total submissive like me, Robert was masculine in every sense except in his obedience to Kari. He moved quickly and came around the couch, his eyes full of concern.
“Breanne, what’s the matter?” Kari asked again, her hands taking mine. I wasn’t crying or anything, just still… stunned. I looked up at both of them, slightly bewildered.
“My parents…” I said.  “They’re selling the farm.”


Julie arrived an hour later and Kari asked me to open the door. I rose from my kneeling position in front of Robert, his thick and wet cock sticking straight up, and walked toward the door. I had to carry the small plastic control boxes for both the RVP and the Titanmen Vibrating Inflatable Anal Plug (TVIAP?), since Kari had made me strip. Both toys were on and my face was flushed with need. Kari hadn’t allowed me to orgasm, instead making me turn off the RVP any time I was close, but for no longer than a few minutes.  I made it to the door and worked the handle. It swung open wide and my current mistress stood there, eyes dark, her face lined with concern. As I stepped back a bit she came in, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a quick hug.
“You okay?” she whispered in my ear, her voice timid and querulous..
Julie Uterro was six years younger than me, thin as a rail, and possessed a certain confidence that I found incredibly appealing. She was dressed in dark blue jeans that hugged her narrow butt and spindly legs like paint and she wore black boots. Her blouse was blue silk and she was wearing makeup and jewelry. I knew it wasn’t for me. It was for Kari. But I didn’t say anything, at least about that.
“I’m… I don’t know,” I said.
After breaking the news to Kari my former mistress had taken charge. She had looked at me directly, then without a bit of hesitation she asked if I was following NHPS Rule #1.  If you aren’t familiar with the NHPS Rules, Number One states that girls like me are to keep themselves stuffed with a sex toy or other object, with the expectation that such behavior would make us wet and immediately ready for sexual use. Over time I’ve come to realize it’s just another way to sexually torment us, but I’m pretty good about following it. I nodded at Kari.
“The Rotating Venus Penis,” I replied. “Julie was making endure ten minutes every half an hour.”
That made Kari smile. “Excellent. On full power I presume?”
I nodded. “Yes, Kari. Both functions.”
“Good. Now remove your clothes. I will not have a submissive of the Society in my home who is dressed. You know that.”
I wanted to protest but then realized that she was establishing some normalcy to my life, something for me to cling to while the rest of my world swirled in a maelstrom. Me being naked in front of others was about as normal as possible for me. Somewhat grateful at her dominating attitude, I peeled out of my clothes, pulled off my boots, and then knelt in front of my former mistress, hands on my spread thighs, my palms facing upward. I didn’t turn the RVP or the Titanmen Plug on. Not that I even had a chance. Kari immediately took hold of both remotes and the next thing I knew everything south of the border was experiencing California’s major earthquake. My eyes widened as my hips began grinding and my pussy tightened rhythmically around the four inch RVP phallus.
“We aren’t going to discuss this until Julie gets here. Right now you are going to give Robert a blowjob. The RVP will stay on until one of you cums. If it’s you then I’ll be giving that plug in your ass enough pumps to have you groaning in agony. If you manage to make him pop, then I might spare your ass.
I have to admit that I did my best but it was me who exploded first. Kari had grinned evilly as her hand tightened around the bulb connected to the tube in my ass and all the hardwork I’d put into cumming that afternoon, all to reduce the pressure in my backside was gone in seconds.
“Leave the RVP on and hope that you can make him cum before you do, because the next punishment will undoubtedly involve clamps.” She tilted her head and smiled. “And possibly my leather sap.”
But now Julie had arrived. She took my hand and led me back into the living room. She hadn’t been the first to get there either. Isobel and Madeline were present, the former dressed in a black turtleneck sweater and calf-length skirt, while Madeline knelt at her feet, just as naked as me. Julie sat down in the love seat and pulled me down next to her. Kari didn’t say anything as Robert pulled his shorts back up. I put my head on Julie’s knee.
“So, what’s the emergency?” Julie asked, concerned.
Kari took a deep breath. “We’re still waiting on Sara.”
Julie looked at Kari with a small flash of anger. “I take it something is wrong with Breanne. As her mistress, I deserve to know.”
Kari nodded. “Yes you do. But I want to hold off discussing solutions until everyone is here.”
Julie gave her a frosty glare, but inclined her head. Then she put her finger on my chin, forcing me to look up into her eyes. The RVP still churned and my clit seemed to burn. “What’s up, princess?”
Well, I could hardly refuse to answer a direct question from the woman who technically held my leash, right?
“My parent’s are selling the farm,” I whispered.
That was met with sudden silence. Evidently Kari hadn’t told Isobel either. Everyone seemed to chew on the revelation.
Julie blinked. “Oh,” she said. “Oh my.”
Kari sighed. “You see?”
Julie blinked, then looked at Isobel, then back at Kari. “And you want us to brainstorm solutions.”
Isobel’s tone was a touch patronizing. “It’s one of the reasons we network, Julie.”
Julie bit her lip, a decidedly cute little touch. Then she nodded. “I can see a multitude of concerns.”
“Exactly,” Kari said. She was sitting on the couch next to Robert and she took his hand. “There are some complexities that we will need to address.”
No kidding. A million things were running through my mind, a distinct difference to the pair of thick, vibrating rubber ones running through both my pussy and bottom. I sat there, stuffed and distracted, kneeling at Julie’s feet.
“Breanne, where are your parents going to go?” Julie asked.
I looked up. “Dad said they were thinking of one of those assisted living places. His leg isn’t getting any better and they're almost sixty. But it will be one of the homes, rather than the dormitories.”
Kari sighed, obviously wishing we had waited for Sara. “Do we have a time frame yet?” She asked.
I nodded. “December. They want to break ground in February. I mean the developer. That means I’ve got to get all the critters sold, get the last crops in this year and…” I trailed off. My God… the list of things I’d need to do just to close down the farm was insane! What about the equipment? And moving and packing? My horse Star?
And what about Rachel?
Rachel is my daughter. During my last year in college I’d been on a rebound relationship and met a young man named David.  He was a geology student, close to graduating, and we’d become serious a little quicker than normal. Through a combination of screw-ups, both literally and figuratively, I ended up conceiving. It was a bit of a surprise for David however, whose career plans hadn’t technically included either marriage or fatherhood. He’d literally left me while in a labor room, giving birth to his daughter. Kari had stood in his place, holding my hand, urging me to push and breathe. And she’d held me as I sobbed, realizing that David was never coming back. In fact the bastard had arranged to graduate early and then signed on with the USGS and took an overseas position in Africa. Kari helped me to get some financial help but I have to admit that I still feel this overwhelming urge to hope he comes down with malaria. Rachel is seven and never even met her father. I don’t regret that.
To be honest, I haven’t exactly been a good mother either. We moved back in with my parents and it was my own mother who sort of adopted my child. I became a big sister, the one who Rachel loved to ride horses with, who took her out for ice cream, who played with her. There were aspects of my life though, that Rachel was unaware of, and while she knew “Aunt Kari,” who was Rachel’s godmother, and “Aunt Julie,” my more adult activities weren’t known to her, nor did I want them to be. I want Rachel to develop her sexuality naturally and at seven it isn’t even a blip on her radar. Nor should it be.
“Focus please,” Isobel said. “Clearly Breanne will need a source of income, a place to live for both herself and Rachel, as well as support.”
Kari nodded. She was about to say something but then there came a knock on the door. Kari looked at Isobel, who nodded.
“Madeline, would you please answer the door,” Kari asked politely.
Madeline, a sweet brunette with incredibly pleasing curves, stood up. There was a little flash of gold at her right nipple, the same piercing and padlock that adorned my own breast. Her sex was wet and she walked sensuously past us, straight for the door. She opened it without a moment’s hesitation, clearly disregarding the fact that she would be exposing herself to whomever might be standing on the other side. I leaned a little and then saw an equally naked body, wet with rain and shivering, push in.
Madeline squealed a little as Alissa hugged her. I could see the light starburst scars on Alissa’s sides and buttocks where a previous dominant had been abusive, but then Sara came in, blocking my view. In her early fifties, Sara was a long time friend of Kari’s, a competent civil attorney, and the only other redhead in the Society. She turned her head and looked at me curiously.
“Sorry we’re late,” Sara said apologetically. “Traffic was a little crazy, what with the rain.”
Kari smiled. “It’s not a problem, Sara. We’ve already started unfortunately, so we’ll have to catch you up.”
Kari then gave a condensed version of our conversation up to that point to Sara, who sat down in another chair while Alissa knelt down at her feet.
I liked Alissa. A lot. She was playful, fun, eager, and one of those girls that you just couldn’t help liking. Her blue eyes locked onto mine and she gave me a warm smile that seemed to just say “hey, we’re here for you. We’ll help you. We love you.”
That’s when I burst into tears.
Yeah well THAT set things off. Even before anyone said anything Madeline and Alissa were wrapping themselves around me, which was a little more erotic then you might expect. There were kisses and caresses and then suddenly someone had their mouth on a nipple, suckling the tip. I felt a new pressure as one of the girls put their hand over the base of the RVP and began pressing it harder up into me.
“Take it off her,” Julie said with a sad smile. “But leave the anal plug in.” With that Madeline and Alissa moved quickly and I groaned as the RVP was pulled away from my body, the four inch phallic probe wet. A line of kisses and a dark head trailed down my chest to stop on my left nipple, suckling. And then I was slowly pushed over, Madeline at my breasts, Alissa between my legs. A pair of fingers slid into my cleft and I cried out as pleasure suddenly overwhelmed me.
Ever see lions at a kill? I imagine the scene sort of looked like that, at least until Madeline threw a leg over my head and pressed her sopping wet slit to my mouth. Alissa continued to run her tongue through my petals, taking my mind completely off my troubles. In the background though I could hear the mistresses talking.
“She could come live with me,” Julie was saying. “I’ve got a second bedroom and she and Rachel would be comfortable there.”
I heard a snort. “And your sexual relationship with Breanne would become what? Breanne has never told Rachel that we are more than just friends. Is that something that Bre would be comfortable having Rachel know?”
Sara spoke next. “The bigger problem is finances. She’ll have to get a job. She’s got a criminal justice degree. I could probably get her hired on as a legal assistant or secretary.”
“That pays terrible,” Isobel retorted. “She’ll need more as a single mother.”
Madeline began grinding herself over my mouth, moaning as she reached down and began tugging on my nipples, twisting them lightly and tweaking them.
“She could get her paralegal certification,” Sara continued, a little more sharply. “Like Alissa. Then she’d have the experience and background to qualify for higher pay. Some paralegals make seventy thousand a year.”
Alissa began vigorously thrusting her fingers in and out of my slit, her tongue swirling around my clit. I couldn’t tell if that hurt or not, which was strange. I was so sensitive that even her tongue was rough and intense. I reached up and grabbed hold of Madeline’s thighs, trying to distract her from my boobs by sending her to the moon.
“Another issue is child care,” Kari continued. “If she’s working at a law office, it will be nine to five, if not later. That presents a problem. Who would watch Rachel after school? And is a legal assistant’s salary enough to pay for aftercare?”
I gasped as Alissa put her thumb on my clit and began rubbing the tender, bright pink nub hard. It quickly became to much and my bottom came up off the floor, a thin whine emerging from my mouth. Alissa must have liked it because she didn’t stop. I began panting, my fingers curling into fists until she stopped and bent back down, sucking my clit into her mouth.
“I could give her a job, or Isobel could,” Julie declared. “She’s a competent writer. She’d do great in Marketing.”
Isobel shook her head. “It’s not that I don’t want to. But Breanne isn’t like you Julie. I went out on a limb with you and it paid off. Because I knew you. Breanne is a bit different. First of all, I don’t know how much influence Michael Alexander is on her writing, and frankly it’s very different writing marketing materials compared to her erotica. And then there’s the fact that Breanne is…” she paused, almost hesitant.
I squealed at that point because I was starting to cum, panting in desperation as Alissa jammed her hand rapidly in and out of my pumping lower half. She kept switching between her thumb and tongue and my clit was throbbing with need.
“Enthusiastic?” Sara said mildly, staring at my heaving chest.
Isobel frowned. “I was going to say uninhibited. She’d fuck her way through any workplace environment, leaving a trail of broken hearts, distracted minds, and pissed off people who she hadn’t either gotten to or dumped. Or who just didn’t like her. I’m not sure an office environment is right for a girl with such appetite.”
I groaned, eye fluttering as the waves of pleasure and pain slid through me. Madeline wanted more though so I kept licking.
For a moment no one spoke. “I have a solution,” Kari said softly. “At least a temporary one until Breanne is in a more stable situation.” She paused and looked around the room. “Breanne will come and work for me. I can easily afford an assistant and I will pay her a salary sufficient to cover her living expenses. I’m already paying for Rachel and Breanne’s medical insurance so I see no reason why she shouldn’t continue on my payroll.”
Alissa pulled her hand out of my sex and began frantically rubbing my clit. I groaned as the realization hit me. She was trying to get me to cum again!
Julie’s eyes narrowed. “What, exactly, will she be doing for you?”
Kari shrugged. “Paperwork mostly. Billing. Answering emails. Handling some of the cold calls. I’ll also take her on estimates with me. She can take notes and she’s a decent hand with a camera.”
I let out a whimper as Alissa’s fingers drove me over the edge. She grinned and then I heard Madeline let out a similar cry as mine as my tongue finally drove her over the same precipice I was falling off. Alissa was laughing as Madeline fell over to my side, pulling away from me. Then it was Alissa’s turn and she swung her leg over my head, bring down the sweet, wet, pink gash between white cream. A second later I had another pussy to lick, except this time Alissa and I were in a sixty-nine position, with the luscious youngster grinding herself hard down upon my face.
“Will she be fucking your clients?” Sara asked.
Kari laughed ruefully. “Can I stop her?”
Someone muttered “good point.”
“You all know that I oppose using her as a marketing tool. I prefer my clients to select me, not because my assistant has a tendency to fuck any ambulatory cock or pussy she comes across, but because they like my design style. That hasn’t changed. Still, she will be required to wear appropriate clothing for her position.”
“Sexy, just on this side of slutty?” Julie accused. Kari’s eyes narrowed.
“Would you prefer naked and in leather bondage cuffs?”
Alissa began grinding herself into my face and then Madeline got back into things. She knelt to my side and instead of going after me, she decided to help me with Alissa. I watched from my vantage point beneath Alissa’s pussy as Madeline wrapped an arm around Alissa’s backside and thrust a finger into the squirming girl’s dripping slit. My tongue still danced on the exposed clitoris, and then Madeline pushed her finger into Alissa’s bottom. If I hadn’t had a grip on Alissa’s thighs I’m not sure we could have held her in place she bucked and squirmed so hard!
“You do evening events,” Sara said.
Kari nodded. “And I will continue to do them. I doubt I will need Breanne, but if I do then I will pay for a sitter to watch Rachel.”
“And what about me?” Julie asked. “Look, it’s not like I’m unappreciative. I am. I know you’re taking care of my submissive, especially since I’m not in a position to do it myself. But this seems like she’ll be spending an awful lot of time with you Kari. Will she still be doing assignments? Will she still be writing?”
“Will she still be serving between your legs?” Sara said sarcastically.
Julie eyes hardened. “Have I done something to piss you off?”
Sara shook her head. “No. It’s just that almost everything you’ve said since I got here was self-centered. This is about Breanne.”
Kari coughed. “Sara. The first thing out of Julie’s mouth was to offer to clear out the second bedroom at her apartment.”
Sara opened her mouth, then looked down. “Oh. I’m sorry.”
Julie was about to say something nasty, but then saw the look on Kari’s face. “It’s not a problem,” she said waving it off.
Alissa suddenly cried out, no longer able to take the dual stimulation of Madeline’s fingers in her ass and pussy, not to mention my tongue on her slit. She twitched madly, only to curl and twist, trying to get away from Madeline. I held onto her and enjoyed it as her body went nuts, dealing with the still thrusting digits parting her bottom half.
“Breanne, Madeline, Alissa,” Kari said sternly.
We all froze, except Alissa who was coming down off the climactic explosion. Her eyes were wide and slightly vapid. Madeline pulled her finger out of Alissa’s ass and the petite brunette gasped. We all sort of straightened up at the point.
“Breanne,” Kari said softly. “Were you listening to our conversation?”
I blinked. “Uh. No Mistress. I was slightly distracted.”
Kari smiled. “When you are ready, you will begin working with me as my personal assistant. You will be given a salary sufficient to cover decent living expenses and your hours will be set to work with your parental requirements. I will continue to cover both you and Rachel medically. While you are with me though, you’ll need to make some decisions about what you want to do with your life at this point.”
Sara stood up. “Breanne, when you were in college, you said you wanted to be a lawyer. If you still want it I will mentor you, help you study and get prepared for the LSAT. After six months with Kari, or even a year, I can get you a job at my law firm if you want. But if you want to go to law school, we can make it happen.”
Then it was Isobel’s turn. “You will still be expected to fulfill your duties to Mistress Julie, and as a submissive within the Society. However we will reduce Julie’s fees in order to compensate her for paying for childcare. Babysitters, especially on Saturday evenings until one in the morning, are expensive.”
I blinked. Choked up. Tears filled my eyes. Then suddenly Julie was there, right in front of me, her hands cupping my face.
“And I will be there, every day. I will help you with Rachel. And with school. And with anything and everything. You have only to ask. I will take care of you,” she whispered fiercely. I saw her eyes glimmer and realized she was crying too. Suddenly we were hugging and I was sobbing.
Things degenerated from there. Sara and Alissa left, but Isobel stayed with Madeline and Robert was instructed to take it all off. Next thing I knew we had a group orgy going on with all of us taking turns using poor Robert. To be honest Madeline and I were made to do a few things to our respective mistresses as well. By eleven I was slick with cum, well furrowed, and feeling much better. I turned and kissed Julie’s nipple where she lay next to me on a few pillows, one of Kari’s blankets tangled around us.
“Thank you,”I said in her ear. She turned and gave me a curious look.
“For what?” she asked.
“For being here for me.”
She had one arm around me and it tightened, fiercely. “I always want to be here for you, Bre. You’re very, very special.”
I snorted. “I’m just a mentally messed up girl with some serious sexual issues.”
“Which is what I really love about you, trust me.”
I didn’t say anything.
“Just promise me one thing,” Julie said.
I turned and looked at her. “Anything.”
“That you won’t let Kari distract you. I don’t want to lose you to her.”
I blinked. “What?”
Julie took a deep breath. “I’m worried about this job she’s offering you. You’ll be working with her, every day and I know she will use you sexually. One way or another. I just don’t want you to be hers again. I don’t want to give you up.”
I shook my head. “It won’t be like that. She’s just…”
Julie put her hand on my mouth. “It will be like that. I know Kari. Maybe not as well as you do, but trust me. I’m a dominant and so is she. She uses tools that are in her possession.”
I waited for her to take her mouth away. “She’s married, Julie. She has Robert.”
“And if she wanted to, she could have you too. I know it,” Julie said quietly.
I looked over at the couch. Kari was naked, her blond hair hiding her face. Her head was down in Robert’s lap, sucking on his cock. Her head went up and down slowly and I wasn’t sure if she were pleasuring him or torturing him. Could she have had us both if she really wanted? I  wanted to deny it, but deep down, in the very center of my heart, I wasn’t so sure. I blinked, then hugged Julie back.
“I’m yours, Julie. Until I ask you to unlock the padlock, or you give me the key. And I may work for Kari Anders, but I belong to Julie Uterro.”
She laughed, a little weepy hiccup. “Thanks princess.”
I screwed up my face. “I really wish you wouldn’t call me that.”
Julie smiled. “I know. But I’m the dominant. And you’re my submissive. And I can call you what I want.” She reached up and tweaked my nose. Then she moved and I suddenly found myself on the bottom with Julie straddling me, her naked body above mine. Her hips moved and I felt her sex press against mine. On the couch Robert groaned, his hips thrusting upward into Kari’s mouth. Madeline was on her knees, still licking Isobel, who sat quietly, watching the rest of voyeuristically. Julie ran her hands down her body, lightly caressing her own nipples before touching me. I realized I wanted to cum again. I reached up and pulled her down, our mouth finding the other, tongues meeting, how wet bodies slipping and moving until everything swirled around in a myriad of colors and shapes, lost.
All except me.


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