Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Word About Review

Recently I came across a review for one of my books that wasn't exactly favorable. The reviewer clearly hadn't cared for the tale, and rather than admitting that she deadpanned the story and gave it poor ratings. To be honest, I really can't blame her.  Some people are looking for something specific when they read a tale and if they don't get it, well... there's not much an author can do about it.  At least she didn't say that the language and prose were unreadable, right?

So how can you tell whether an author's writings might be right for you?  Well Breanne and I have a solution for that: Our Free Story Archive.  Over the years we've written a number of stories that we've posted for free and left on the website to give readers new to our work an opportunity to really dig into the kind of writing that Breanne and I like to do.  In some ways, those older stories show how much both of us have grown as writers: Breanne in her prose and me trying (somewhat) to write stories with actual plot other than "she got whipped and moaned."  Porn without plot as some would say.

Bad reviews are par for the course for an author and we just have to remember that you can't please everyone all the time.  And some times you can even please some of the people. 

So Breanne and I encourage you to sample the Free Story Archive. Browse the blog, enjoy the freebies we give (and there are lots!) and if you like us, maybe you'll want to buy a book or two.

Who knows? You might even give us a good review. - MA

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