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Fan Fiction - Calibration Part 4

Fan fiction is always one of those tenuous things that authors tend to have mixed feelings about.  Having written some here and there I know that there are some authors who fear what might be done to their characters, or their worlds.  For example, I once penned a piece based in JKR's world involving Harry Potter entitled "Voldemort's Wand."  Ninety-five percent of the people who've read that horrifying little tale have told me that they've never laughed so hard.  The other five percent have sat there in stunned silence, only to eventually turn and say "Voldemort and the House Elf? That's your pairing?"

Yeah. Yuck.

But one thing that I'm quite aware of is that there is no greater measure of success as an author than to discover that some of your fans have loved your work so much that they've decided to continue the story, or fix the story, or hell... just create an alternate universe so that they can change the dynamics of your story to suite themselves.  Either way, imitation is the surest form of flattery.  Hell, even 50 Shades of Gray started out as a rather disturbingly familiar Twilight fan fic.  So what the heck, right?

And now I join that group of authors who have had their work "fan fictionized" and to be honest, the young lady who decided that after reading my short story "Calibration," which was published in my BDSM anthology "In The Dark II"  needed a Part 4, took it upon herself to make it happen.  She sent me the results and to be honest, she happens to be a pretty decent author herself.  In a few years I think we'll be enjoying her work!   The author sent it to me and I enjoyed the heck out of it, so if you've read "Calibration" I invite you to peruse the imagination of "Amanda" and see how she saw it playing out for Cassandra Goldstein in her new position as "Calibration Assistant!" - MA

Part 4 - By Amanda
Cassie followed Ms. Lopez back to Human Resources. Her adrenaline was flowing - a bit surprised at herself that she had accepted this job, but also a little proud of herself too. It took courage to say yes, and she knew it.

“Okay, Ms. Goldstein, please sign here, and here,” Lopez directed, politely. “The first form sets in place your benefit plan and salary - the initial salary is $55,000 and it increases after four months to $60,000 - plus you will be eligible for various bonuses. The second form is just a standard liability waiver.”

Cassie swallowed, and put pen to paper, making it official. She was now an employee of Acme.

“You will report in at 8:00am Monday morning, to the locker room at the end of warehouse 32,” said Lopez, as she smiled. “Enjoy your weekend.”

Cassie arrived home to her small shared apartment and looked at her already stacked pile of bills. Finally, she would be able to pay them off, and her credit cards too. It was a strong feeling of relief.

“So - did you get it?!” asked her roommate, Abby.

Cassie hesitated a moment. “Abby, I got something even better…” her voice trailed off.

“Really? What?” her roommate inquired, with genuine curiosity.

“Calibration Assistant.” Cassie replied, thinking rapidly how to avoid the details. “Basically, I will work with computers and various machines...helping engineers, and technicians do their job designing...things.” Cassie smiled, trying to project as little nervousness about the reality of the job as possible.

“Fantastic. I am so proud of you, finally I can stop yelling at you about your portion of the rent,” Abby proclaimed. “I’d love to come see your new office sometime.”

Cassie looked stunned. “Umm, yeah, I...I would love to show you...someday.” she demurred.

That night, Cassie looked in the mirror and her mind was racing. Could her body handle pain? Could her mind? What about the incredible size of She had definitely never experienced anything like that before. She bit her lip. She wanted to try.


Cassie arrived to work early, and was issued her own access badge with the Acme logo emblazoned across the top, and her photo identification for the lanyard around her neck. She could now go anywhere in warehouse 32, and as instructed she went immediately to the locker room.
Her name tag was already above her alcove - along with a lab coat. And a foot locker for personal items, clothes, etc.

“Welcome to Acme, Cassandra.” said a voice behind her, startling her a bit. “I’m Lauren. I have been assigned by Dr. Rawlins to be your mentor - I am one of the Calibration Assistants.”

“A pleasure to meet you,” Cassie replied. “How long have you worked here?”

“Almost 6 months, since the start of the FOES program,” Lauren answered, openly. “I started the second year of college - you know, to pay tuition. I work days, and then I attend night classes.”

Cassie nodded. “Thats cool. I just graduated, and I have so many loans to pay off.” She explained.

Lauren gave an understanding smile. “In a little while, we will bring you through orientation.” she informed, pointing down the hall toward a conference room. “But before that, we are in the locker room for a reason, so go ahead and strip.”

Cassandra nervously complied - she had mentally prepared herself for this already, but in the moment it seemed rather abrupt.

Lauren was tasked with taking Cassandra’s body measurements - waist, ankles, thighs, chest, wrists, basically everything that could be measured was measured. Everything was logged onto a complex looking data sheet. Additionally, she had to have her flexibility tested, the movement of her hips, legs, and muscle and tendon flexibility. She also had to pry into her sexual history - a line of inquiry that while embarrassing for Cassie, was relatively short.

Lauren looked at her, with wide eyes. “ that all?”

Cassie just blushed and shrugged.

“Thats ok, I’m definitely not judging. It’s just that with your inexperience, your body will take more time to adjust to the devices we use,” Lauren said with a sarcastic smirk.

At the end of the day, including a mostly boring orientation about technical aspects of the job, Cassie learned the Tuesday schedule. She would sit in to watch a testing session for a new device, and then before noon she would be placed on a machine for the first time.


The next day: Cassie, dressed in lab coat and badge, watched as Jessica, the first CA she had ever seen, previously on the Hammerfuck during the tour, was being strapped into an intimidating looking device. This first test was not for calibration, but just to ensure the basic concept worked. It was a wheel shaped rack, against which Jessica was pressed, causing her to arch her back backwards against the wheel. In a bathtub sized basin below the wheel’s rotation was several feet of water with ice cubes floating on the surface. She would be rotated backward, then completely submerged, and lifted out, over and over as the wheel rotated. Simultaneously to this torment, the central design commonality was in place - a shaft between her legs containing a large rubber phallus. This was a type two device. Her goal would be to achieve an orgasm within thirty minutes despite the distractingly cold water she would be subjected to. Otherwise, zap!
Cassie and her mentor, Lauren, watched Jessica try her hardest.  She was tightening her stomach and grinding her hips, as much within the strictures of the tight restraints as she could. They watched her body react as she hit the water the first time, head first and backward. Every muscle in on her slender frame went tense simultaneously, and she emerged with a slight shiver - but still trying to grind against the sturdy phallus.

“Jessica is finishing the end of her second week here,” Lauren mentioned. “She was the last newbie Ms. Lopez sent us before you, actually.”

Cassie nodded, already getting a bit turned on, but trying not to show it. “She seems to know what she’s doing pretty well.”

“Agreed. But you should have seen her on her first day, she was ridiculously nervous,” Lauren added. “The first device she was assigned to was the type three device that stretches your body each time you orgasm - it was a pretty intense scene.”

“Ah, yeah I saw that when I toured. Although, nobody was on it at the time.” Cassie said, remembering how that particular device seemed like the most devilish she had yet seen.

The biometric panel on the cart beside Jessica’s device began buzzing.

“Looks like she’s not gonna make it,” sighed Lauren, as the timer expired and the display lit up in red lights.

“I’m actually sort of glad about that. On my tour I never had the opportunity to see the penalizing shock that I have heard so much about,” Cassie said.

“You mean, you accepted the job without even knowing what it was like?” asked Lauren.

“Yeah..i that unusual?” Cassie asked.

“Honey! Are you kidding? I didn’t agree to do any of this until they let me test one of the machines.  In fact, I demanded it on my tour.” Lauren said with confidence.

Jessica let out a scream through the gag that had been strapped over her mouth, and her whole body spasmed and jerked. Cassie watched with a gasp, as she could hear the sound of energy and a sparking noise.  Jessica screamed and jerked again, her wrists and ankles were straining against the tight straps that held them firmly in place. The tendons in her neck and shoulders raised and stretched as she absorbed the shock that seemed to be coming from strap that was secured around her waist at bellybutton level. Finally a couple of technicians began releasing her from the wheel.

Stunned, Cassie looked back over at her mentor with wide eyes.

“You have to remember, if it’s not intense, it strikes no fear,” Lauren explained. “None of us *like* the punishment for failure. And that’s a good thing, because it’s plenty of motivation to succeed.”

Lauren’s corporate cellphone buzzed.

“Hello?” she answered.  “Yes sir.  We will head over right away.”

Cassie looked inquisitively at her mentor.

“Looks like they are ready for you now, Cassandra,” Lauren said with a penetrating smirk. “Just take a deep breath, you will do fine!”


Part 5
Dr. Rawlins greeted Cassie at the door to a large glass conference room that looked over the warehouse from the second floor. It was an elegant design.

“Isn’t this exciting Miss Goldstein, your first time on one of our devices!” exclaimed the slightly overeager Rawlins, who was wearing his thick glasses.

“Well, it certainly has my heart rate up,” Cassie replied, trying to calm her nerves through weak humor.

“As I mentioned on the day of your tour, I have put some thought into your introductory session,” Rawlins said. “We have a state government looking to purchase a new device - and they have asked for a demonstration session.”

Cassie noticed that there was a device, still with a white cloth draped over it on the other side of the room.

“I have invited a few representatives of the State of Nevada Department of Justice and Corrections to observe  your calibration today - we should be ready in just few moments,” Rawlins explained.

“Your mentor, Lauren, briefed me yesterday on your body measurements and other details, including your sexual inexperience,” he said bluntly. “I have determined that in light of this, you should be challenged to push your limits. This is a type one machine that I designed months ago, but have not yet actively marketed for purchase - you will be doing the first marketing demonstration for this device,” he added.

Cassie didn’t know what else to do but nod her head yes, and act excited for the opportunity. Inside her head, she was developing a severe bout of stage-fright.

“Now, sit tight here in one of these front chairs as I go and retrieve our guests from the lobby,” he said.

Cassie sat and pulled her hair back into a ponytail with a rubber band, still accompanied by her mentor, and then Jessica came into the room as well - now restored from her prior nakedness to her lab coat and professional looking clothing.

“I figured I should come and watch your inaugural session, fellow newbie!” Jessica gushed, playfully. “Are you ready to get your brains fucked out?”

Cassie was still not fully accustomed to the slightly coarse language that seemed common among other calibration assistants.

Cassie laughed, releasing some of her pent up nervous tension. “I have to be honest, I think I will just be relieved to get the first time under my belt and have some experience at all this.” she said.

Dr. Rawlins returned to the conference room, with several representatives of the State of Nevada filing into the room from behind him. Cassie’s eyes widened. There were more than she thought, filling the conference table all the way around, each turning their chair toward the front of the room where Rawlins stood to greet them.

“I am very happy to welcome our government guests to the Acme FOES production and fabrication facility, it is an honor to have you at this premiere and state of the art design center. We are proud of the products we manufacture for you. And for those watching online from our marketing website, I welcome you to this broadcast as well.”

Cassie and Lauren traded looks.

“What?” Cassie thought, and whispered at the same time. “I thought this was just a demonstration to the room, instead this is going to be broadcast online?”

“I should note, especially for our online viewers, representing governments from across the globe who are interested in the FOES system, or upgrading to a more advanced execution device, you are welcome to digitally record this broadcast and share it with your colleagues.”

Cassie gulped, and her pale white skin blushed a glowing bright red.

Rawlins pulled the drape off the machine. “I present to you, a new type one device that we have not yet named or placed into production. We hope that following this demo, enough orders will be placed that it will become very popular.” he smiled.  “It has a combination of three primary design components. The first is one that you will already be familiar with: the airway restriction strap that is placed directly across the subject’s esophagus.”

The men, and even several women, in the room seemed to nod approvingly of this particular feature, as the introduction of autoerotic asphyxiation had brought in thousands of new pay per view subscribers and lined the pockets of government corrections officials tremendously.

Cassie felt a chill run up her spine as she realized there was no turning back now. Oddly, she even felt a bit turned on.  It was not the first time her mind and body combated each other.

The device looked somewhat like a dentist chair, inclined at about a 45 degree angle, with stirrups for each ankle.

Rawlins continued his speech. “The other design component is a new one that our engineers have been developing, and I am deeee-lighted to show it to you today.”

Cassie watched intently as she learned about the machine that she assumed would consume the next hour of her day at work.

“The rubber phallus equipped on this chair might appear standard to your eyes right now. However, let me draw your attention to the attached hose, and pump at the base of the chair. The toy on the end of this shaft, once inserted is designed to be inflated a certain modest percentage following each of the subject’s orgasms,” Rawlins said, obviously with some pride in his design acumen.

“Finally, the third primary component is with the ankle stirrups. Although we have seen them on various products over time, these particular stirrups are designed with a ratchet mechanism that spaces them further incrementally over the course of time that the chair is occupied,” Rawlins concluded, to an entirely approving room full of government executives, and untold numbers of online viewers.

A hand raised in the room, from the middle of the group.

“Yes, please feel free to ask questions,” Rawlins gestured to the well dressed man.

“How will this demo differ from an execution-style use of the product?” he asked.

“Ah, a most excellent question, thank you sir,” Rawlins said. “We have a lovely Calibration Assistant here today who will participating in this testing session which serves as your demo today. Miss Cassandra Goldstein, will you please stand and introduce yourself?” Rawlins said, gesturing in Cassie’s direction.

Cassie’s hands were shaking and she concentrated to still her pounding heartbeat. Her full name had just been outed to who knows how many people, who would now be looking her up on social media and finding out all kinds of details about her. But she was not mad enough to call out Dr. Rawlins in front of everyone and potentially jeopardize her employment. She stood up and faced the sizable audience.

“Hello,” she smiled in a shy manner. “As Dr. Rawlins said, I’m, I mean Cassandra. I am honored to have the opportunity to demonstrate this device to you this afternoon,” she lied.

Dr. Rawlins placed his hand on Cassie’s shoulder cordially. “Cassandra is new to our research and development department, and rest assured she is a professional in this industry,” he embellished. “For the purposes of this testing session, there will certainly be no executions!” he joked. “The device will perform as designed with the exception of the execution program, which has been substituted with a negative reinforcement penalty shock to the subject, sufficiently strong to make our colleague, Cassandra, act closely enough to an actual subject that it meets our criteria for calibrating the machines to the appropriate specifications. Of course, if Cassandra is capable of avoiding too many orgasms, that shock will not be necessary.”

Another guest raised their hand.

“Hi, I have a question for Cassandra,” asked a woman from the back of the room. “I’m curious how old you are, and what your favorite FOES machine is?”

Cassandra was a little caught off guard by the question.

“Um, I’m twenty-three…  I’m not sure I really have a favorite machine…” she felt compelled to at least try and fake an answer. “...but I guess I am a bit partial to the liquid nitrogen equipped device,” she said, as the woman nodded in apparent agreement.

“Alright, enough chit chat,” interrupted Dr. Rawlins. “Let’s go ahead and commence with this testing session,” he said, as technicians began helping Cassandra undress and be placed into the new product.

She felt her blood rushing to the skin of her face, and her paleness was exposed for the first time after accepting this new career.

“I should inform our guests, that here at Acme for our testing purposes, we stop all insertions at the 12 inch mark, and Cassandra will have a 10 orgasm limit before the simulated execution. That is the number she needs to avoid in order to fall into that narrow category of the 5 to 10% of survivors - and we wish her the best of luck!” Rawlins exclaimed.

Lauren got up out of her seat to help the technicians strap in the the newbie she was mentoring. She whispered in her ear, “Just relax Cass. You’re doing fantastic.”  

Thick nylon cuff-straps were tightened around each ankle on each stirrup, and around each knee and thigh. Then her wrists were secured to cuffs angled sharply behind her with her arms straight back. A strap with a built in electrical wire was tightened around her waist, and then another tight against her ribs. Finally, the airway restriction strap was put in place around her neck, and ratcheted tight until it pressed down on her throat firmly. Just a slight pull initiated by the computer and it would prohibit her from taking a breath.

“Alright, now that everything is in place, the device has been engaged.” Rawlins explained to the guests.

Cassie shifted in the rather uncomfortable seat as she felt the shaft press into her body a couple of inches and begin slowly thrusting.

“Now, the airway restriction will take place mostly during orgasm, but also at random intervals in an attempt to create an erotic experience for the subject. For the purposes of this demonstration, remember that this chair is literally the same one that we are trying to sell you, so while there is the erotic component, it will not be entirely a pleasant experience for Miss Goldstein. She will experience the same torment as any corrections subject that you might want to strap into this product. Lauren here has been Cassandra’s mentor since her recent hire here at Acme, Lauren will you please describe to our guests what Miss Goldstein can expect to feel?”

“Sure, Dr.” replied Lauren, as she turned to address the room. “The main struggle for Cassandra will be accommodating the size of the phallus. Obviously, with increased arousal the female body adjusts to permit to a certain point - some women are more accommodating than others, and it all depends largely on body type. Cassandra is a bit on the short side, shorter than me, which makes me suspect that the depth of penetration once she reaches that point will be rather panic inducing.” Lauren said, with a clinical tone of voice.

“Now, I will have Lauren and myself backbench for a while as we observe the product in action. I encourage our guests, if you wish, to go ahead and ask Miss Goldstein any question you wish during periods where the airway restriction is not engaged,” concluded Rawlins.

The biometric display blinked and alerted. Cassie was on the verge of her first orgasm, and the room watched her body intently. Cassie looked back across the crowded room and wondered to herself, not for the first time, what had really gotten into her to bring her to a moment like this.

The strap flicked tighter, and all of a sudden, mid-breath, Cassie felt a sudden panic in her throat. It is one thing to hold your breath when you know it’s coming, it is quite another to have your air stolen from you unpredictably. This pushed her over the edge, and the display blinked red indicating her first orgasm.  The room watched as she writhed in the chair, straining against the multitude of restraints, and shifting as much as her body would let her. Her eyes were wide open and the camera in the back of the room broadcast her baby blue eyes and slightly perspiring face to whomever was watching. As designed, the stirrups spread wider as she climaxed, and the phallus being pushed inside her slightly inflated.

After what seemed like an eternity the strap relaxed enough for her to inhale sharply in a rasping gulp of air - only to cruelly close again. Sending her, in quick succession, into her second orgasm.

The room was enraptured, watching this young lady, perhaps imagining she had *some* experience at this before - but ignorant that this was indeed her first time in any situation like this. Perhaps some imagined she was a clinical professional as Lauren appeared to act. Or maybe they thought she was a slut who chose this profession for the multitude of sexual stimulation. Probably none imagined the truth, that she was just a normal, mostly innocent girl, with some curiosity and the need for a job.

The strap released again, allowing Cassie to breathe freely, and again the stirrups widened, and the insertion noticeably inflated, pushing Cassie’s tight vaginal walls steadily outward.  Now she knew what Rawlins had meant when he said, “..something that will push your limits.”

Eventually Cassie, despite her efforts to talk her body out of climax, had reached her fifth orgasm - the halfway mark. It had only been 25 minutes. Lauren thought to herself, “it usually takes more experienced Calibration Assistants (herself included) an hour to reach five orgasms - but this makes sense for a newbie.”

Cassie, starved for air by this point, was breathing heavily during the intervals where she had the privilege of inhaling. Her pussy was growing sore and full with 7 inches of insertion at this point, and her calf muscles felt like they had not been stretched like this since her high school cheerleader days. She realized she was woefully unprepared to be a Calibration Assistant. But like they say, practice makes perfect.

In the back of the room a couple of representatives were already in whispered talks with Rawlins about how to contact the Acme sales department.

Cassie fell into another violent orgasm, registering as a “level three” on the biometric display - the most passionate orgasm that she had experienced yet, and triggering the strap to close her throat yet again. Once the orgasm subsided, it didn’t immediately open again, instead deviously prohibiting her breathing for an unusually long period and throwing her into panic and close to passing out as she struggled against the firm restraints and moaned loud enough for everyone to hear.

Now things were getting painful. She could feel the friction of the toy inside her as it rubbed the inside of her vagina walls ever tighter, and now at 8 inches deep, more than any boyfriend had ever filled her. Her legs and especially her calves were aching, and finally for the first time she let out a small scream. And then she climaxed again.

“It looks like she is reaching a point where she will begin to struggle, said Dr. Rawlins. “Cassandra, can you describe to our guests what you are experiencing right now,” he asked her.

Cassie was barely listening, focusing instead on keeping the thing inside her from growing any bigger. She was determined not to cum. Hopefully a little talking would take her mind off the stimulation.

“Um…,” she gasped for air and spoke with a very shaky voice. “I, I, I….I can f-feel it hitting against my cervix,” she mumbled. “...and I can feel my legs are starting to t-t-twitch and cramp up.”

“Perfect, thank you Cassandra,” Rawlins replied as the room watched her, fighting valiantly, but nonetheless slipping into climax again. Her seventh - leaving only three more to go.

Cassie’s whole body tensed as her airflow was cut off and her ankles were pulled back incrementally more. As the phallus grew she screamed again, but louder this time and more than once.

Lauren, sitting in the back of the room remembered back to her first time on one of the products and what an ordeal it felt like. She smiled. “She doesn’t know it right now, but eventually Cassandra will be so addicted.”

Cassie longed to move her arms or any part of her body freely. She could no longer control her physical response to the stimulation overload. Her voice was shaky and her mind was playing tricks on her - she felt in a daze or a trance. And every once in a while the phallus hit sharply against her poor sore cervix, throwing her into a fit of convulsions and agony. And eventually throwing her into her eighth orgasm, and lighting up the biometric screen.

Rawlins rose to speak to the room briefly. “Here we are, now approaching the one hour mark, and it has been quite a show hasn’t it!” he riffed to a room full of affirmative responses. “Now I am going to disclose a secret about this device that I will admit I have not even told Miss Goldstein yet,” he said, to Cassie’s surprise.

“This addition was her mentor, Lauren’s idea to be honest. Lauren, would you please elaborate for our guests?” Rawlins added.

Lauren stood, a bit proudly. “When Cassandra experiences her next orgasm, it will be the last one before the simulated execution,” she said. “So, in order to slow things down a bit and keep Cassandra from reaching the final climax too quickly, we have added some nubs to the sides of the insertion. Those nubs will raise outward and increase the friction inside her considerably. This will push the arousal level back down to a manageable level, and permit paying viewers more time to see the subject at the highest level of the device’s torment. In other words a period that usually doesn’t last very long, will be made to last longer than normal.”

And as if on cue, with this unbelievable news, Cassie went into the spasms of her next climax. She knew the breathing restriction was on its way, and gulped air right before the strap tightened.  Her ‘girl next door’ body was now glistening with perspiration and a technician had let down her strawberry blonde hair so that it hung down to her shoulders in curls. She would scream if she could, but instead she silently endured  the final stretching backward of her ankles and the full 12 inch depth of the phallus. Then, the sting of the newly surfaced rubber nubs grating against the tightly stretched inside of her body. The strap was only letting her get one gulp of air at a time, and her desperate lungs prioritized that over yelling.

“Now, as our Calibration Assistant experiences the final throes of this adventure, please feel free to leave your seats and come up closer to the product and have a closer look if you wish,” Rawlins invited.

One of the guests asked a question.

“It looks like she is almost doing the splits. Just how tightly stretched are her calf muscles at this phase of the device?” he asked.

Rawlins motioned for the questioner to come to the front of the leering crowd. “Well just feel for yourself, sir,” he said as he gestured to the stranger to place his hand on Cassie’s leg.

Cassie was too distracted to be repulsed by this invasion. Her mind was on air, and on the agony of feeling more filled up than she ever imagined in her life. They watched as her biometric screen flashed red, and the simulated execution was triggered.

“If this were a real execution, the phallus would penetrate deeper, and inflate wider - and of course the legs would continue to be pulled back,” Rawlins explained.

Instead, Cassie felt the jolt from the tight strap that was constricted around her proportionate waist. It ran shock waves through her body so powerful that those watching could see her skin ripple.  Small tears escaped her blue eyes and ran down her cheeks.

Finally everything relaxed, and the technicians began removing the straps, and although quite jittery Cassie was able to think clearly once again.

“Thank you very much for participating in this demo, everyone - and how about a round of applause for our Calibration Assistant?” Rawlins prodded, to claps and polite approval.

The guests began filing back to the purchasing department to make their orders for this new machine.

Cassie gave a sharp look to Dr. Rawlins.

“What? I told you I would have something extra special in store for you Cassandra, and I kept my promise didn’t I?” he joked.


Cassie was cleaned up by some of the physician’s assistants in a small clinic in the back of the warehouse, and given a soothing warm set of scrubs to wear for the rest of the day. She would be off work in a couple hours. Some numbing creams and oils were slathered on her skin, and ...other places. The attending nurse said the mandatory wait period after using this machine would be one full day, so she would have to observe tomorrow instead of participate in any testing.
Cassie wanted to be mad at her mentor for blindsiding her with so much, but she wasn’t mad. She wanted to be angry with Rawlins, but that anger had passed. She was a part of the company now, and her initiation was over with. She was becoming comfortable with thinking about it in those terms. She was a professional!

Before 5:00pm, Dr. Rawlins caught up with Lauren and Cassie in the break room, accompanied by the Acme Vice President for Marketing and Advertising.

“Ladies, I have been contacted by our marketing department, and apparently the demo session we held today is making waves in the industry,” he said. “I now have a several more governments that are interested in demonstration sessions.”

The VP interjected.

“How would the two of you like to become Acme’s first demonstration specialists?” he asked.  “I cannot afford to increase your pay, but I can throw in some more days off, and of course plenty of international corporate travel for on-site demonstrations. You would get to see the world.”

The two young women looked at each other approvingly.

“We will have four spots total, so if you have any friends who might be interested in applying for the Demonstration Specialist position, please have them contact Rosa Lopez in Human Resources,” he added.


That evening, as Cassandra Goldstein arrived, exhausted and sore, back at her apartment, she laid down on the couch and got comfortable - stripping off her work clothes and laying in her underwear under a light felt blanket.

“So, how was work?” her roommate, Abby, asked.

Cassie looked at her roommate, who had been out running. A toned skinny body, tall, with jet black hair and a slightly freckled face.

A devious smile crossed Cassandra’s face.  “Abby, let me tell you about my day at work - and then, I’m going to tell you about this lady I know named Rosa Lopez.”

The End

Special Thanks to Amanda!

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