Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vibrating with Sarah

I stood in the middle of the park and surveyed my surroundings.  The place was green, which was to be expected since there was a bayou creeping along the edge of the place, with a mixture of scrub oak, banana plants, with the occasional Japanese maple thrown in for color.  A winding concrete path circumnavigated the park, winding its way in and out of the small groves of trees, both beginning and ending in a metal framed children’s playground.  White fluffy clouds floated by overhead, changing the temperature from a solid ninety eight to a few degrees cooler in mottled patterns as the southern gulf coast breeze sent moisture northward. 

The park was mostly empty, the afternoon sun discouraging even the most avid jogger from ground pounding and had I not been wearing the massive brimmed sunhat I had snagged before heading out, I too would have been running to find a place indoors.  As it was I carried my own little umbrella perched atop my head, but at least I have to admit that I was fashionable.

The hat was white and made of straw and the brim was large enough to cover my shoulders.  The ivory cream of the hat matched perfectly with the white, flower print, summer dress I was wearing as well, a strapless number that had elastic sewn into the collar and beneath my breasts, encasing my bosom with cool, white cotton.  The blue flowers were large enough to prevent the dress from being see through, even though it was clinging to me quite dramatically.  Like I said, it was hot.

My feet were clad in flat soled sandals and since I had freshly painted my toenails to match my hair, I liked showing off my feet.  My legs were bare, all the way up to my upper thigh, were the dress, admittedly a little shorter than proper, clung.  It was the sort of dress that you could walk in, but really needed to think twice before skipping rope.  Underneath I was bare – no bra, no panties, and I could feel the breeze against my petals. 

There were a few oddities about my appearance though, the first being a black wire that came out from under the back of my dress, stretching to the canvas bag I carried.  Had a curious bystander bothered to look, or even more interestingly, traced the wire underneath my hemline, he’d have found it going straight to my bottom, disappearing into the tiny aperture there.  A more curious gentleman might even have pulled a little, just to see what would happen.  I can only imagine his surprise as eight, black, rubber encased, vibrating beads would slowly emerge from my depths.

Yes. I was wearing my anal beads.  And yes, the wire led to the battery case and remote.  Eight beads, ranging in size from grape to plum size in ascending order, were buried in my ass and trust me, I wasn’t all that happy about either.  At that particular moment they were gently rumbling, adding a sort of tremor to my stride that is tough to describe.  Of course, I wasn’t the only one with vibrating anal beads.  Somewhere else, a friend of mine was doing it too.  My thoughts went to Sarah and what she was going through.

Preparing to leave I put in my anal beads, and was quite wet courtesy of not having had an orgasm for over 24 hours. As I left home in the car I was thinking of how nice the weather was today, not being too cold for the assignment. Parking the car, I picked up the bag of toys and walked to find a spot away from the main walking path, with hopes that I wouldn't attract too much attention.

The rest of this tale from Breanne Erickson is available in her book "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut, Volume 8" available at  Click here to find out what happened next!

Breanne, you will attire yourself in your short, flower print summer dress and sandals.  You will bring a canvas bag filled with every motorized sex toy you own.    You will arrive at your location wearing only your anal beads (off).  Your pussy will be empty and you should be terribly horny – you will prepare for this assignment by not having an orgasm for an entire 24 hours prior to starting.  Once you have arrived at your chosen public spot, you will put on your butterfly clitoral vibe as well as the both vibrator nipple clamps.  Turn them, as well as the anal beads, to high.  Once you are ready, spread your legs and put in your six inch straight vibrator.  You are not allowed to touch yourself.  You will remain there, in public, on display.  Once you have cum from the six inch vibrator remove it and put in the seven inch “G” spot vibrator.  Again, remain on display until you’ve cum.  Remove the G Spot vibe and replace it with your natural looking dildo vibrator.  Again, stay on display until you cum.  Follow this procedure with your waterproof vibrator as well as your mini pocket rocket.  Once you are finished with these, remove the clitoral butterfly vibe as well as the mini pocket rocket, and strap on your RVP.  Turn both the vibration and rotation function to high   Once you have cum a single time from the RVP, you will keep the toys vibrating until you find a stranger to ask to turn them off.  Offer them sex in return for helping you.  – Master Dre

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