Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another Skeleton... Cindy's Adventures at A&E

Deep in the bowels of Michael Alexander Stories is the Skeleton Closet, a certain room sealed away, hidden from view.  Why?  The answer is simple.  We keep the dark and dirty secrets there, the stories we're ashamed we've even written.  Stories that can't be published because they violate every terms of use agreement in existence.  These are the stories we wish didn't exist, and yet they do, silent testament to the dark thoughts and fantasies that swirl through our minds.

Today we found another skeleton in that closet, a skeleton disturbing and violent and yet, with moments of sweet tenderness.  A "Dolcett" type fantasy emerged and scared the living shit out of Michael Alexander.  Is it worth reading?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not.  It all depends on you.  The skeleton closet has the stories that are vile and evil, and "Cindy's Adventures at A&E" certainly qualifies.

How do you find it?  Well, we're hardly going to tell you where the Skeleton Closet is... are we?  But it's not that hard to find if you're really looking for it!

* Cindy's Adventures at A&E
Cindy accompanies her father to A&E for a tour of their revolutionary meat processing facilities and is amazed at all the options. She's given an opportunity for tenderization her father can't refuse.
M+/f, toys, BDSM, extreme, torture, gynophagia, snuff, young,

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  1. Michael,
    This was an amazing story. It's scary of course, but just a little part of me wishes I could be Cindy. But only a LITTLE part! LOL!


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