Friday, September 14, 2012

In Need of A Rule of Stipulation

            Back in the days while I was in college, I used to spend a lot of time on the computer.  I was young, stupid, and if you’ve read “Coming of Age” you know all about my bad habits.  I was a cyber-sex addict, doing incredibly insane stuff with a microphone at my ear and a webcam showing me from the neck down.  I’d sit a few feet back from the monitor and camera so that everyone could see me properly and then I’d do….
            Well, maybe we shouldn’t get into that.  Why spoil the surprise, right?
            One of the very first things I established back then when I was an internet junkie was my personal rule.  It was posted to my profile page and it was very explicit.  “Every girl chatting on the internet should be stuffed with some sort of sex toy, preferably one that is vibrating, to keep her in the right mood while engaging in social intercourse.”  Or something like that.  If you are familiar with NHPS Rule #1, then you can see the archeological bones of my current rule.  Back then, my most common toy to keep inside me was a vibrator, though once I got my double vibroballs, I wore those a lot too. 
            I never just put on a show though.  That wasn’t my gig.  I liked challenge, of teasing the men who sought me ought.  One of my favorite things to do was challenge my various online friends to a game of digital pool.  I was pretty good at it and for the most part, made things very difficult for those who sought me out and wanted to make a bet.
            A bet?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Every game, or every set of games, had to have a bet.  I remember betting my clothes in exchange for a poem praising me as a sex goddess.  I bet putting clothespins on my nipples against getting to verbally order my opposite through a masturbation session.  I would bet doing all sorts of self-torture in exchange for… well… now that I think about it, I might have deliberately lost a few times.
            But eventually, just taking off my clothes or conducting an online webcam self-torture masturbation session wasn’t enough for me.  Or maybe it was a day when a friend wanted to play pool, but I didn’t have enough time to satisfy him.  So instead, I laid out a bet that was a little beyond anything I’d ever done before.
            “Okay, Kyle.  I’ll up the ante.  If you win, not only do you get a masturbation session, but I will give you a Right of Stipulation,” I said.
            Kyle’s typing came across the screen.  “What’s a right of stipulation?”
            “Simple.  If you win, from now on, I will follow a single stipulation for all of our conversations and games from here on in.”
            “A stipulation?”
           I nodded, grinning. “Sure.  For example, you can stipulate that I have to have clothespins on my nipples, or one on my clit, or even all three.  Or you can state that every time we converse the vibrator inside me has to be on full, regardless of the game we’re playing.”
            “What about an anal plug?”
            I winced, but nodded again. “Yes.”
            “Breast bondage?”
            I rolled my eyes.  “Troublesome, but yes.”
            “Hot wax?” he asked.
            “So you mean that even if we play a new game of pool, you have to start off with this stipulation?”
            The silence was golden, but then he was more than willing. 
            “All right, then the stipulation I want is clothespins.  The moment we start our conversation you will put a single clothespin on each nipple and your clit.”
            I can’t believe I lost that game.
            Kyle reveled in the new stipulation rule and tried to get me to bet another stipulation, mostly by offering to let me out of the current stipulation.  In the end, I lost again, mostly because I was already so distracted by the fact that I was trying to play online pool with a vibrator buzzing inside me, already clamped on my breasts and sex.  You try winning games like that!  But it still set a precedent and made it even more apparent that pain turned me on.
            It’s years later and this morning I got this email from Master Dan:

Dear Breanne,

  This isn't actually an assignment but instead a suggestion to Kari about a new routine for you. I enjoyed reading about the time you were ordered to sit on your prism and snap your feet with you cumming from the pain alone. However when reading about you using the computer for sexual use a couple of times (answering emails or chatting with doms), when you get ordered to hurt yourself immediately I've had a thought that has been bugging me.

 "Why isn't she already in pain during these sexual interactions since it would just turn her on more?"

  As such I feel that when you are using the computer for sexual purposes (including checking your emails and chatting with your online doms), and while you are capable of following NHPS rule #1, you should be in some form of sexual pain. Be it from clamps, spanking your clit, sitting on your prism, something else, or a combination of things. This should not be enough pain that it would cause you to rush or cut the time you would use the computer otherwise, however if you were only going to be on for a minute anyways it might as well be intense.

Looking forward to talking to you while you are even more turned on.

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  1. I think an anal plug would be da best. That cone thing from last assignment. Sit on that and hurt.

  2. I am most definitely in favor of NHPS rule#6 and believe that regardless of this it should be implemented. Perhaps a week of punishment you have assigned (which already includes this rule) could also double as its introduction.

  3. Sure Bre, I could build ya something. Maybe a couple of things. Let me thing about it.

  4. I'm in favor of NHPS Rule #6. But that might be tough to handle. Maybe only at the computer? If so, I suggest that you have to sit straddling the chair, and that a little mound with a tack mat be added, so that the pins dig into your pussy. Or maybe Mike can make something that gives you electric shocks?

  5. If you're on the computer, you should be in pain. I think you ought to only be allowed to sit on the edge of yoru chair, legs spread, with the jumbo alligator clamp onyour clit, and a one pound weight dangling from it. That ought to hurt you good.

  6. Let's up the ante, the conical plug in your ass, you sit on the prism, clover clamps on your labia dangling towards the floor, clover clamps on your nipples tied to weights slung over your shoulders, clothespin on your tongue tied tightly to alligator clamp on your clit.

  7. ^
    I don't think a clothespin on the tongue is a good idea. If she needed to respond to her mom it could cause trouble; it could also interfere if she had a video chat with one of her doms.

    I have already suggested a seat cushion that does something similar to what you said. We will see what Mike comes up with though.

    I prefer rule#6 in conjunction with rule number 1; giving Breanne a break during her TOTM and if she needs to recuperate from an assignment. I hope this wins, thanks for suggesting it Bre :).

  8. Guys, please bear in mind I have to be able to TYPE during all of this too!


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