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Taken - Part Two : Michael Alexander

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“Dispatch to all units.  Possible kidnapping.  White female, sixteen years of age.  Name: Penny McPeek.  Blond over blue.  Weight, ninety four pounds.  Last seen in West Milford at five thirty wearing a yellow skirt and white tank top. Be on the lookout for a white Buick Regal, out of state LP for possible connection with missing girl.”
            Pruitt stiffened in his seat but then relaxed again.  It was only six thirty.  West Milford was on the northern end of the state, closer to New York than to Maryland.  Logan was a good three hours south of Milford and unless the guy was flying, there was no way for him to be this close yet.  But Pruitt dutifully noted the make and model of the car, as well as the girl’s information, just in case.  It was what a good officer does.  He took another bite of his sandwich and pulled out his map.  A lot depended on where the kidnapper was going. If he was heading toward New York, the most likely destination, he’d head south and then east.  Philadelphia was always a possibility, but Pruitt was too far south of both Trenton and Philly to make it likely he’d see the vehicle.  He sighed and slumped back in his seat, picking up his peanut butter sandwich again.
            In his mind it was tough not to see Amelia, broken, bloody, and defiled. 


It was dark, very dark.  Penny blinked her eyes several times, the dried tears that crusted her eyelids falling away.  Her brain moved sluggishly as she tried to figure out what was going on, the steady hum and occasional thump that filled the tiny compartment only adding to her confusion.  The first thing she realized was that something was in her mouth.  It was making her jaw ache.  Her tongue pressed against it, trying to push it out, but it was unmovable.  Then something else caught her attention; a sharp ache.  And there was a buzzing, a sort of vibration, and it was coming from…
            She jerked her legs as her mind suddenly grasped the reality.  Something was inside her and it was buzzing!  She tried to bring her arms forward and down, wanting to grasp at whatever was violating her.  But they wouldn’t respond.  She twitched, struggling as her nerves reported slowly to her brain.  Her arms were drawn behind her back, secured together with something sticky at wrist and elbow.  Her ankles and knees were in a similar bind and as her foggy mind began to understand, she bit down into the rubber ball gag and screamed silently.
            The adrenaline ran out a few minutes later and all she could show for it was aching limbs.  Her bonds were too strong for her to pull free.  Her thrashing had only barely revealed to her the extent of her imprisonment.  She was in a container only a few feet wide, curled in an almost fetal position.  The ceiling was mere inches above her, and the scent of oil, fuel, and rubber filled her nose.  The ball gag didn’t seal her mouth completely and a steady trickle of saliva dribbled down her cheek, aggravating her even more.  But it was the steady buzzing between her legs that drove her mad.
            She tried to ignore it, but whatever was stuck inside her sex was relentless.  She tried squeezing, but that only amplified the sensation.  She tried to ignore it.  Impossible.  And as her mind slowly became more attenuated to her predicament, the lack of sensory input about her situation made the vibrations seem that much more prevalent.  Soon her hips were thrusting back and forth involuntarily.  She had no idea why.  She tried to focus her thoughts.   Where was she?  What had happened?  She tried to think back to the last thing she remembered.
            Penny’s eyes widened as the impact of what had happened to her filled her mind with terror.  She had been kidnapped!  Where was he taking her?  What was he planning on doing to her?  She kicked out, a new surge of panic giving her strength.  She was even able to ignore the torment between her legs.  But as quickly as her strength returned, it disappeared again, and she was left sobbing.  It was the vibrations that brought her out of her misery.  Her loins ripened in a way she had never experienced before.  In moments she was gasping again, but this time with horrified pleasure.  Her hips bounced with renewed force and the vibrations inside her pushed her toward an edge she never knew existed.
            The orgasm was hard and solid and sent Penny spiraling out in relieved ecstasy.  She sagged, moaning softly as her body betrayed her, responding to whatever it was between her legs.  As the euphoria began to fade away, she felt the unwavering vibrations again, still swirling within her depths.  Once more her loins began twitching and she wondered what was happening to her.  She took a shuddering breath and tried to focus.  What was that humming noise? 
            “Wait!  I’m in the trunk!” her sluggish brain finally told her.  She kicked again, struggling to move around in the confined space.  A moment later however the car started to slow.  Freezing in terror, Penny held still, hoping that her antics in the trunk hadn’t caught the attention of her kidnapper.  The slow crunch of tires finally stilled and the car stopped.  There was a moment of silence and then she heard the car door open.  Her heart hammered in her chest as footsteps came around to the back of the car.  She tried to scream as the trunk lid opened.
            He was standing there, looking down at her, silent.  The only illumination was the tiny yellow light in the lid and it painted him in a demonic glow.  Her eyes locked on his, the fear palpable in the tiny space.  Even the ever present stimulation between her legs disappeared.  Suddenly she kicked at him, trying to catch him in the chest, but he easily deflected her movement with his arm.  She screamed into the gag, fury overloading her and she fought him as best she could as he reached into the trunk.  His hands found her tank top and began ripping.  She twisted away, but he slipped one hand between her arm and side, grabbing her. 
            “Here it comes,” she thought.  “He’s going to rape me!”  Her shirt was torn, exposing her bra.  Full curves filled the contents despite her youth and inexperience.  His hands scrabbled against her skin and hurt her as he yanked hard on the straps.  Finally something gave and her right breast was exposed.  The man yanked again, almost as if he was angry, and no amount of struggling prevented him from tearing the bra from her.  The tank top was ruined, nothing more than a piece of white cotton material around her waist.  The bra he tore from her was tossed to the road.  She was left wearing just her panties and skirt.  She realized that one shoe was missing.
            Penny cowered in fear as he pulled something dark from his pocket.  He reached in again, grabbing her hair, and pulling her face toward the edge of the trunk.  Whatever it was that he held in his hand came up and he placed it against her right breast.  A sharp pinch on her nipple sent pain rippling through her and she cried out, a sobbing scream against the rubber ball gag.  A second crushing bite on her other breast finished his ministrations and he dropped her back down to the bottom of the trunk.  Through her tears she looked down at herself.  A heavy metal chain was stretched between her breasts, attached to her nipples.  The pain of the clamps was almost unbearable.  She pulled on her wrist bonds with all her might, but nothing came loose.  She lifted her head up and then was practically blown back into unconsciousness as he slammed the trunk closed, bouncing it off her skull.  Penny was driven into the bottom of the trunk dazed and hurting, a flurry of stars in her eyes.

            The car started up again and Penny slowly moved again.  The horrible pain in her bosom had faded slightly into a ghastly throbbing that felt as if someone were hammering nails through her flesh.  The only thing that made it even slightly bearable was the still constant trembling between her legs.  Already she could feel herself rising toward a pinnacle that she had not yet surmounted, her previous release being only a tiny foothill compared to what was coming.  At some point the pain in her breasts combined with the need between her legs and she cried as she felt herself forced into sexual expression.  She twisted violently, wishing to be rid of the feelings, not understanding why her brain and sex were so diametrically opposed to each other.  The orgasm came again, blasting her into oblivion as her hips rolled.  She stretched her legs out, pushing on the sides of the trunk, desperate in her sexual need.  Release was sweet, overwhelming her and sending her back into the darkness in sweet surrender, unwilling to fight it any longer.  She let out a shuddering breath as the adrenaline and endorphins faded and she was left with the pain and the hurt and the misery of her circumstances.  The clamps still chewed on her breasts.  Her arms were still bound behind her.  Her knees and ankles were still taped.  And inside her the demonic toy still purred, upsetting her equilibrium and bringing tears of shame to her young eyes.


            “Thank you ma'am for your cooperation.  You have fifteen days to contact the justice of peace and/or appear in court.  Here’s your driver’s license.  Please drive safely and keep your speed to the posted limit,” Pruitt said professionally.  He stood at the side of a white Honda Accord and handed the rather grumpy young woman her license.  The tags read New York and she had explained she was heading toward Washington, D.C., but Pruitt had stopped her for exceeding the speed limit by a good eighteen miles an hour.  Like most peace officers, he overlooked cars that were within ten miles an hour of the limit.  But eighteen was a bit more than acceptable.  The lady had been irritated with the interruption, but Pruitt consoled himself with the knowledge that she’d keep her speed down from then on, and most likely make it alive to her destination.
            He got back in his cruiser.  “Three twenty one to dispatch, ten-eight,” he enunciated carefully into his squad car’s radio.  The dispatcher acknowledged him just after he turned off his lights.  As he started to pull out into traffic, his radio squawked again, this time with information from his supervisor.
            “Three oh one to all units, be advised that SP units on 287 just south of Bridgewater report finding clothing believed to belong to the missing girl from West Milford.  All units need to be on the lookout for a white Buick, unknown model, with a white male driver, out of state LP.  He’s coming south, boys.  I want him.”
            Pruitt acknowledged when it was his turn and put the radio down.  He couldn’t imagine what they had found near Bridgewater, but it wasn’t a good thing.  Amelie had been found dumped in a vacant lot just outside of Philiadelphia, her torn and cut up body left naked so that dignity wouldn’t even  protect her from those that found her.  She had been arranged spread-eagled,  her rape a visible wound, dead staring eyes looking up with glassy precision.
            Pruitt closed his eyes and shoved the very thought of Amelie’s death out of his mind.  He had heard her screams often enough in his nightmares.  It did nothing for him to replay them during his waking hours.  Instead he focused on the southbound traffic, looking for a white classic Buick sedan.  Twenty minutes later, he saw one pass him, a white man in the driver’s seat.  He pulled out sharply, his mind not even really aware of the passage of time, and flicked on the blue and white lights.


            She was a riot of conflicting emotions as the car came to another stop.  Her breath caught in her throat and the mixture of pain and pleasure had turned her to jelly.  The constant sexual torment between her legs had taken its toll and she had suffered through multiple waves of release, her young and untried sex convulsing around the vibrating toy inside her.  Her throbbing nipples burned as any movement on her part caused the chain between them to pull in unexpected ways.  For a wild moment, she thought that perhaps a police officer had stopped the man and his car, and that she was about to be rescued. 
            But terror returned as the trunk lid opened.  The man with the narrow face and large glasses stood there, staring down at her.  Unlike the first time he had opened the trunk, lights danced behind him.  Penny blinked, trying to see where they were.  She contemplated sticking her head up, of fighting, and as she did, he reached in and grabbed hold of her legs, swinging them to the side.  Pain shot up through her shoulders and then her breasts as his fingers scrabbled at her waist.  As her skirt began to slide down her legs, she screamed into the gag and reared back, her feet coming up to kick him.  He deflected the movement completely, drawing her yellow skirt even farther down her body.  Her light pink panties scrunched with her movements, half off her bottom as she kicked again.  This time he slapped her ass hard.
            It stung, but it still wasn’t enough.  The next slap however came across the face and it stunned her.  She offered no further resistance as her skirt was taken.  She was barely conscious as the click of a lockblade knife hit her ears.  For a moment she was afraid he would cut her, but then the blade was slid between the cotton of her panties and the soft flesh of her hip.  He pulled and she heard tearing cloth.  The crotch of her panties bit into her sex, crushing the soft labia as he pulled and sawed at her underclothes.  Finally they tore and he yanked hard, leaving marks on her skin as he stripped her.  She aimed another kick, but it was no more effectual than the first.  He tossed aside her panties and then flipped her over.
            Penny screamed as she felt his fingers against her bottom.  He wasn’t slapping or spanking her.  Instead he grabbed her buttocks and spread them, probing her dark opening with his fingers.  She screamed, thrashing even as her breast were smashed against the floorboard of the trunk.  She heard him working behind her, another snap, and then something cool and oily was pressed against her anus.  

            He wasn’t gentle, but at least he allowed her a moment to prepare.  The glass dildo wasn’t driven in, only pushed with a steady pressure.  Even so, Penny still screamed, twisting her hips as if that would enable her to escape.  The chain between her breasts caught on something beneath her and she felt her nipples pulled taut.  Then the man pushed just a bit harder and the anal plug settled deeply into her ass, expanding upon the feeling of fullness she already was experiencing.  Then he picked up something from behind her.  The vibrations between her legs increased, moving toward a level that she absolutely feared.  Her sex tightened once again, but at the same time so did her bottom.  Her anus contracted around the plug and it hurt, even more than the clamps on her breasts.  The man backed away and slammed the trunk lid shut.  She sobbed even harder.  There was no comparison for the pain in her bottom.  She’d never experienced anything like it before.   And then there was the vibration, the horrible pulsation that kept her on edge and cumming over and over like some sort of sick sex doll.
            Her misery knew no bounds as her body fought with the awful sensations she was being subjected to.  Abject misery combined with humiliation, utter shame at her own weakness, her own body’s betrayal was almost more than she could handle psychologically.  She didn’t understand what was happening to her.  Everything hurt and all she wanted was for it to end. 
            The car began moving again and she huddled down.  Tears would have come but she was cried out and now only quietly sobbed in despair.  Her brain was too immolated in her position to contemplate what might be coming, or where she was being taken, and for what purpose.  All she knew was that she was lying naked in the trunk of a monster’s car and had been subjected to the most cruel and horrific violation she could imagine.  Even in exhaustion, her loins were pumping, shaking through the onslaught of sexual attention from the vibrator inside her. 
            Penny blinked in the darkness.  He had turned it up.  How had he done that?  She racked her mind back to the stop, to the limited light.  He had grabbed something, from behind her?  She began wiggling again, her bound arms questing.  She stretched, reaching down toward her bottom, but the bound elbows made it impossible for her to reach the base of the anal plug, much less whatever it was that had been stuck inside her sex.
            Finally she rolled, enduring the agonizing pull on her clamped and chained breasts, all in order to feel what she recognized as a wire wrapping around her legs.  Another turn, punctuated by muted cries of pain and an ever increasing tension between her thighs, brought a small rectangular box against the back of her leg.  With a cry of triumph, she rolled back and twisted, moving her body slowly until her fingertips finally found the remote.  Slowly she drew it into her hand and then with her thumb, turned the little wheel she felt on the side of the box.
            The vibrations slowed and as she spun it down farther they ended.  It was sweet success and Penny burst into a fresh set of tears as the relief hit her.  She still ached, her breasts and ass throbbing with the abuses laden upon them, but at least she had stilled the villainous sensations that threatened to unhinge her.  How could she enjoy any part of what was happening to her?  With the vibrations silenced, Penny was able to suffer properly, without feeling the guilt of her predicament.   Slowly, she drifted into sleep, her mind starting to block the pain.

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