Friday, June 29, 2012

Coming of Age Now Available!

Michael Alexander Stories is pleased to announce the release of Breanne Erickson's latest novel: "Coming of Age - A BDSM Romance".

Synopsis: The sexual awakening of a south Texas farm girl takes her into a submissive relationship with Kari, her best friend, as well as into the emotion laden realms of love, pleasure, humiliation, pain and betrayal.

Codes: FM/fm, real, BDSM, humiliation, heavy

Length: 126,000 words, 31 Chapters.

"Coming of Age" is currently available in e-book format exclusively from  Even more exciting is this book's enrollment in the KDP Select Program, meaning you can "check" out the book for free if you are a member of the Select Program.   

To read a free sample (the prologue and chapter one), please visit Breanne's website!

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