Friday, March 16, 2018

Driving Toward Torment - Part Four

This is Part Four of a multi-part story. Please be sure to Read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

Alex took the simple route. He picked me up. I gasped, but clung to him as he carried me out of Mike’s workshop, past the closed door of the master bedroom, where a number of interesting noises were already being made, and into the living room. He set me down on the easy chair and looked at me.
“Spread your legs,” he said, his voice thick with need as he kicked off his boots and began unbuckling his belt. I quickly opened myself up, my bright red slit gaping wetly as I swung my legs up over the armrests of the chair. I watched hungrily as Alex's jeans came down, revealing a set of tight shorts. His cock was a thick bulge beneath the material.
“Just how desperate for cock are you?” He asked.
“Insanely,” I whispered.
“So you need to cum.”
I nodded frantically. He shrugged. “There's a cost.”
My eyes widened. “Haven't I paid it already?”
“You might have a claim on Mike for an orgasm. But not from me. So it will cost you.”
I gave him a strained look. I just wanted cock goddammit. Was that so fucking hard? “Don't you want to cum too?” I wheedled.
Alex grinned. “Of course, but my orgasm doesn't cost anything. I don't have to pay you anything to stick my dick in your hole. That's just my right. And honestly, if I'm going to fuck you, I want it to be after you suffered.”
Suddenly I felt exposed. “What do you want?” I whispered.
He pulled his leather belt out of his jeans. “Twenty strokes,” he said. “With my belt, interspersed with twenty licks of my tongue.” He pointed at my open slit.
My eyes widened. “Alex, I was just whipped there.” He nodded.
“I know. But a moment ago, you asked me to whip you. So I'm going too.” He knelt down, lifting the end of the belt. I gasped as he gently stroked the folds of my sex with the leather. Then, eyes glittering, he raised his hand six inches up and swung down hard.
I cried out sharply and jerked my legs closed, only to have Alex's hands stop me, holding me open. At the same time his face dropped down and his mouth surrounded my clit, licking eagerly. My stuffed ass came up off the seat and I put my hands on his head, pushing against him. He was too strong for me though, and besides, the sting became heat and the soft swirl of his tongue and the gentle sucking sent ripples of exquisite ecstasy through my entire body. My toes curled and I moaned.
“The beads,” I gasped. “Turn them on.”
Alex, his mouth still plastered to my clitoris, groped around, found the controller, and pushed the wheel. The anal beads started shaking in my ass and I went rigid, pushing up against the suction of Alex's mouth. Waves of pressure overwhelmed me.
“Alex!” I blubbered. He let go of my clit and glanced up at my flushed face. Then he swung his hand again, the belt slapping sharply against my petals. I squealed and jerked, only to find I was still held in place. His mouth came down, tongue stabbing at my clit. I quivered, my entire body surging with orgasmic energy. I clenched my teeth, eyes shut.
“Alex! I'm … I'm … going to cum!” I managed to hiss.
I felt his mouth lift and the belt flashed. A hard, fiery sting flared across my mound and I clenched my fists as I thrust my loins up into the air. The belt struck again and I kicked my feet wildly, too many sensations hitting me for my brain to comprehend them all. Pain and pleasure both mixed, became amplified, and with one more vicious cut of Alex's belt across my vulva, I let loose.
Only part of me was aware of being dragged out of the chair, but I sure as hell felt it when he jammed his fingers in me and yanked out the vibroballs. His body loomed up above me and I cried out in utter satisfaction as he drove his cock into my cunt. He spread me open, but then straddled my legs, forcing my knees together. His shaft worked through the remnants of my climax and I shuddered, flinching as he pounded into my pussy with strong thrusts. Fluids erupted around his cock as I came, filled to the brim with his manhood.
Alex slowed down, taking his time as the energy left me. While his hips continued to grind, my body lost any resemblance of rigidity and my consciousness seemed to float above us. I felt the coarseness of his pubic hair on my sex, but while irritating, I couldn't seem to affect it. Alex's breathing deepened as I slipped into the sexual euphoria I craved. A minute later Alex was straining and he yanked himself out of my pussy, his hand grabbing his wet cock. He lunged to the side, pumping his fist.
“Open up, Bre!” He gasped. I turned my head and opened my mouth as he rammed himself between my lips. I barely had a second to suck on him when he groaned, white cream shooting from his cock. I swallowed the first shot, but he pulled back and let the next three squirts splatter my face and chest. I licked my lips, tasting his cum, but most of it landed on my cheek and nose.
Alex sighed and sat back, his dick going limp in his hand. Slowly I sat up, his jizz dripping from my face, down my neck. I groped around, found the controller to the anal beads, and turned them off. Alex didn't say anything, but he had a stupid, vacant smile on his face. I rolled onto my knees, ignored the dripping goo, and gently took hold of his cock.
“Oh, yeah,” he groaned as I suckled him. He was soft and I tasted both our flavors for a moment before I finished cleaning him off. Alex lay back and I kept sucking, caressing his balls until he sighed and spoke.
“Keep doing that and I'll have to fuck you again.”
So I kept doing that. His hand found my shoulder and gently pushed me away from groin. He looked at me, at my cum covered face, and shook his head. “Don't you ever get enough?” He asked with a grin. I shook my head.
“Never,” I said. “You only gave me four strokes.”
His eyebrow went up. “It was all you needed.”
I leaned back, sat on my bottom, and spread my legs. My pussy was bright red, but the petals opened. I was soaked. “You owe me sixteen more strokes,” I told him. “Not to mention your tongue.”
“Bre, you just came. You can’t honestly tell me that you’re in any kind of condition to take that kind of stimulation.” Alex shook his head. “You might as well just ask Julie to cane your feet while you’re straddling the wheel again.”
I blinked. Julie was going to cane my feet. And where better to do it, then with me kneeling over that awful, amazing, perfect, spinning wheel? I closed my legs. “I’m uh… I’m going to go get cleaned up.”
He nodded, still smiling. “Okay.”
I walked away, dripping, and already thinking about my next orgasm.

To be continued...

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