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Driving Toward Torment - Part Three

This is Part Three of a multi-part story. If you haven't read Part One, please click HERE. If you haven't read Part Two, please click HERE.

Julie stood in front of me, staring at my straining body, hands on her hips. She looked hungry, almost feral, and I suddenly felt a prickling sensation of fear as my vulnerability was assessed and catalogued. Then she abruptly turned, marched to the door leading to the garage, and knocked loudly.
I knelt there as Mike the Hardware Guy stuck his head out and looked at Julie. He studied her for a moment. Then he cocked his head to the side. “Why are you wearing clothes?” He asked her.
Julie let out an exasperated huff. Then she pointed. Mike looked over toward me and Alex. He smiled, in deep appreciation.
“Wow. Perfect. Oh. Hey Alex. Glad you could make it. Come on back and give me a hand.”
Alex shrugged, reached out, and ran his fingers through my dripping, buzzing slit. I hissed, but not in displeasure. Oh god no. It was amazing. His hand just casually caressed my sex, fingers fluttering against my petals.
And there had been nothing I could do to stop him.
You know, if I'd wanted to.
“We'll be just a minute, darling.” Mike smiled, not at me, but at Julie. “Would you keep Bre company?” Julie nodded as Alex brushed past her, disappearing into the garage, leaving me bound and helpless with a warped, sadistic, sexually charged woman.
Julie went to one of the nearby worktables and pulled out a bottle of oil. It was clear, but she still sniffed it once before pouring a fair amount into her palm. She pressed her oil filled hand to my leg, right against my inner thigh, her fingers brushing my sex. Oil streamed down toward my knee, coating my skin, right before she slid her hand across my flesh. Make no mistake, this was a caress, meant to excite me, and it didn't fail. She poured another handful of oil into her glistening hand and did the other leg.
“I love you like this,” Julie said softly. “Even knowing what Mike and I are about to do to you, I love it.” She slid her hand across soaked skin, making me hum as her oiled fingers delved into my vibrating sex.
“Wha… what are you… what is Mike going to do to me?” My voice shook, but from the strain of my bondage, the pain inflicted upon me, or from the waves of pleasure streaming up from where she rubbed me, I know not.
Julie bit her lip. “He did it to me. Last night. Not bound like this. I was able to pull away. And with a different wheel of course. Not the one he’s going to use on you.” She pushed her fingers into me and I groaned, hips rolling. “But I know what you're about to suffer.” She leaned forward and kissed my belly. “And it excites me.” Another hot kiss, her fingers against the vibroballs. “I can't wait until you're screaming with need, this sweet little clit mashed into paste.” Her thumb pressed hard on my clit.
I gasped. I trembled. I couldn't move forward or back as she pleasured me. So instead I asked a question.
“Julie? Why were you naked when I got here?” I asked softly. “And why weren't you expecting Alex?”
Julie pulled back, taking her fingers from my sweet spot. A strange expression flashed across her face. For a moment she wrestled with the question. Then she looked around the room. “You need a gag,” she said softly, almost to herself.
“Julie?” I winced as I shifted, my muscles beginning to ache from being forced into a single position. She twisted away as if I'd slapped her. She grabbed a leather crop, and took up a position behind me. For a moment, I had no idea what she was going to do. Then she snapped the little leather end hard against my right foot, smacking the upturned sole. I squealed, toes curling, as my pussy tightened hard around the vibroballs. She hit me again, this time on the other foot, taking her time to target me. I clenched my teeth, not because it hurt, though it did. I bit down because the pain was shooting up my legs straight to my loins and I was closer to coming than I’d been in the fucking Jeep! I gasped, twitching madly as she swung a third time, except my bottom was the target and instead of using just the end, she whipped the entire cane-like tool across my buttocks.
“Aaarrrgggghhh!” I cried out, jerking my top half back and forth, far enough to both choke myself and make it feel like my nipples were being torn off my body. I flinched backward, my nipples burning as the ridged clover clamps tightened. For a moment I thought she was going to hit me again, but instead she came around, lifted the crop, and pushed the shaft against my lips. I had no choice but to open up.
“Bite it,” she whispered. “Don't let it fall. Or while your pussy is getting beaten I will burn the soles of your feet with it.”
I nodded, leaving me helpless. She let go of the stick and I held it between my teeth. She ran both hands down my front, and then began patting my sex, driving a finger into the dripping folds with each fresh blow. The pace and force picked up and I wheezed around the crop. Her hand kept slapping my unprotected slit, splattering the juices, her palm both hurting and exciting me.

I tried to say her name but couldn't form the word. I was contemplating letting go, allowing the crop to drop, when the door to the garage opened and Mike and Alex entered, carrying a heavy, sheet-covered object into the room.
Julie stepped back away from me, startled. Then she adopted a casual pose and leaned against one of the workbenches as Mike and Alex moved their burden up to me, pushing it between my outstretched legs. With the crop still between my teeth, I stared down at it. One thing immediately concerned me. The part closest to my open crotch was large and rounded. Mike was a man with a fetish for automatic torment devices and a circular form played a large role in his imagination. (Get it? Roll?)
Mike pushed it all closer to me and pulled back half the sheet, revealing what looked like a bicycle wheel. The tire and tube had been removed however, replaced with thin strips of leather attached to the aluminum rim with screws. They were spaced every few inches. There were a lot of them. I gulped, knowing now what was coming. A beating, of my pussy. As the wheel turned the straps would fly out, striking my clit and petals, sliding through my sex, and then coming back to repeat the process over and over.
In the past, Mike the Hardware Guy had preferred electric motors to do the dirty. This time, it seemed he had something more personal in mind. Behind the wheel, a few feet further down the metal frame, was a set of bike pedals. I could see instantly that anyone pushing, or cranking for that matter, those pedals, would set the wheel of straps between my thighs spinning. The faster the wheel went, the more likely centrifugal force would draw out the leather, which would then encounter something soft, sweet, wet, and sensitive.
Yay me.
But then I noticed something odd. There was another chain, going backward, toward the part of Mike’s machine that was still covered with the cloth. I wasn’t really in a position to consider the obvious ramifications. Mike pushed his device under me, the wheel only a few inches away from my sex. I glanced down to see him lift one of the straps, measuring it to see if it would impact where he wanted. He seemed satisfied that it would nail my clit with the top inch of each strap, and turned and gave Alex a thumbs up.
“Are you ready Bre?” He asked wickedly, giving me a quick smile. I squealed something unintelligible through the crop in my teeth and squirmed. He nodded, as if he’d understood, or as if I’d said, “sure. I’m ready for you to whip me between the legs. Go for it.”
“I’ve made this for the Society,” he said then, gesturing at the machine. “The wheel is adjustable in height, so even that little waif Amanda can be whipped. I’ve also got a couple of different wheels. There’s a feathered one I used on Julie last night which made her cum like three times,” he explained. Julie blushed and looked away.
I tried to say “oh, can I try that one instead?” Of course no one could understand me.
“You get to try the extreme version,” he patted the wheel affectionately. “The problem we face though, is timing. How much of this can you take? Or should you take? So I decided to add a mechanism that would help with that.” With a flourish, he yanked the sheet back.
There was a seat, and not a bicycle seat, but something that looked more suitable for a go-kart. It was black, tilted backward an impressive degree, and had an adjustment bar so you could move it forward and back. More importantly, the second chain from the pedals went under it. In the very center, tilted up at an angle and pointing upward through a custom hole, right in the center of the seat, was a thick, black phallus, already lubricated and wet. My eyes widened as I added everything up.
Mike turned to look at Julie. “I told you, I wanted you naked,” his voice firm. “There was a reason for it.”
Julie’s mouth dropped.
“You’re the timer,” he explained, gesturing at her lower half. “You’ll sit here and pedal. That will spin the wheel smacking Breanne’s pussy, while at the same time it will pump that thick dildo in and out of your cunt. When you cum, she’s done.”
Alex crossed his arms expectantly, looking at Julie.
“But Mike!” She exclaimed, glancing at Alex. “Please!”
Mike just smiled. He walked around his machine and put his big, meaty hands on my mistress’ shoulders. “Sweetheart, I want you naked. You’re beautiful. I want you cumming. And I want Breanne to both suffer and cum too. You know how she gets when someone belts her pussy. Please?”
Julie glanced at Alex uncomfortably, but then nodded in agreement. She straightened up and Mike helped pull her polo shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra beneath, but she didn’t bother to conceal herself either. The tiny points of her breasts were cute and barbell piercings went through both. Then she pushed the shorts off herself, leaving her bony hips exposed, as well as the dark pink, incredibly wet slit that was about to get stuffed stupid. Mike held out his hand as she stepped out of her clothes, and helped her over to the machine. Alex watched from nearby, arms crossed, admiring the second naked woman in the room. She straddled the seat and lowered herself down, groaning softly as she worked herself onto the phallus. I’m not sure if it was fully extended, but it took her a minute, and more than a little wiggle, to get herself comfortable.
I got a good view as she put her bare little feet on the plastic pedals. The phallus spread her folds wide and the angle of the chair made it easy for me to look between my pulled up breasts and see Julie's sex. She was already panting.
Or maybe hyperventilating.
I, on the other hand, seemed calm by comparison, especially considering the fact that both the vibroballs in my pussy and the beads in my ass were all vibrating, my breasts were throbbing, clamped and bound to the ceiling, and I was literally kneeling over a space now occupied with a wheel full of leather straps, meant to strike me repeatedly between the legs.
Julie pushed and the gear between her ankles rotated. But while the rubber cock between her legs drove deeper by a few inches, there wasn't enough force, or speed, to make the wheel beneath me turn more than 180 degrees. I felt a breeze on my skin. Nothing else.
But Julie clearly enjoyed the sensation. She gasped, stiffening, and pumped her feet again, intent on drawing the probe embedded in her pussy out. This time she kept pedaling, pushing the cock back in. I glanced down, chest heaving as the wheel between my legs picked up speed.
“That's it, sweetheart. Fuck yourself. Hard and fast. Look up at her. Breanne needs a good pussy whipping!” Mike put his hand on Julie's breast, squeezing her nipple gently.
“Oh!” She cried out and her knees bent, pedal turning. I braced myself and then felt the first stroke, the smack of the leather against my sex. The strap was drawn away and a new tongue lapped at my pussy. I whimpered, then moaned, and as the speed increased, I cried out. Blow after blow kissed my slit and in moments I was feeling the stinging heat. As Mike intended, it combined with the arousal created by the vibroballs and anal beads. My hips began to churn, involuntarily, thrusting to meet the straps as Julie peddled herself toward orgasm, dragging me along with her.
“Out of curiosity,” asked Alex through the wet sound of the leather slapping at my pussy. “What happens if the girl pedaling tries to go easy on the girl kneeling?”
I bit down on the crop, my entire body shuddering. Pain and pleasure, both sensations, totally mixed and fucked up, streamed up from between my legs. My body shook with need and I could feel the splatter of sex juice all over my thighs. The leather was becoming wet too, licking softer and with more sting. Julie, pumped her feet fast, moaning, her body trembling as the thick dick went up and through her, clearly sending her into orbit just as efficiently as my ride was doing to me. My god I was close. I could feel it! Just around the corner.
“I installed a timer switch,” Mike replied. “It gets depressed every time a full revolution of the main gear is turned. But it has got a five second timeout, then it operates a solenoid that closes a circuit compatible with the mobile TENS units the Society has.”
Alex nodded. “So pedal or fry?” Mike grinned.
Julie's face was turning red and her hips were flung forward. I could see the juices leaking from her well pummeled sex, but whatever she was experiencing was nothing compared to the snapping fury of heat between my legs. I shook my head and began pulling on the leg bindings. Then my jaw slipped, the crop fell, striking the wheel, and it launched sideways like missile. I didn't see where it landed. I didn't care. It gave me another avenue of protest and I let out a blubbering cry. I squeezed the anal beads and vibroballs tight and felt it. I was going to cum. Finally! Oh my god. I thrust my hips forward. SNAP * SNAP * SNAP * SNAP * SNAP. My clit, engorged and burning, mashed into paste, couldn’t take it anymore. I clenched my teeth as my climax built, rushing toward a pinnacle that would leave me weeping.
But Julie got there first.
Her feet jerked to a stop as her over sensitized pussy smarted and the wheel of straps came to a halt. For one long, bewildered second, I tried to figure out what had happened. Why did the straps stop? I looked down in horror. Juice wasn’t dripping from my cunt. It was practically pouring.
“No!” I blubbered. “No! PLEASE! PEDAL! PLEASE! OH GOD NO!” I cried out, half mad with desire. My hips shook and I thrust them lewdly.
Julie, her face red, shook her head. “I...I can’t” she whispered.
I looked down at her in panicked disbelief. “Julie! Pedal! Don’t leave me like this! Hurt me! Whip me! Please! I’m so close!” I let out a choked sob and tried kicking my feet, but bound as I was… impossible.
Her foot moved and the pedal rotated maybe a hundred and eighty degrees before it stopped, her hands going down to where the massive dildo was still impaled in her pink crevasse. She looked up at me in frustration.
“I can’t!” She wheezed. Then, as I let out another furious cry, making the frame of the kneeler shake, she pushed herself up and off the dildo, and literally fell into Mike’s waiting arms. He held her as she shook and I didn’t know if she was crying or still just feeling the effects of her orgasm. The orgasm denied me.
My own climax, just inches away, began to recede and I groaned, tears pouring down my cheeks. Alex came up and quickly removed the clover clamps from my tits, adding in a whole new dimension for my agony. Blood rushed back into the tips of my crushed breasts. I tried to fall into his arms, but the fucking bungee cord choked me and kept me upright. Alex quickly reached up and pulled the hook out of the collar’s ring. Then he held me.
“Fuck me,” I sobbed into his ear. “Please, fuck me?” I felt Alex’s chuckle, rather than heard it and I could barely believe the words that came out of my mouth. “Or whip me. Between the legs. With your belt. Or spank my pussy! Anything! I just need to cum!”
Suddenly Julie spoke. She was looking at me. “Her feet. I told her if she dropped the crop we’d cane the bottoms of her feet.”
Alex looked at me. “Is that true?” He asked softly. I nodded, still trembling. Alex sighed and let me go, picking up the cane. He moved around behind me, and whipped it down, just once, on my left foot. I squealed, bucked, curled my toes, but that meant nothing thanks to the straps and steel holding me down. He moved to the other side and did the exact same damn thing.
“There,” he said, tossing the crop away. His fingers went to the steel hoops, loosening them, freeing my legs. Then, much to my chagrin, he turned off both the vibroballs and anal beads. The rumbling in my lower half stopped, and I let out a wail of frustration, slumping into Alex’s arms. I was still horny as hell. Still hurting at my breasts and groin and now even the bottoms of my feet. But the strain of being up on the machine… my god… it was a relief to come down.
“That’s it?” Julie asked, more energy in her voice now that she'd recovered from the euphoria of orgasm. “Two strokes? She's earned twenty! To each foot!”
Alex shrugged. “She took like two hundred to her cunt, Julie. Look at it,” he pointed at my loins. “She’s all swollen and red.”
“Please?” I whimpered. “Will someone please make me cum?”
“Julie,” Mike said reprovingly. “Hasn't she suffered enough?”
“Enough?” Julie asked incredulously. “It's Breanne for God's sake! When is it ever enough?” She stamped her bare little foot. “She is my submissive and I will punish her for going against my wishes. Twenty strokes!”
I let my hand drop down between my legs, gasping as my nails found my brutalized clit. A surge of energy shot up through me, eliciting a gasp as I worked a finger deep into my sex. Alex looked down at me with a grin.
“She's got a point, Mike. This is Bre we're talking about.”
Mike sighed. “Well, I'm too horny right now to wait. So I'm going to take Julie back to our bedroom and fuck her brains out. Looks like Bre needs something similar. We will do the girls, then bring that back here so that Julie can cane Bre's feet.”
Julie seemed like she was about to protest but then she nodded. Mike grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room. I heard the bedroom door shut. I looked over at Alex.
“Will you please fuck me now?” I begged.
He grinned. “Is your pussy up for that?”
I groaned. “Oh god yes.”

To be continued...

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