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Driving Toward Torment - Part Five

This is Part Five of a multi-part series. Please read Parts One, Two, Three, and Four.

I took my time cleaning up and when I returned to Mike's workroom my face was clean, my teeth brushed, the cum scrubbed from my chest and legs, and the vibroballs nestled gently in the well-used depths of my pussy. They were silent though, since the remote had been left on a bench.
The anal beads however were lightly humming, already setting my lower half up for what I hoped would be another mind blowing climax, presuming Julie went for it. I walked in with the anal bead remote in my hand, the wire stretching up to my butt. Mike and Alex were tinkering with the machine and I saw that the wheel with the leather straps was still connected. Julie was dressed, back in the shorts and polo shirt, looking at me with a surly expression as she leaned against one of the nearby benches. I felt a little awkward as the only naked person around.
I went right up to Julie and knelt down at her feet. It was a classic pose; knees wide apart so that she could see the abraded, swollen state of my clit, hands resting on my thighs, palms up to indicate willingness, breasts thrust forward, presenting the softest parts of me for her pleasure. I kept my eyes down.
“Mistress, I am ready for my punishment,” I said simply.
Julie snorted. “Good. I'm going to whip your feet. Twenty strokes.” She gave me a steely-eyed look. “Each.”
I nodded. “Yes mistress, but might this submissive offer more?”
Mike's head popped up and he gave me a curious look. Alex studiously ignored me and continued working on the machine. It looked like he was removing the seat Julie had gotten fucked in.
“I'm listening,” Julie said. She swung her foot forward and her big toe touched my slit. I gasped slightly at the unexpected touch. She wiggled the digit and it slid up between my petals easily. I struggled to remain still. “My goodness, Bre. So wet?” Julie teased me.
“I would like to trade strokes for minutes,” I said breathlessly, trying to ignore her toe wiggling in my sex.
“Minutes?” She asked curiously, still foot fucking me. “Minutes of what?”
I took a deep breath. “Minutes on the machine. Ten minutes in exchange for ten fewer strokes.”
Mike stood up and hurried over. “Bre, you need to think about this. You weren't able to take six minutes the first time.”
That wasn’t quite true, not from my perspective. Julie was the one who couldn’t handle six minutes. Six simple minutes of a damned dildo being driven into her pussy. I could have handled that. And I didn’t even get a chance to cum while straddling the wheel the first time. I didn't look up at him. “Julie can pedal if she wants, or ask someone else to do it,” I replied with a shrug.
“Yeah, but ten minutes? What if you cum before the time limit is up?” Mike looked really concerned.
I took a deep breath. “Then I endure the punishment like a good little fuck slut.”
Mike looked at Julie, who shrugged. Then she pulled her toe away from my sex. She lifted her foot up. “Suck it clean,” Julie demanded, posing like a perverted ballerina. I lifted my chin and opened my mouth, letting her stick her toe back in me. Different hole.
“She'll need a safe word,” insisted Mike to his girlfriend.
Julie grinned, her leg lifted, her toe in my mouth. “Big toe,” she said wickedly, pulling her foot away from me. She bent over at the waist. “And if you use it, the punishment you get tomorrow will make what I'm going to do to you next look like a walk in the park.” She waved her hand. “Well go on. Climb up there.”
I stood up quickly and went to the platform. The two kneelers beckoned, the steel hoops open and waiting for my ankles. Alex was there, again, able to lift me up. I spread my legs, over the leather strapped wheel and my heart suddenly began to pound. I knew what this would feel like now. It would sting. There would be heat. And I’d be driven into madness with desire.
What the fuck is wrong with me? How could I want something like this?
“I have to strap your legs down,” Alex told me softly. “We can’t have you falling.”
I nodded. “You guys might consider some sort of waist bar or something too,” I said wryly. Alex grinned.
“Yeah. Mike and I already discussed it.”  His fingers moved the steel hoops and secured my ankles down. The Velcro straps came next. Mike came over, holding the clover clamps.
“Do we really need those?” I asked plaintively.
“Damn right we do,” Julie said. She was at the bench where the various canes and crops were laid out and she picked up a thin, plastic number that had a lot of flexibility. It would cut and sting like the dickens. I gulped.
Mike gave me a sympathetic smile, then let the clover clamps bite down on my nipples. Pain rushed through my bosom again and I gasped, taking it all in. For a long moment I wondered if I was being incredibly stupid.
“Alex pedals,” Julie declared as Mike strung up my tits for the second time. I groaned, my fingers clenching into fists. I didn’t know what to do with my hands. Then Mike grabbed my wrists and clipped the bondage cuffs together, behind my back. I watched as Alex brought over a folding chair and set it down just in front of the gear. Then Mike hooked the bungee cord to the collar and I was pulled upright.
Oh my god. Was I really going to do this? Again?
Julie moved behind me, cane raised, and she waved it at Alex. “Well. Go on. Pedal. Start.”
Alex gave me a direct look. “Big Toe. That’s the safe word,” he reminded me. I nodded.
“She knows, damn it!” Julie said. “She asked for this.”
Alex checked his watch. “Ten minutes.” He put his feet on the pedals. I sucked in a breath as the wheel started to turn. It spun up. Faster and then faster, the leather straps swinging out. I felt the first graze, then the first true smack striking my vulva. I gasped as the wheel spun and it bit into me, snap snap snap snap. A harsh stinging sensation bloomed between my legs. Then the vibroballs roared to life and I cried out, slinging my hips forward, thrusting into the wheel. Pain shot through my loins, but I’d been right. It didn't just hurt. It felt good too.
Then a sharp line of fire was drawn across the sole of my left foot. It burned like hell and I cried out, toes curling. I tried kicking, but my ankle pulled against the metal hoop and had nowhere to go. The burn became a sting, which began to fade into heat, all as the leather straps whacked at my sex. I felt the arousal, the buzz of the vibroballs, the shaking of the anal beads, and the cruel, steady impact of the leather strap striking my clit. I grit my teeth. What had I been thinking? Ten minutes? I wasn’t going to last five!
Then a fresh cut of the cane bit into me, but it wasn’t across my foot. It slashed across my bottom and I jerked forward, choking as the collar cut off my air. I let out a muted scream, but the sting of Julie’s stroke surged into the other pains and pleasures. For a second I thought of my safe word, but then struggled through the moment.
Julie appeared in front of me with a grin. “I said I’d space out the strokes to your feet. One per minute.” She wiggled the cane. “I never agreed to hold off on beating the rest of you.” She lifted the whippy little stick and began striking the undersides of my boobs. Not slashing mind you, just hard taps. But from my position, it was awful. And she was catching the nipples too. I squealed and twisted, but that just made the clover clamps tighten down. The collar pulled at my throat and Julie stood up on tiptoe, just to make sure the tops of my breasts weren’t feeling left out. I squealed, grimacing through the pain. Then she moved back around me, and I felt a fresh stroke cross my ass.
“That’s it!” Julie cried. “Pump those hips!”
Between my legs the sound of the leather striking changed. It became heavier and I knew that the straps were soaking up my juices. I was gushing. I was pumping. I was…
Oh god. No. Not yet. We were just a minute or two in! I couldn’t! Oh shit! Oh fuck no!
I threw my head back and cried out, “Oh my god! I’m cumming!” just as Julie left a fresh welt across my right foot. Mike, Alex, and Julie all looked up at me in shock. Alex kept pumping. Julie just stood there, eyes wide. Mike’s mouth hung open.
Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap * Snap
The adrenaline that surged through me burned up and the euphoria faded. My vision, which had darkened as my heart pounded, cleared. My brain, unable to differentiate between the myriad sensations streaming in from all parts of my body for so long, suddenly separated them. I felt the throbbing ache of the clover clamps, clinging tightly to my nipples. I felt the lack of oxygen from my tightly bound throat. I felt the residual sting of where Julie had hit me, fresh welts that I knew would remain visible for days. I’d be limping on the way home. And worst of all was the burning, smacking, heat of the sodden straps, spanking my swollen, abraded, tenderized, poor clit. I shuddered, only then realizing that tears were pouring down my cheeks. I shuddered, at the end of my limits. So I whispered my safe word.
“Big toe.”

The end of this tale. But there will be more... we promise!

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  1. Breanne, that was awesome. I'm wondering if Mike would consider a two wheel modification that could whip both labia or your tits. Maybe add a dildo that pumps into you at the same time?


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