Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm pleased to announce that Michael Alexander Stories took a major leap forward today as we activated the VIP LOUNGE for a select few readers. The LOUNGE is a membership area for BDSM erotica lovers who appreciate my work. Currently, the VIP LOUNGE houses:

1. The New Story Archive - containing over two hundred pages of new material. Six new stories including the completed Breanne novel "The Trip".

2. The Character Corner - this private area is still under construction, but will eventually contain the Michael Alexander Concordance, private interviews with characters, pictures, and journals, as well as "character stories".

3. Breanne's Toybox - Newly constructed and better than ever, Breanne's Toybox contains new artwork, Breanne's essays, and most importantly: the complete archive of Breanne's Ongoing Daily Assignments. Don't worry though, Breanne's newest adventures will still be posted here on my blog. But if you've only just joined us, then you'll need to come to the lounge to catch up!

4. Choose Your Own Adventure Novel - "The Club" the first of what I hope will be many CYOD erotic stories is a fresh concept in the erotic fiction world. Like the children's story books of your younger years, the CYOD novel "The Club" gives you the opportunity to guide your own destiny. Choose one of the many ladies of the club and find a different adventure. Come back again and again and read all of the many different paths you can choose from!

5. The Skeleton Closet - Some of us have darker dreams and perversions, things that are so terrible we don't dare let them see the light. Only the bravest go into the closet, but only because we aren't sure if the skeletons we will find there are previous guests... or worse. Come and open the closet and read "Biten" to find out just what Holly must endure.

6. Art Gallery - Michael Alexander Stories has a great deal of fresh and new artwork. While not currently ready yet, the Art Gallery will be single spot for fans to examine enlarged versions of the photos, original artwork, and manga used in Michael Alexander Stories!

Right now the VIP Lounge is being tested by members of the HellFire Caves BDSM Forums while I finish some of the last bits and pieces, proofread a few things, and generally make sure everything is up to snuff. I should have everything in place by December 1st, so stay tuned for all the latest news and exciting adventures lurking just around the corner!

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